Top 10 Best Extension Cords in 2019 Reviews

Both indoor and outdoor usage of electrical machines such as television or speakers you will need to have the quality extension cables. Sometimes getting the best extension cords for your electrical devices can be a problem especially if you have no idea about the best brands in the market. From experience, you will find that some of the extension cables we buy are of poor quality and they are unable to resist harsh conditions such as moisture which is common in outdoor events. You will go in some areas where you will have to get power from a distance. Hence you will need best and quality cable to help you access the power smoothly. The market is currently flooded with many extension cords which might lead to confusion in deciding which one to purchase. Here is the list of the best cables in 2019 that you can consider when you wish to buy one.

Table of the Best Extension Cords:

1Coleman Cable 100 feet long

Coleman Cable 100 feet long
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This cable brand tops the list for being resistant to both moisture sunlight exposure. You can use the cable under any weather condition and be able to deliver services to your clients efficiently. The Coleman extension is long enough measuring 100 feet which means you can fetch power from a longer distance. The cable is durable and will offer you services for a long time.

2AmazonBasics Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord

AmazonBasics Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord
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Another major decision you can make in 2019 is to consider purchasing the AmazonBasics which features a plug on one end and a socket on the other end. The 50 feet long cable will enable you to quickly source power which can be a distance from where your location. The cable is very flexible for easy storage and also durable to serve you for a significant amount of time. AmazonBasics is resistant to direct sunlight, abrasion, and moisture.

3StarTech Power Extension Cord

StarTech Power Extension Cord
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This extension cord offers you with the chance to add more connections if you wish to since it features a socket on one end and a plug on the other. StarTech is 6 feet long to enable you to increase the connection distance that you need in your home or office. The cable will give you excellent service for a long time as it’s durable as it features sturdy make which guarantees reliable and outstanding performance.

4GE Indoor Extension Cord

GE Indoor Extension Cord
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This extension cable will be ideal when you want to extend the power usage in your office or at home. The GE cable features a safety tamper guard that ensures the safety of your office in case someone touches or disturbs the connection accidentally. The 12 feet long extension cable will work correctly in your office and is white with a beautiful design that features a plug for a secure connection.

5Camco Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cable

Camco Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cable
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Another fantastic extension cable worth purchasing in 2019 is the Camco heavy duty that is ideal for any outdoor function that you would wish to have shortly. The 25 feet long cable features a plug and socket that will enable you to add more connections and all come with a comfortable power grip handle. The cord is resistant to moisture and sunlight thus will work excellently well for any outdoor function. It can work for long hours without creating any complications.

6Otimo Outdoor Extension Cable

Otimo Outdoor Extension Cable
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This extension cables feature a plug on one end and a socket on the other for a secure connection and it’s very strong to resist the outdoor conditions such as flame, water, and abrasion. In case you run machines that require a lot of power to run, you can trust Otimo cable for proper services. The cable comes in a bright yellow color to make it visible when using for outdoor purposes. Durability and value for your money is a guarantee when you purchase this extension cable.

7Hot Headz Extension Cord Safety Seal

Hot Headz Extension Cord Safety Seal
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You will need to secure your extension connection point for rain waters which may be risky when you have an outdoor event. The Hot Headz seal will reduce your worries of rain when having an outdoor activity at it covers the connection points very well against water. The cover comes in different colors and a unique design to resist water.

8Southwire Extension Cable

Southwire Extension Cable
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This extension cable features light at the end to signal you when the power is on and a socket and plug at the end to ensure you have smooth connections. The cable comes with a vinyl jacket to protect it from water and exposure to sunlight. Southwire comes in a bright color yellow which is visible to ensure no one will can disconnection accidentally.

9US Wire and Cable Heavy Duty Cable

US Wire and Cable Heavy Duty Cable
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You can also consider this fantastic extension cable that features plug and socket to ensure you have easy and smooth connections. The cable measures 100 feet long making it ideal for any outdoor activity as it is also resistant to moisture and sunlight. You will no doubts about the durability of this extension cable which will assure you of quality service for a long time.

10Coleman Welder Extension Cable

Coleman Welder Extension Cable
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This 25 feet long extension cable will offer you quality power connection in your working station. The cable comes in blue color and is very strong to serve you for a significant amount of time. For a secure connection, the cable features plug and a socket at the end. The cable is also easy to use and connect to power source. Coleman Cable is ideal for running machines that require a significant amount of power.

What to consider when purchasing an extension cable.

The work you have

– some extension cables are perfect for outdoor or indoor purposes hence choose the one that will help you execute your functions appropriately.


– cables come in different length sizes, the amount of connection you want to make should guide you. For outdoor purposes, you will need to choose the wire with a significant length.


– if you wish to use the extension cable for outdoor work, then select a bright color that visible to everybody so that no interruption while the event is underway.


Extension cables are essential either in offices or at home where you need to connect many devices or machines. The list above could be of great help, to enable you to know the best cords available that you can consider when planning to purchase an extension cable.

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