Best Electric Guitars In 2018 Reviews

Guitars can either be acoustic or electric, depending on which kind of music you prefer you can choose between the two. The electric guitar has benefits such as allowing for volume control, its thin structure allows for easier playing which is best for learners and has a quality sound which is a bit crispier. The electric guitar has a variety of design which is suitable for either experts or beginner, and they also have a range of color which can help reflect a distinct personality. Below is the best buyer’s guide to help you decide on which electric guitar suits your need.

Table Of The  Best Electric Guitars:

1Indio 66 DLX.

Indio 66 DLX.
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This is an electric guitar with maple veneer that is quilted and plays wonderfully. The maple wood on veneer gives the guitar a treble sound. It has a set-in neck joint that helps to produce a wormer tone, makes it stable, sustains and gives it a better resonance. When damaged this neck joint can be difficult to repair. It has a Gig Bag Trans Black which allows you to play the Guitar anywhere whether it is in rehearsals or during lessons.

2Epiphone Les Paul.

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This electric guitar is the best to start playing guitar; it has Les Paul Special-II LTD which has two humbucker pickups one at the neck and the other at the bridge that takes care of hum and provides tonal variation. It has two single –coils which help to produce a thicker sound. The amplifier is of 10-WATS, and the guitar cable is 10ft long. It also has other features such as a chromatic tuner, strap, picks and a gig bag. It has an amazing sale offer; it is packaged with free guitar lesson that can be downloaded without charge from media. Their price is also affordable for a little bit of a flexible budget.

3Full -Size Guitar.

Full -Size Guitar.
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Its body is made of hardwood while the rod neck is made of a truck. It has a classic design with 22 frets that enables playing mellow. The amplifier has a drive button, an outlet for the guitar and the microphone can control volume, treble, and base. It is also has a free beginner lesson package. These guitars are the best for an adult player.

4Silvertone LB11.

Silvertone LB11.
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It is the best guitar to help you control the rhythm. It has a digital tuner that allows the player to access various sounds. It also has accessories such instructional DVD, strap, picks, and cable. The amplifier has a 10-watt RMS power with a 6.5-inch speaker and a 4-band EQ. The Guitar has a lifetime warranty which is limited.

5RockJam RJEG02-SK-SB

RockJam RJEG02-SK-SB
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The amplifier has 10-watt and had a headphone output and a connector cable. It gives a versatile playing experience through its coil pickups.

6Squier Stratocaster

Squier Stratocaster
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The 24-inch guitar is suitable for people with shorter hands and reduces tension because of the ease in string bending. It has an amplifier of 10G Frontman and an instrument cable. It has single-coiled pickups that produce crispy and dense sounds. They also produce hum and also have magnetic disruptions.

7Fender 311001540 Squier

Fender 311001540 Squier
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This electric guitar is by Bullet Stratocaster. It has a C- shaped maple neck, which makes it produce a bright tone. Their pickups are 3x single-coiled with switching that allows the player to access the different pickups while performing. It also a Hardtail Bridge that is inspired by vintage. The bridge helps to ensure the string’s tune is in synchrony by allowing their adjustment. They help set the guitar for performance and also regulate its action. They also guarantee a warrant of one year.

8C-1 SGR

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Its body is Arch carved and has a maple neck. It is made of Rosewood Fretboard, though this wood makes the guitar-heavy it also gives the guitar an attractive appearance which ranges in colors. They also have a pearloid dots and black chrome.


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Is a digital guitar that can be connected to any device through Bluetooth. Which is wireless and the connection is stable and fast. It has a Fretboard that gives immediate responses. You can connect it to your phone or any digital device through Bluetooth. It can be able to play chords in minutes plus it has games and tutorial app. It is suitable for music production and composition. Its strings and frets are portable Form-Factor. It also has sensors that detect your fingers and shows them in the app.

10#ZENY 39″

#ZENY 39
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This guitar is right handed and is good for someone starting to play. The carrying case is nylon which is suitable for traveling and storage. The body is made of all wood, their strings are made of steel, and the finish is smooth. It also has 3x single-coiled pickups, has regulator and tone changer.

Tips on how to choose a guitar

They are a lot of electric guitar on the market, and it can be a bit confusing on which to pick. Here is a guide that will help you while buying a guitar.

The player.

Everyone has their preference of which kind of guitar they would love to have, put these into consideration. For beginners it is good to get a guitar that plays easy and sounds good to keep them motivated.

The price.

Though you don’t have to spend a fortune while buying a guitar, it is good to make an informed decision. The most beginner will need a guitar with accessories such as amplifier and cable. You should not always stick with top brand especially if you are a starter.

The neck shape.

Guitar has various types of neck; they come in different shapes it can either be a C-shape, V-shape e and U-shape. The C-shaped neck is most common in guitars. The fingerboard is also made of different wood which produces various distinct sounds; some are made thick sounds while others can play fast.In selecting the kind of guitar, you need you should verify its playability and quality of sound that it produces, try it out before buying. It is best to buy from the store other than to buy online because you can identify the size and sound that interest you most. Having a guitar that has a lesson package as an accessory is preferable especially for beginners.

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