Top 10 Best Electric Shaver For Men in 2019

For every adult man, shaving is an important part of personal grooming. Shaving can be done using either a traditional shave razor (wet shaving) or an electric razor (dry shaving). While there are people who still use traditional razors like Bic and so on to wet shave, the majority of men nowadays use electric shavers to dry shave. Dry shaving is the better choice for many men due to the significant benefits it offers. For example, a dry shave is quicker to accomplish than a wet shave and doesn’t require any preparation beforehand unlike a wet shave. This is certainly a big plus for those quick morning shaves you like to perform before leaving for work. Looking for the best electric shaver for men? No worries check out our comprehensive list below:

Table of the Best Electric Shaver For Men:

1. LPY-Electric Shaver with Face Beard 4D Floating Trimmer

LPY-Electric Shaver with Face Beard 4D Floating Trimmer
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The LPY electric shaver with a beard trimmer is at the top of our list today. This amazing shaver automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for a more effective shave and trim. What’s more, its washable design helps you ensure your shaver is clean and sterile. Last, but not least is the shaver’s cordless design, which makes the machine easier to operate.

2. LL-5 in 1 Men’s Electric Washable Shaver

LL-5 in 1 Men's Electric Washable Shaver
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The LL-5 in 1 men’s electric, washable shaver is equally a reliable product. It comprises a number of features that ensure it does a better job than many other shavers out there. For instance, this wireless shaver comes with 5 rotary floating heads all offering great maneuverability and shaving experience. Furthermore, the LL-5 mens’ electric shaver is lighter, more powerful and accomplishes more shave and trim styles than many other shavers.

3. LL-100-240v Mens’ Electric Washable Shaver

LL-100-240v Mens' Electric Washable Shaver
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LL-100-240 is another model of electric shaver from the same company that makes the LL-5 mens’ shaver. This wired/wireless shaver has 3 rotary floating heads though. Another significant difference between this shaver and its predecessor is charging time. While the LL-5 in 1 shaver takes 8 hours to charge fully, this shaver takes only 1.5 hours to charge fully and be ready to use. Therefore, if a shorter charging time is important to you, you better choose this shaver over the other one.

4. LPY-5 in 1 Mens’ Electric Washable Shaver/Trimmer

LPY-5 in 1 Mens' Electric Washable Shaver/Trimmer
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The LPY-5 in 1 mens’ shaver/beard trimmer features 5 rotary floating heads for professional style cutting or trimming requirements. What’s more, it features four multifunction gears that deliver remarkable hair cutting and trimming power at any given time. The machine is also very easy to use so as to achieve a professional cut or trim.

5. LL-3D Electric Mens’ Shaver

LL-3D Electric Mens' Shaver
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This product doubles as both an electric shaver/trimmer and a toothbrush. Remove the hair that sticks out around your nose, ruining your appearance, and give your facial hair a professional cut/ trim, using the LL-3D electric mens’ shaver. Brush and clean your mouth in style with the elegant white electric toothbrush that comes as part of the entire kit. The toothbrush is attachable to the shaver by removing the 4 individual shaver heads and attaching the brush to the device.

6. LL-Rechargeable Mens’ Beard Trimmer

LL-Rechargeable Mens' Beard Trimmer
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This is an incredible electric shaver with 5 dimensional floating rotary heads. Not only does it allow you to quickly cut/trim your beard or nasal hair, but it also lets you quickly trim unwanted ear hair without scoring or cuts. Advantages of this product include the following; the rotary heads flex in 5 directions, adding significantly to the shaver’s maneuverability. This electric shaver is ideal for both wet and dry use. It’s waterproof hence you can enjoy using it in the shower also. Last but not least, it offers an ergonomic design and features an anti-rust material, which is a huge benefit.

7. LL-Full Body Mens’ Electric Shaver with 3D Floating Rotary Heads

LL-Full Body Mens' Electric Shaver with 3D Floating Rotary Heads
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This shaver features three 3-dimensional floating rotary heads for cutting and trimming facial hair. Some of its advantages include; it provides double precision cutting technology. It offers lots of convenience with wireless usage. Finally, it’s built using a strong and rust-resistant material, hence durable.

8. LL-Mens’ Electric Shaver with a Twin Blade Cutter Head

LL-Mens' Electric Shaver with a Twin Blade Cutter Head
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It’s a good electric shaver with a foil head consisting of 3 reciprocating blades instead of a rotary head. This shaver features a sleek and ergonomic design to be easy to hold and use. What’s more, it’s lightweight and portable and can be good for shavers who are always on the move. Finally, this shaver is made of a special stainless steel shell material known as ABS, which is very strong and rust resistant.

9. LL-Two in One 100-240V Mens’ Electric Shaver

LL-Two in One 100-240V Mens’ Electric Shaver
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It’s another awesome electric shaver with a foil head instead of a rotary head. The head consists of 2 reciprocating blades that are well-thought out and very effective at what their job. This shaver is easy to operate, takes a shorter time to charge and lasts longer than many shavers out there. Lastly, it features a sleek and ergonomic design to be easy to be comfortable and easy to use.

10. LL-Six in One Electric Shaver for Men

LL-Six in One Electric Shaver for Men
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If you still can’t find your best electric shaver for men among the above shavers, how about giving this foil shaver a try? It comes with 6 different head replacements to effectively cut or trim your different facial hairs, including your ear, nasal and chin hair. This shaver also features four cutting lengths i.e 3—6—9—12mm, so you just choose the length as you want. One minor advantage of this shaver is that it’s built with a very strong and durable material, but it is not resistant to rust.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Electric Shaver for Men

Always take the following things into consideration when shopping for the best electric shaver for men;

Shaver Head Type

There are 2 main types of electric shaver heads; rotary and foil. Each shaver will feature any one of these two. A rotary shaver has at least 3 round heads, which oscillate laterally around your face to cut or trim your hair. A foil shaver on the other hand features a thin, curved metal foil that covers a cutting blade. When rolling back and forth, it glides over the contours of your face while the blade trims or cuts.


Electric shavers can be either mains power operated or battery operated. The former needs to be plugged into a wall outlet first before operating, whereas the latter is battery powered.

Dry Vs Wet/Dry Shaves

Although most electric shavers are suitable for dry shaves, there are some shavers that can be used for both wet and dry shave applications, giving you the best of both worlds.

Manual Cleaning Vs Built In Cleaning

While most shavers require manual cleaning, a few high-end shavers come with built-in cleaning features. These machines are able to clean themselves, even without your input.


Mens’ electric shavers are essential and vital personal grooming gadgets that enable men to look polished and well-groomed. The shavers are designed for shaving facial hair so that one looks neat and sharp. Today’s shavers are designed to deliver a comfortable, effortless as well as smooth shaving experience, while reducing the drawbacks of traditional razors.

Looking for the best electric shaver for men? These are the 10 best mens’ electric shavers in 2019 recommend by many experts. Good luck finding the best shaver from among these 10.

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