Top 5 Best Egg Boilers in 2019

Being one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, eggs are a part of almost every balanced diet. The good protein content in eggs is extremely high, and with the right amount of amino acids, they are great for people looking forward to making muscle definition as well. On top of the health benefits, eggs taste good. A morning breakfast including scrambled eggs or an omelet is a mouthwatering delight. One of the easiest ways to cook eggs in a healthy manner in boiling them. Mixed with salt and pepper, boiled eggs serve the taste buds right as well. However, without proper equipment, boiling eggs might not be as snappy and easy as it seems. The most tangible way out of the above problem is getting an egg boiler. Boiling multiple eggs at the same too, and that in an amount of time which won’t hurt your busy schedule is definitely an advantage which you can easily attain. So, here is a list of the top 5 egg boilers to get you started.

List of Top 5 Best Egg Boilers in 2019:

5Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker

In one single go, the Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker can properly boil 12 eggs. This egg cooker can be used to make scrambled eggs, poached eggs,omelete, and hard, medium and soft boiled eggs. All the accessories that come with this egg cooker are dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned with its aid. The manufacturer warranty that comes with this product is that of one year. On top of that, a recipe book is also provided along with the access to an ever-growing database that contains a plethora of recipes. Heating veggies tortillas and steaming veggies are also possible with this equipment.

Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker
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4Hamilton Egg Cooker with Built-In Timer

The Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker with Built-In Timer can cook up to 7 eggs at the same time. Soft, medium and hard boiled eggs can be cooked to perfection with this piece of equipment. With the help of the 3-egg poaching tray that comes along with this product, you can cook poached eggs as well. This egg boiler also comes equipped with a timer that comes with a tone. Henceforth, tending to other chores in the kitchen while the eggs cook won’t distract you altogether from their very existence. The water measuring cup with egg piercing tool that is a part of the set of free accessories makes it easier to add the appropriate amount of water when cooking eggs.

Hamilton Egg Cooker with Built-In Timer
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3Cuisinart Egg Cooker

The Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker comes equipped with a 600-W heater that is capable of cooking 12 eggs to a soft, medium or hard consistency in a single go. An omelette tray with a 3-egg capacity and a poaching tray with an egg capacity of 4 eggs also come as part of the free accessories. This device comes with a blue LED indicator, stainless steel lid, audible alert and a standby mode. The cord also within the device’s built-in cord storage which makes cleanup super easy. A 180 ml measuring cup with a piercing pin is also included in the set of accessories. A tip while using this egg boiler would be to use distilled water as it makes the cleanup easier.

Cuisinart Egg Cooker
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2Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker

The Elite Cuisine EGC-007 can cook up to 7 eggs at the same time using the removable egg tray that can be easily removed to cool down the eggs under running water. The device comes with an auto-off feature and a built-in cooking timer. Boiling eggs with the Elite Cuisine EGC-007 is definitely faster than the traditional method. The measuring cup with piercing cup makes measuring water for the cooking process as easy as counting from 1 to 10, Other than cooking soft, medium and hard boiled eggs, this device can use to cook poached eggs with the help of the poaching tray and also to cook an omelette with the aid of the egg tray.

Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker
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1 Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker does justice to its name because it is incredibly fast when it comes to boiling 6 eggs in a single go. At one time, one omelette and 2 scrambled eggs can also be cooked using this device. The set of accessories include a 6-egg tray, one poaching tray, one measuring cup, and one omelette tray. The non-electric parts can be safely washed using a dishwasher. Furthermore, this device comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year.

 Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Egg Boilers
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