Top 10 Best Electric Weed Wackers in 2019 Reviews

Time to give your home equipment garage a shakeup by replacing the old weed wackers you’ve been using for years. You need to keep your yard well tended in 2019 by buying the latest trimming and edging equipment cutting-edge technologies not found in your old equipment. Below is a list of essential features you need to put into consideration when selecting the best trimming and edging equipment. Certainly, you want to make the most from the trimmer so selecting the equipment that satisfies your needs is a priority. A review of the ten trimmers and edgers accompanies the buyer’s guide.

Table of the Best Electric Weed Wacker:

1. Greenworks 13” Electric Weed Wacker

Greenworks 13” Electric Weed Wacker
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The lightweight Greenworks 13-inch electric weed wacker weighs 5.2 lbs. Besides weighing less, the design makes it much easier to handle and use for extended periods of time. It can cut a 23” path while maintaining a .065 dual line auto-feed. The auxiliary handle is adjustable for maximum flexibility. No gas is needed to start. All you need is to push a button to set off the electric switch. Although it is electric, no power cord is attached. This gives you freedom top wonder all over the yard cutting weed. It is readily compatible with GreenWorks replacement spool. It is a weed wacker of choice for owners of small and medium size yards.

2. Black+Decker LSTE523 Weed Wacker

Black+Decker LSTE523 Weed Wacker
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A remarkable advantage of this weed wacker is its ability to convert from a trimmer to a wheeled edger. It also boasts greater torque due to the incorporated power drive transmission. Its 2-speed control gives it extended runtime and more power. Maximum battery voltage without workload is 20n volts while the nominal voltage is capped at 18V. The EASYFEED feature removes the need for bumping; all you need to do to advance your lines is to push a button. It is part of the extended family of POWERCOMMAND tools family which includes POWERCUT, POWERBOOT, and EASYFEED. Being part of this family of tools helps you in solving common user frustrations often experienced when using a range of outdoor power equipments.

3. Meditool 2 Stroke 42.7cc Gas Trimmer

Meditool 2 Stroke 42.7cc Gas Trimmer
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The monstrous 42.7cc 2 stroke air cooled engine in this trimmer gives it the immense power to mow down the thickest grass and weeds. The pull start is easy and less frustrating, thanks to its QuickStart technology. The adjustable straight shaft can have its length adjusted to ease the exercise of trimming under bushes and other hard to reach places. It has a 2-in-1 Trimmer/Cutter involving a metal blade trimmer and a Nylon Cutter. The handle is made of aluminum to reduce the effect of vibrations. It supports 17” dual-line cutting width.

4. Toro 51480 Electric Trimmer

Toro 51480 Electric Trimmer
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This trimmer comes with a corded 14″ electric trimmer/edger complete with a 5 Amp motor which is powerful enough to mow mid-size to overgrown grass. The extra wide 14″ dual line cutter with auto-feed trim line support gets the trimming job done faster. The adjustable handle and telescoping shaft provide extended reach.

5. Greenworks PRO 16” Weed Wacker

Greenworks PRO 16” Weed Wacker
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Greenworks PRO 16” is a cordless string trimmer powered by a 2.0 AH battery. The path cut by this wacker is 16 inches. The 80V 2Ah battery has a longer running time of 45 minutes but takes 30 minutes to recharge, to the Rapid Charge enabled charger. The feed head is .080″ dual line bump. The motor is brushless meaning power, durability, and performance. Its split shaft design makes it compact enough to be stored in limited spaces. The front mount design allows ensures ergonomics and superior balance. The warranty safeguards this wacker for 4-years with 2-years being dedicated on the battery alone.

6. Troy-Bilt TB42 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter

Troy-Bilt TB42 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter
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This brushcutter has power mow through dense brush and weed where a string trimmer can’t work. It is powered by a much powerful 27cc 2-cycles full-crank engine. You have more control and great user experience with this brushcutter, thanks to the J-Handle which supports full adjustment to cater for your needs. The 4-tooth 8-inch brush blades devour the heaviest vegetation in the yard. The attachment-capable design allows its engine to transmit power to 10 distinct TrimmerPlus attachments, a feature that can turn this trimmer into a standalone garage with plenty of tools.

7. Ncient 42cc Gas Powered Trimmer

Ncient 42cc Gas Powered Trimmer
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This trimmer comes with a 42cc 2-stroke engine and a 2-in-1 brush trimmer/cutter. The engine is air cooled and has the QuickStart technology to make starting it easier. The ergonomic design involving an adjustable straight shaft and the J-handle makes it easier to control the equipment. The 17” cutting width with the dual-line trim cuts boosts its efficiency. The 2-in-1 brush cutter/trimmer comes with a Nylon cutter and a metal blade.

8. Dewalt DCST920P1 20V Trimmer

Dewalt DCST920P1 20V Trimmer
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This brushless string trimmer is powered by a 5Ah Lithium-ion battery which keeps it running for 45 minutes before recharge. The fact that the motor is brushless means more efficiency and durability. The cutting swath can clear a path of 13”. The trimmer has a dual .080 line complete with a bump feed. The variable trigger comes with speed control.

9. Worx WG163 GT 3.0 Trimmer

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 Trimmer
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This cordless trimmer/Edger is powered by two 20V batteries. It is equipped with dual-position wheels and a 2-in-1 function that performs both trimming and edging. The two 20V batteries provide power with one battery acting as a backup while the other is charging. The Quick-release lever is useful for quick telescopic height adjustments. The shaft can tilt up to 90 degrees. It is lightweight with an ergonomic design, two features that make it easy to use. You can share batteries across all your other Worx Power Share arsenal of tools.

10. Black+Decker LST420 Trimmer and Edger

Black+Decker LST420 Trimmer and Edger
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It is yet another fascinating weed wacker from Black+Decker. The onboard PowerDrive Transmission serves to deliver maximum power from the powerful motor to its cutting string thus giving you the power to complete trimming and edging jobs faster. The equipment is able to work continuously without bumping, thanks to the onboard Automatic Feed Spool feature. It is powered by a two 2 Amp Lithium batteries each delivering enough power to keep the equipment working for 1 hour.

Features to consider when selecting a weed wacker

The width of the trimmer

The width of the path trimmed by the trimmer matters. A small width means you will spend longer time to complete the job while a wider path means the job will be completed faster.

2-in-1 trimmer

The advantage of a 2-in-1 weed wacker is that it can perform both trimming and edging at the same time. The speed at which you complete trimming jobs is considerably increased.

Battery life

You don’t want to keep recharging the battery after a short time. Consider buying a trimmer/edger that uses two batteries to increase the working time.


Just like any other electronic or equipment, the warranty is a priority. Equipment with 1-year warranty is better.

J-handle, adjustable shaft, and ergonomic design

These three features make the trimmer easy to ease. Buying equipment with at least two of the features will guarantee you comfortable trimming.



So what constitutes the best weed wacker? First, it needs to be 2-in-1 capable of completing both trimming and edging jobs. The width of the path mowed need to be large (17” is better). Most of the weed wackers are cordless. The cord can seriously limit your trimming range, so it is a great idea for manufacturers to entirely get rid of it. Lack of the cord means the equipment has to be powered by a battery. A weed wacker that comes with two batteries is preferable. One battery can be in use while the other is on charge. This gives you longer trimming and edging time.

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