Top 10 Best Electric Can Openers in 2019

It is not a secret the market is saturated with a grand number of electric can openers manufactured by various companies. Even though they were created to provide the same function, structure and features vary from one to another, hence why some are better than others. For 2019, there have been ten electric can openers that are being referred to as the go-to options due to their affordability, innovation, durability, features, and superb functionality. They keep selling at great numbers on a daily basis and thus positive reviews keep pouring in. They are definitely worthy of your consideration.

Table of the Best Electric Can Openers:

1. Smooth Touch Can Opener by Hamilton Beach

Smooth Touch Can Opener by Hamilton Beach
Buy now from Amazon → This model is a number one seller on several different online platforms. It is able to easily open every standard-size can, as well as cans that contain pop-top lids. Due to its side-cutting feature, it can remove top while leaving a smooth edge behind. It is a portable unit and comes along with a one-year warranty. Its design reflects elegance, which can certainly help any kitchen space in the aesthetic department.

2. Classic Chrome Heavy-Weight Can Opener by Hamilton Beach

Classic Chrome Heavy-Weight Can Opener by Hamilton Beach
Buy now from Amazon →

This is another unit by no other than Hamilton Beach, a company that has been able to stand out in the industry for providing first-class kitchen appliances that stand tall among the competition. This model is definitely not the exception. It has SureCut technology, which assures that you will be able to open cans at the first try, every single time. It has knife sharpener, cord storage, and is washable. There is even an automatic shutoff feature. For those individuals who like sturdy appliances, this would be a great choice to consider.

3. Electric Can Opener by Sokos

Electric Can Opener by Sokos
Buy now from Amazon → Even though it is a rather new company in the industry, Sokos has still been able to stand out due to its high-quality products. This model consists of a one-touch operation. It is automatically able to cut around each can in order to eliminate dangerous and sharp edges in a matter of seconds, which in turn creates a re-sealable lid that has smooth edge. There is absolutely no labor required to take advantage of this portable unit.

4. Electric Can Opener by Instecho

Electric Can Opener by Instecho
Buy now from Amazon → Individuals who like kitchen appliances that are very futuristic in their appearance, this model by Instecho, which keeps running low in stock, is a great choice. It offers a one-touch operation, and a safe cutting edge. As long as you position the cutter correctly on the can’s rim, this unit will work wonders every time is utilized.

5. Power Can Opener by Proctor Silex

Power Can Opener by Proctor Silex
Buy now from Amazon → This is a stylish and practical electric can opener that provides tidiness due to the push-in cord storage that accompanies it. For easy cleanup, its cutting lever can be removed. It can be used to open up to 7-inch high cans and thus is one of the most innovative appliances in this aspect. In the rear is where the knife sharpener is located at.

6. Extra-Tall Can Opener by Proctor Silex

Extra-Tall Can Opener by Proctor Silex
Buy now from Amazon → On the first try, this model can open any can. To provide easy cleaning, the cutting lever detaches. Knife sharpener is included in this unit. Its magnetic lid holder and power blade is able to hold any can in place, so that in one smooth rotation it can open, without any fuss.Itis designed to fit cans of many heights, which makes it the ideal option for those individuals who tend to opt for different sized cans.

7. Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener by Cuisinart

Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener by Cuisinart
Buy now from Amazon → This Cuisinart unit has a power cut blade that provides a precise function. The opening of any can is performed effortlessly due to its press and release lever. Its widebaseis extra wide and thus tipping and sliding is prevented. It is able to come to a halt automatically, which is definitely a feature that comes in handy.This unit structure of stainless steel and thus is very easy to clean.

8. Electric Can Opener by Aicok

Electric Can Opener by Aicok
Buy now from Amazon → If you want a unit that provides more than one function, then this is a design that you should look into. It is not only an electric can opener; it is also a bottle opener. This deluxe model has a very attractive design that provides a comfortable operation. Even though it has a powerful motor, it is quiet when put into action. It is also able to sharpen a knife and comes along with a two-year warranty.

9. Hands Free Can Opener by One Touch

Hands Free Can Opener by One Touch
Buy now from Amazon → There are numerous restaurant owners who have made this electric can opener their go-to option for a variety of different reasons. To start off, it is very portable. It can be handled with one hand and weighs almost nothing. Its design is one of the most basic around, but do not let this fool you into thinking that its function is not up-to-par with the rest. It can open any can in a matter of seconds.

10. Tall Can Opener by Oster

Tall Can Opener by Oster
Buy now from Amazon → It can be a struggle opening tall cans with just any electric can opener, but with this choice, opening a tall can would not be an issue. It will be able to open it both easily and safely in a matter of seconds. It has a power pierce blade that provides precision cutting, and has a first class knife sharpener built into it.To top it off, unit has a powerful magnet that does not lack in the aspect of firmness.

Buyer’s Guide: Noteworthy Tips to Consider When Choosing an Electric Can Opener

Tall or Standard-Sized Cans

There are several elements that you should analyze when deciding which electric can opener is the best bet. For example, most can openers tend to only aid with standard-size cans; therefore, question yourself as to the type of can that you tend to purchase. If they are tall cans, choose a model that does not fall into the standard-sized can category.


It is also important to look into its portability. There are some options that are very big in size and thus are not hassle-free when it comes to moving them from place to place; therefore, paying attention to dimensions and weight is highly suggested.


Another element to pay attention to is the materials that were utilized to structure the electric can opener that has garnered your attention. Stainless steel structures are always great options. Choosing a model that was manufactured by a reputable company would be a good choice if you do not much about durable materials.


This is another vital element that deserves your attention. Every model is made distinctively; therefore, there are some that might meet your expectations more than others. Find out which has the features that go hand in hand with your preferences.
Electric Can Openers That Live up to the Hype!


Any one of the previously mentioned electric can openers can get the job done. It is up to you decide which one you like the most based on their structure and features. Since they are selling like hotcakes, if you are able to purchase the one that has caught your eye, do not think about it twice. Yes, it can take weeks for it to come back in stock. Take advantage of your favorite electric can opener today so that you do not have to wait. Yes, they are that great! They totally live up to the hype that surrounds them.

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