Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair in 2019 Reviews

And to do gaming right, you need the perfect gaming chair. Gaming isn’t gaming if you have to sit on the floor or in some regular chair. Purchasing one of the best ergonomic gaming chairs in 2019 is the way to bring your gaming experience to the next level.

How do you find one of the best ergonomic gaming chairs in 2019? The answer is simple. Just keep reading. Our gaming chair review will highlight the best of the best, so your search is a lot easier.

Then our buying guide will provide some tips to guide you to the right gaming chair. You get all the information you need in this one-stop review.

Table of the Best Gaming Chair Reviews:

Preview Product Price

GTRACING Gaming Office Chair Game Racing Ergonomic Backrest and Seat Height Adjustment Computer Chair with Pillows Recliner Swivel Rocker Headrest and Lumbar Tilt E-Sports Chair (Black/Red)

$169.99$199.99 (15% off)

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-Back PC Computer Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair (Red)

$116.99$129.99 (10% off)

Managerial and Executive Office Chair Gaming Chair High-back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair w/Lay Flat Function


Homall Gaming Chair Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair Pu Leather Bucket Seat,Computer Swivel Office Chair Headrest and Lumbar Support Executive Desk Chair with Footrest (Red)


LANGRIA Computer Gaming Chair Faux Leather Racing Style Executive Office Chair Ergonomic High Back Design With Padded Footrest Lumbar Support,Black and Blue

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Swivel Computer, Office or Gaming Chair

Merax PP033082JAA Gaming High Back Computer Ergonomic Design Racing Chair, L X 27.6


GTRACING High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Chair Napping Computer Office Chair with Padded Footrest, Black and Gray


Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair, Ergonomic Swivel Computer Chair Executive Leather Desk Chair with Footrest, Bucket Seat and Lumbar Support (Blue)

$134.99$169.99 (21% off)

1GTracing Gaming Office Chair

GTracing Gaming Office Chair
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This adjustable, ergonomically designed gaming chair measures 26.5″ x 22.5″ x 47.5″-52″. It made with artificial leather and comes with a removable pillow and lumbar support. The chair has rocking ability and can rotate 360 degrees. Its 5 feet are placed on sturdy wheels which provide both movement and stability. Then the back rest will also adjust between 90 to 170 degrees for that ultimate gaming experience. All adjusting levers are located on the right side of the chair. Unfortunately, only those players who weigh under 330 pounds can use this ergonomically designed gaming chair. A limited one-year warranty protects your investment.

2Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair
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Get a little racing influence to brighten your gaming time This 19.8″x20.5″x46.6-50.5″ gaming chair also has a detachable headrest and lumbar support pillow. The adjustable seat height goes from 16”to 20” approx. The five feet are placed on quiet wheels for stability and moving. Its tilt mechanism is lockable, and you get a recline adjuster as well. The ergonomically designed chair rotates 360 degrees while it provides complete comfort to your body. This ergonomically designed chair will hold up to 300 pounds. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully as you assemble the unit. The premium leather cover completes the package.

3BestOffice High-back Recliner Office Chair

BestOffice High-back Recliner Office Chair
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The sleek black and white look helps make this the perfect gaming chair. While able to hold only 250 pounds, the chair reclines 90 to 180 degrees and rotates 360 degrees. A removable head pillow and lumbar support are also included in this ergonomically designed gaming chair. The unique feature that comes with this unit, is the foot rest. You can relax your legs as you play. It will pop out in any position. The comfortable back rest molds to your body for great support. The armrests are not adjustable, but the seat is. It goes from 17 ½” to 20” at a flick of the lever.

4Homall Gaming Chair Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair
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The unique wheel locking system helps this chair stand apart from the rest. Its locking system is weight activated. Complete with removable headrest, lumbar support and foot rest, this chair will hold up to 300 pounds. Made from high-quality leather this gaming chair says comfort, no matter what position you tilt or rotate it. A 90 to 180-degree tilt, 360-degree rotation, and seat adjustment are all at your fingertips. The controls are on the right side of the chair. Its caster wheels should not scratch your floors. Some assembly is required. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

5LANGRIA Computer Gaming Chair

LANGRIA Computer Gaming Chair
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You can choose between black and blue or black and red in order to match your home’s décor. This chair comes with 90 to 175-degree tilt, 360-degree rotation, and seat adjustment. What helps it to stand out is the 2-button armrest adjustment feature. Its 26.8 x 25.2 x 44.9-48.6-inch dimensions has an extendable foot rest and lumbar support. The 5 nylon feet provide excellent stability while resting on nylon castor wheels. The only drawback is that the chair will only hold up to 265 pounds of weight. Its padded headrest and back rest supply the comfort to the rest of your body.

6Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair
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With its padded headrest, back support and armrests, this is a very comfortable chair to play your games. You can tilt the chair with the tilt-tension control and adjust the height to fit your preference. The lever is on the right side ready for action. The armrests are not adjustable but the whole chair is covered in real leather. Measuring 27.8 x 43 x 25 inches, this ergonomically designed chair is rated for approx. 250 pounds. Besides gaming, this chair will double as a comfortable desk chair. You can get your work done in total comfort.

7Merax Gaming Chair

Merax Gaming Chair
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This high back styled chair comes with 90-180-degree tilt, 360-degree rotation, and adjustable height. It also has a removable headrest, lumbar support pillow and lots of padding. All paced on quiet sturdy wheels. The 27.6 x 27.6 x 52.4-inch dimensions are covered in real quality leather and holds up to 250 pounds. Also, the armrests are wider and adjustable for better comfort and support, while the seat has 4 inches of padding. The usual 90 to 180-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation features are included with this chair. This ergonomically designed hair will enhance any gaming experience.

8GTracing High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

GTracing High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair
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You can use this ergonomically designed chair for more than gaming. You can use it while working, using the computer, reading and much more. The lumbar support, padding and foot rest make this a comfortable chair for any activity. Measuring 27.56” x 20.1″ x 40.06″-49.2″, this adjustable chair will hold up to 330 pounds. It also has the standard 90 to 170-degree tilt, 360-degree rotation as well as a convenient foot rest. Plus, it has the standard 5 feet resting on durable and quiet castor wheels. All the levers are located at your fingertips with the adjustable armrest buttons on each armrest.

9Furmax High Back Racing Chair

Furmax High Back Racing Chair
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You won’t fall asleep in this bright blue and black, fully padded gaming chair. Even with the rocking motion, adjustable height and the 90 to 180-degree tilt. The removable, padded headrest and lumbar support pillow provide extra comfort when you need it. The fake leather material is easy to clean as it covers the steel frame. Also included is the 360-degree rotation, adjustable armrests, and extendable foot rest. The standard 5 nylon feet resting on 5 nylon castor wheels work quietly and without hurting your floors. The chair is rated to hold 310 pounds of weight. Also, you get 30 days to get your money back if you are not happy with tis gaming chair.

10Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair
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While fully padded, this chair brings with it a removable headrest and lumbar support cushion. The chair sits on the standard 5 feet and castor wheels which should not damage your floors. It also has the usual 360-degree rotation, 90-170-degree tilt, plus height adjustment. The controls are all at your fingertips on the right side of the chair.

You can raise this chair approx. 3 inches up or down and fold up the 5 feet if not needed. An extendable foot rest and adjustable armrests complete the comfort package. The chair will hold up to 330 pounds comfortably and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Our Buyer’s Guide

It doesn’t hurt to get tips when looking for the best ergonomic gaming chair in 2019.  After all, you may not remember everything you need to look for and need a little reminder. Here are some tips to help guide you as you examine the best of the best gaming chairs:

  • Weight capacity- how much weight will it hold
  • Features- does it have: headrests, lumbar support, foot rest, armrests and are they removable or adjustable.
  • Versatility- how much does it tilt, rotate or lift or decline.
  • Construction- does it have real or fake leather, steel or nylon, good padding and so on
  • Warranty- what is covered? is it limited or not? How many years and so on
  • Design- color options, high back or not, fully adjustable, back rest dimensions and so on
  • Flexibility- can you use it for more than just gaming?
  • Price- can you afford it? you do not want a budget buster

Some Final Words

Gaming can be a lot of fun and it only gets better when you have the right equipment. Purchasing one of the best ergonomic gaming chairs in 2019 is getting some of the right equipment.

These selections have all the features you need to make your gaming time a lot better. Of course, these chairs will do more than simply serve as a gaming chair. You can use them for an office chair, computer chair or even a comfortable place to sit and read. How you use one of these best ergonomic gaming chairs in 2019 is up to you. You are in control of how the chair will be utilized.

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