Best Crossbow for Hunting in 2019 Reviews

It is really fun to do target hunting or rather target shooting with a crossbow working best for you. You can hunt using a gun but this becomes quite stylish when compared to shooting using a crossbow. If you want to improve your shooting experience very well try hunting using crossbow. Hunting is fun grab yourself a crossbow and enjoy the fun.

Table of the best hunting crossbows:

1Leader Accessories Hunting Bow

Leader Accessories Hunting Bow
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This crossbow weighs about 5.85 lbs and shoots with a speed of 210 fps. The arrow tip weighs 125 grains and the power stroke is 10.5”. Leader accessories hunting crossbow features three red dot for sight scoping and also four pieces of aluminum arrow measuring 16”. The crossbow features cocking rope, quiver, padded sling, stringer and wax.

2370 SAS Troy Hunting Crossbow

370 SAS Troy Hunting Crossbow
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The draw weight of this crossbow is 185 pounds and the speed is 370fps. The crossbow’s power stroke is 13.75” with a length ranging from 37” to 34.5”. It’s made of strong and light in weight machined CNC aluminum rail. SAS troy has fully adjustable forearm and tactical stock. The limbs are made of quad design together with its machined CNC cam system which offers smooth shot and power.

3Styker Ls Crossbow

Styker Ls Crossbow
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The solution which includes all features which a quality bow at relatively low price. It as well features three of the 385bolts which are grain matched. Stryker crossbow has three quick detach arrow black quivers with a scope of multi reticle. It also comes along with a cocking aid.

4XtremepowerUS Crossbow

XtremepowerUS Crossbow
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This crossbow comes along with 32mm by 3mm scope for offering exceptional accuracy. The bow’s initial velocity is about 320fps and a draw weight of 175lbs. it also features three carbon arrows pieces and the arrows are 20” long. The crossbow’s kinetic energy goes to about 90” with two hexagonal wrench pieces. The overall net weight of the crossbow is 9.2 lbs.

5iGlow Hunting Crossbow

iGlow Hunting Crossbow
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iGlow has a draw weight of about 160lb and an arrow speed of220fps hitting the target with some good precision accuracy. The bow’s power stroke is 10.5 feet and its 34.5” long. This crossbow also features black premium stock as well as fiberglass limb which is polished nicely offering excellent performance. iGlow crossbow is made using dry fire patented inhibitor technology and has a thumb guard to provide additional protection. It’s constructed using aluminum weaver and barrel rail. It also comes with green or red dot scope with other features such as shoulder sling which is padded, stringer, cocking rope device, and rail lube, and quiver.

6Karnage Crossbow

Karnage Crossbow
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This is a compound crossbow featuring blazing speeds with maximum at 370fps. Its axle to axle is narrow such that when fully drawn it only extended up to 14inches. Karnage comes along with cocking rope, string wax or rail lube, detachable sling, quiver and carbon bolts. The draw weight of this crossbow is 175 lbs, weighing 7.5 lbs and a kinetic energy about 111 ft. per lbs. it also includes an eye focusing featured in the reticle scope of the crossbow.

7Killer Instinct Hunting Crossbow

Killer Instinct Hunting Crossbow
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Killer Instinct is a triggertech weighing 2.0 lbs and it’s made using frt type of trigger system. It’s made of CNC precision aluminum rail and features 4 by 32 Ki lumix illuminated scope. It features five compact and collapsible position for the stock and it’s Hogue over its molded beavertail grip.

8Revolt 370 Southern Crossbow

Revolt 370 Southern Crossbow
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Southern crossbow features a composite reinforced stock with an aluminum riser. Its split limbs are made of fiberglass.

9370 CenterPoint Sniper Crossbow

370 CenterPoint Sniper Crossbow
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CenterPoint features string stops which suppress any noise and it has a draw weight of 185 lbs. the crossbow’s design is so compact.

10Barnett Whitetail Hunting Crossbow

Barnett Whitetail Hunting Crossbow
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This pro hunter crossbow has a draw weight of 160 lbs, at a speed of 380 fps. The overall bow’s weight is 6.4 lbs with a power stroke of 13.625 inches. Its riser is made of magnesium and features one bolt assembly. All its components are made of stainless steel and its adf and nock sensor eliminates fires which may occur while shooting. Other accessories included are lube wax, headhunter arrows, quiver light in weight 4 by 32 scope and cocking device.

Buying guide to the best hunting crossbow

Before purchasing hunting crossbows there are things you need to know and such include:

Speeds of the crossbow’s arrows

Modern used crossbows available in the market have speeds ranging between 265 fps and 400 fps. Generally, the faster your arrow speed reads the farther and flatter the arrow can shoot and therefore with faster speed distance of target can be well increased.


In a situation of hunting, noise may result in success or failure. Different crossbows are different when it comes to producing sound which maybe noise. For instance, recurve crossbows tend to be more quite as compared to the reverse or compound crossbows. Silence is advantageous and also impacts on the crossbow’s speed. While purchasing crossbows as a hunter, consider much on noise. Noise in crossbows results mainly from heavy short power strike once they get discharged.

Crossbow weight

This mostly depends on physical limitations you might have and whether you are hunting, stalking or glassing. Crossbow’s weight impacts on its maneuverability whereby heavier ones are steady in shooting but quite longer to aim. Light crossbows tend to be easier and more compact to move without getting disturbances from the woods. Above all, with weight what is key to consider is what physical factors limits you when it comes to hunting. Such could include the body stature of an individual whereby a strong individual would not mind handling heavy crossbow at any situation of hunting.

Draw weight

Currently, all crossbows have similar designs. However, hunting requires consideration of this feature draw weight unlike target shooting. This is because while hunting and an increase in your targeted game is noted, the crossbow’s draw weight and also the weight of the arrow need to increase. According to your purpose, purchase a crossbow which will serve you fully on the same.


Hunting crossbows are fun to go hunting with even when doing target shooting. All you need to know is your situations and circumstances of hunting then consider all the necessary components for such success. The features mentioned above are very key and with the knowledge of each choosing a crossbow which will work perfectly for you becomes quite easy.

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