Best Electronic Drum Sets In 2018 Reviews

The sounds of the drums profoundly influence a good music performance. To achieve the best sounding, you require a good set of electric drums where you get to practice all your drumming skills. Electronic drums are equipped with different pieces whereby each piece of the device is provided with various sounds.

How to choose the best electronic drums to match with your skills.

The features.

The drums are made in different features which influences the performance of the device and also the production of various sounds. So, understand the different features available in the set kit to ensure they are suitable to go with your skills.

The music sounds.

If you are a jazz performer, you will need a set of drums that produces jazz sound and the same case goes for R&B and even rock. So make sure the set of drums that you buy matches well with the kind of music you play.

Table of the best electronic drums:

1Alesis Forge Kit Drum Set.

Alesis Forge Kit Drum Set.
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The drums are packed in eight pieces with each piece giving different sound effects. The drums are quite comfortable to play and have a rubber pad which is essential for providing natural response while playing. The presence of the Forge drum module is essential for providing 600 different sounds plus it comes with a USB port for connecting. Other equipped drum accessories are the 3 10 inches cymbals which include the ride cymbal, hi-hat and also w-choke.

2Yamaha DTX400k Customized Electronic Drum Set.

Yamaha DTX400k Customized Electronic Drum Set.
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Yamaha has never disappointed in producing musical instruments, and this magnificent set of drums is one their best inventions. The drums are essential for playing at a large concert since they are designed with pre-recorded sounds from the actual drum sounds. They are packed ten pieces of drums in a particularly compact electronic kit and a piece of headphones for controlling the sounds. The packed pieces of drums include snare 7.5 inches pad, tom 7.5 pads, floor tom 7.5 pad, bass drum ku100 silent and also the hi-hat 10-inch pad. The hi-hat pad is equipped with a controlling unit of opened and closed foot splash and can be used as a bass drum. Some of the sounds achievable with the available drum pieces include Rock, Vintage, Funk. Session, Jazz R& B and also marching and percussion. Connecting the pieces is quite easy since it is shipped with a user manual.

3Roland TD 11KV-S-V compact Series Electronic Drum set.

Roland TD 11KV-S-V compact Series Electronic Drum set.
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The drums are powered by electricity which makes it easy to control and generate high-quality sounds. It is equipped with a sound enhancing mechanism that provides high quality and natural drum sounds. It is essential for playing for different music genres like rock, R &B Jazz among others. Drum is equipped with practice features that allow the drummer to learn a few things about controls of the sounds. These features include the quick record, quick play plus a couch function which trains different drummers regardless of their skills level. The Roland drum kit records the songs on board hence allowing the person to practice before the event.

4DM 10 MKII Studio Kit Nine Piece Electronic Drum Kit.

DM 10 MKII Studio Kit Nine Piece Electronic Drum Kit.
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The drums are packed with mesh headphones which are essential for controlling the high sounds. Other accessories available include the TRS stereo cable which ensures that all the sounds are evenly distributed and maple wood sticks for drumming. The kit consists of nine pieces of drums and types A and B 10 feet high-speed USB cable. There is tightly woven drum mesh which is suitable for enhancing the playing sounds and feel. The gadget comes with three pad sets which include the dual-zone toms, 10-inch Dual-zone snare, and eight kick. other equipped gadgets include the four-piece cymbal set with 12-inch hi-hat, 12 inches crashes, 14 triple zone ride premium and four posts quick lock chrome rack which is designed with integrated cymbal arms.

5Alesis DM10 MKII Studio Kit Nine-Piece Electronic Drum.

Alesis DM10 MKII Studio Kit Nine-Piece Electronic Drum.
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The drum is crafted with excellent accessories to make your drumming experience to be comfortable. For example, it comes with a stage clamp drumstick holders which are essential for holding the sticks firmly while playing. It has TRS stereo cable for effective sound connections, RCA adaptor cable and also the electronic Kit mesh heads. Assembling of the pieces is quite easy.Note that the drum kit comes with a mix input which allows the user to practice with digital music and CD players for better performance.

6Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set.

Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set.
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Another excellent drum set from Roland which is essential for playing different genres of music. Assembling of the different pieces is quite easy. The drums come packed with three different pairs of sticks for powerful sounds and have professional recorded backing the songs onboard which enables one to practice the sounds and the beats for effective performance. The drum set is designed with other features for effective practicing such as the quick record, quick play plus a coach that is equipped to train all the drummers regardless of the experience. The drum features a large LCD and an icon-driven user interface which enables the user to have a smooth operation when playing.

7Pyle Electronic Drum Set.

Pyle Electronic Drum Set.
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This is a useful set of drums for people who don’t have large storage space. It is designed with an inbuilt speaker foot pedals and drumstick kit for powerful sounds. It is compatible with PCs and Mac plus all the sound effects are found in one kit. The drum kit has hundreds of sounds and other sound effects which allow you to record, save edit your recordings and so on. It is powered by a rechargeable battery thus allowing you to practice even in areas without electrical connections. The drum allows you to record your own music and connect it to your computer for later editing and listening and for beginners; you can easily learn some drumming tips from the provided drum training.

8Alesis Command Kit/Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set.

Alesis Command Kit/Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set.
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Some of the accessories available in the drum kit include 8-inch mesh kick pads which have a drum pedal for control. It also has three large dual zone rubber tom pads and 10-inch dual-zone snare that is tightly woven to provide excellent playing effects to different music. The drum is equipped with command advanced module which has 70 kits and produces around 600 music sounds.

9PylePro Portable drums.

PylePro Portable drums.
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This is another excellent portable drum set which contains all the sounds and features on one kit. It is equipped with AC adaptor thus allowing you to play music from anywhere. It is quite versatile since it is designed in a way that it resembles the actual sounds of the music being played. The drums can be connected to a pc or a laptop for improving its functionality. It comes with headphones which allow you to control the sounding. For example if you want to have an intimate sessions, plug in the headphones but when paying for crowds make sure the headphones are out. It is also designed with an LCD digital screen which allows the user to record and edit different audios and also customize your own sounds in music.

10Behringer XD8USB.

Behringer XD8USB.
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The drum kit is packed with eight pieces and an HDS 11 USB for an effective sound module. It comes assembled for you hence no need to waste time fixing it. It is designed with a total of 10 factory settings and five extra which are programmable. The USB available is useful for connecting the drum with other virtual instruments. The presence of the HDS technology helps in providing great drumming experience.


The above-discussed reviews are ten best electronic drum sets to buy. Each device is designed with different features and settings to enable the player get the best music sound effects. Choose a drum set that you feel has the best features and also ensure it is easy to operate as well. Some drums are designed with training features which enables you to learn more skills regarding how to play the drums to different rhythm sounds.

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