Best Compost Tumblers In 2019 Reviews

Do you love to farm even if it is just your household consumption? Well, you can save up money for buying manure by making your compost at home. With the use of a tumbler composter, one can easily and quickly create the best farming decompose. here is the best Compost Tumblers in 2019.

How to choose the best compost tumbler.

The size.

If you want high crops yield, consider buying compost that has double compartments to provide you with extensive space for preparing the compost. Also, these devices are sold in different gallons sizes. So make sure you check the number of gallons that it can develop.

The materials.

The device will be kept outside thus the need to ensure that it is made of sturdy and durable materials. Also, ensure the compartments are well insulated to provide great temperatures for the decomposition to take place well and fast.

Table of the best tumbler composts:

1. Envirocycle composting tumbler Bin.

Envirocycle composting tumbler Bin.
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This is the best and most beautiful composter which has been tested and approved by USA food safety authorities. It is made of durable and rust free materials hence you don’t need to keep it in the house. The composter tumbler does not need any assembling since it is sold assembled for you. It is also made with materials that are resistant to the high temperatures from the sun, and this helps avoid oxidation from occurring inside the tumbler. It is suitable for producing both the solid and liquid compost.

2. Jora Composter Tumbler.

Jora Composter Tumbler.
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It is fully insulated with dual compartments to protect it from the direct sunlight rays and water. It is essential for composting all the kitchen compost, and it is done fast and hygienically. The outer part of the device is galvanized to ensure that the metal parts do not rust even after exposure to the rains. The device produces around 70 gallons and comes with a wall mount racket for easy fixing it on the wall. Note that if you need to fix the composter on the wall, you will need to buy fixing screws. Although assembling the device is not easy, it works quite quickly and turning of the compost is also easy.

3. Compost Tumbler.

Compost Tumbler.
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The tumbler is sold at a pocket-friendly price, and it is safe to use in any area of the home. It is crafted using black recycled materials like plastics and polypropylene. It is made in a large size which provides a large surface for making your composts. The cylinder measures 24 x 24 x 29.5 inches while the exterior measures 33 x 39 x 36 inches. Connecting the parts is quite easy and takes less than an hour plus the functioning of the tumbler is excellent.

4. Rotary garden Tumbler composter.

Rotary garden Tumbler composter.
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The tumbler is made of durable and strong black materials plus it is quite easy to turn your compost for better preparations. It is designed with two compartments which provides enough spaces for composting and can produce up to 37 gallons. The tumbler is designed with adjustable ventilation which enables you to avoid bad odor and keep pests and other raccoons away. It is easy to assemble, and it can be left outside even during the extreme weather conditions since the outer parts are protected from getting damaged. The tumbler features a strong and balanced stand that allows it to be placed on any surface. It is also suitable for use in both rural and urban areas.

5. Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler.

Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler.
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The tumbler is designed with two compartments which provide large composting spaces. Each compartment is equipped with a sliding door for easy opening and closing. It also has side handlebars essential for turning for powerful mixing effects. The outer parts are crafted with strong stainless steel material that enables it to withstand harsh climatic conditions. The device is essential for use in all seasons since it provides a good space with reliable temperatures for the decomposition to take place. The composter comes packed with a pair of farm gloves essential for protecting your hands when turning it or removing the farming compost.

6. OutsunnyMobile Compost garden Soil Tumbler.

OutsunnyMobile Compost garden Soil Tumbler.
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The sunny composter is a reliable compost tumbler that you can easily use in the rural and urban areas. It is made of strong and weather resistant materials that make it last for long even after long exposure to the outdoor weathers. It is designed to produce about 37 gallons which are a perfect size for providing enough compost to a garden. It is designed in a black color which is nice, and the item can be moved around for efficient farming.

7. Ejwox compositing tumbler 43 gallons.

Ejwox compositing tumbler 43 gallons.
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The composter is designed with two compartments which are essential for producing decompose for different seasons. You can make compost at different intervals for better crop yielding. The two compartments are fitted with sliding doors for easy access to the compost. It has a total of 43-gallon yield, and it can be used for small and medium gardens, The tumbler has two handlebars which are easy to rotate to fasten the process of decomposing. The outer parts are made of a strong and durable material that does not rust or get damaged by the sun. From the customers’ reviews, the device is quite easy to assemble.

8. Lifetime 60058 Compost Tumbler.

Lifetime 60058 Compost Tumbler.
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Just like the name suggests, lifetime tumbler is crafted with strong and long lasting materials that guarantee you long usage of the device. The construction is done using recycled plastic materials, polyethylene and also the outer parts feature steel coating. It measures about 10.72 cubic feet and can yield up to 80 gallons. The side parts are double sealed to retain all the temperatures thus fastening the decomposing process. Turning the compost with the provided side axis is easy.

9. Yimby Tumbler Composter.

Yimby Tumbler Composter.
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This is the best choice of a tumbler for those who don’t want to touch the compost pile. It is designed in large space that provides enough mixing surface for better decompose. it is quite easy to use and mix the piles since all you have to do is load the device close the door and mix like five times for efficient results. The tumbler is designed with top sliding doors which are removable making it easy to remove all the prepared compost. There are two compartments which provide enough space for making enough compost, and you can also use them for different seasons. The tumbler has vent holes that allows in oxygen for excellent mixing of the compost. The outer part is crafted with durable stainless steel materials which are essential for keeping it safe even after long exposure to the rains and sunlight.

10. Joraform Compost Tumbler JK 125.

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This is an essential composter for a beginner since it is crafted in easy to use work with compartments. It is designed with insulated materials that keep the temperatures intact for better functioning of the device. It is divided into two compartments for better and plenty compost making. It is designed in a high position which keeps it safe from any pests or other rodent getting to the inside. It is easy to assemble and the materials are strong as well.


Increase your farm yield with the use of the above compost tumblers. Whether you want a device for small garden use or large gardens, the above tumblers are the best to select from. Some consists of two compartments which are efficient for making high qualities composts or if you want to farm in two different seasons, the two compartments allows you to prepare your composts in alternating times. Make sure it is approved for use and has durable materials since it will be positioned on the outside.

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