The 15 Best Comfy Sleeper Chairs in 2018

No one would be denied a good sleep or nap in a comfortable bed and environment. And a good sleep taken in a comfortable bed goes a long way in keeping the body active and ready for the task ahead. This reason is why the idea of comfy sleeper chairs came into mind. Comfy sleeper chairs are simply chairs with dual usage.

Comfy sleeper chairs offer a broad range of varieties, comfort and also provide enormous benefits including space, portability, and money saving. They also fit in when relaxing at home and reading a book, taking a sun bath at the beach, watching movies and enjoying the beautiful sky at night. However, with so many top quality and affordable, comfy sleeper chairs in the market today, we list the Top 5 best comfy sleeper chairs in 2018 below.

1Giantex (Convertible) Sleeper Chair

Giantex (Convertible) Sleeper Chair
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The Giantex (Convertible) brand offers you one of the Best Comfy Sleeper Chairs you can find on the market. It’s foldable, which means you can use it during the day for lounging and at night for sleeping, for example, if you have overnight guests. It’s easy to store and simple to transport, which means it ideal for college students and people who live in apartments. Its material, Ultra-suede offers you the best charming and fashionable type. Converting it from a chair to bed is fast since you don’t need to assemble it.

2Giantex Bed (Folding Arm) Chair

Giantex Bed (Folding Arm) Chair
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The Giantex Bed (Folding Arm) Chair functions as the best armchair during the day and as a comfortable bed when night comes. It’s designed using high-quality steel, sponge and polyester, which means it, will serve you for long. The ergonomically structure enables you to hide your feet, while its two casters provide you with more mobility. Other benefits of this chair are its five adjustable backrest positions. It’s the perfect chair for playing games, watching TV, reading and floor use.

3Cosmo Convertible Chair/Child-size (Sleeper Bed)

Cosmo Convertible Chair/Child-size (Sleeper Bed)
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The Cosmo Convertible Chair is comfy and easy to use since it offers users plenty of positions. You don’t need to assemble it; while it’s Ultra-suede material and pillow for lumbar support serve you well. Remember that even your child can use this sleeper chair.

4Your Zone – Convertible Sleeper Chair

Your Zone - Convertible Sleeper Chair
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Your Zone – Convertible (Sleeper Chair) easily converts into a comfortable bed, which means it easy to use. It’s the perfect furniture for limited spaces, apartments and room. Its Ultra-suede material ensures this investment serves you well, while the bed/chair itself available in varying designs and colors.

5FCH Folding Convertible Chair/Sleeper

FCH Folding Convertible Chair/Sleeper
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The FCH Folding Convertible Chair/Sleeper is arguably among the market’s Best Comfy Sleeper Chairs. It’s made of excellent faux sponge and suede along with a steel frame and iron feet, which means it sturdy and robust. Its practical and stylish design makes it ideal for use in your spare room, office or living room. You will enjoy fast assembly, which means it convenient to use.

6DHP Chaise Lounge Chair/Sleeper (Convertible)

DHP Chaise Lounge Chair/Sleeper (Convertible)
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If you’re looking for the perfect lounger for reading or relaxing, you should purchase the DHP Chaise Lounge Chair/sleeper. It’s ideal for any living room as result of its tufted design and faux leather upholstery. For extra sleeping space, its back can easily fold. Consider it for placement in your apartment, limited spaces and guestrooms.

7HomCom 26″ Sleeper Chair

HomCom 26
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The HomCom 26″ Sleeper Chair folds easily to become chair, chaise lounge seat or bed. It’s the best place to rest since it designed with extra soft fiber, you can move its two arms rests down if you want to use it as a bed. For added comfort, it comes with a pillow.

8Fun (Furnishings) Chair Sleeper

Fun (Furnishings) Chair Sleeper
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Among the Best Comfy Sleeper Chairs, you can think of purchasing is the Fun (Furnishings) Chair Sleeper. It’s firm but comfortable, which means you’ll enjoy relaxing on it, for easy maintenance, its slip-covered. When you flip it open, this fantastic seat will measure 47″L x 15″W. It’s manufactured in the United States, which means it offers you value for money.

9Stone & Beam Kristin Sleeper Chair

Stone & Beam Kristin Sleeper Chair
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The BEST PULL-OUT TWIN BED for hosting guests is the Stone & Beam Kristin Sleeper Chair. It adds decor to your room, while its round arm provides it with a classic and modern look. It has a laminate and solid hardwood frame, while the material is nylon and polyester performance fabric. You don’t need to assemble it, meaning it is faster and quick use.

10Pragma Bed (SSCC-BGE02) Single Sleeper Chair

Pragma Bed (SSCC-BGE02) Single Sleeper Chair
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If you want a chair that converts into a single bed or reclining lounger, the best option is the Pragma Bed (SSCC-BGE02) brand. It provides you with 12 adjustable positions for lounging and comes with a pillow for added comfort. Back and seat cushion are of the high-density form, while its upholstery material is polyester linen 100%.

11LANGRIA Living Padded Recliner Sofa Chair

LANGRIA Living Padded Recliner Sofa Chair
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Langria is one of the best comfy sleeper chairs selling on Amazon. Its primary features are soft padded and comfortable seat, headrest, armrests, backrest, and footrest. Each of the chair’s arms is detachable and has two zippers which connect them to the main body of the chair.  And the chair is strong enough to support weights of about 102kg. This sleeper chair comes with a manual reclining feature that allows between 105° and 165° to enable you to have an excellent lounging experience. LANGRIA Living Padded Recliner Sofa Chair can be used at home and working place.

12CO-Z 5 Position Folding Sleeper Chair

CO-Z 5 Position Folding Sleeper Chair
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CO-Z 5 is high quality; durable, cozy and sturdy sleeper chair with SGS certified chair mechanism, made with premium materials and linen cotton surface. It is effortless to assemble, fold down to a bed and has reinforced steel as part of its armrest and round base for the chair which is non-slippery. CO-Z 5 has an adjustable height from 35″ to 38″, making it suitable for your living room, bedroom, balcony, etc. The sleeper chair comes with a removable padded cover which makes washing easy to do and also help to increase the life span of the product.

13Merax Folding fully adjustable five position Multiangle floor Lazy man Chair Merax Folding fully adjustable five position Multiangle floor Lazy man Chair

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Merax adjustable sleeper chair is a folding lazy bed which is most suiting for your living room and offices. It is very comfortable for reading, sleeping, watching television, playing of indoor games, relaxing and other similar activities. For maximum comfort, you are free to adjust the backrest of the chair in 5 degrees. And the chair is made of steel frame to ensure durability and a softly padded sponge. It also has polyester fiber which offers the most comfortable sleep or rests you deserve. This floor lazy man sleeper chair comes with armrests and a pillow, with a seat that can also be folded down to get a foot rest.


14Cortesi Home Savion Convertible Accent Chair Bed

Cortesi Home Savion Convertible Accent Chair Bed
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When we talk about compact and comfortable sleeper chairs, Cortesi Home Savion sleeper chair should come first. This comfy chair offers tremendous benefits and used mostly in the living room and offices. The chair saves a lot of space and can be very comfortable. Cortesi Home Savion happens to be one of the best selling sleeper chairs in the market with a very affordable price. The Cortesi Home sleeper chair has a firm sitting and sleeping surface. It is very easy to assembly for use and also to dismantle after use. Cortesi has a seat size of 34″W x 36″D x 31″H and a bed size of 34″x78″x10.5″H.

15 HomCom 5 Position Folding Sleeper Chair

 HomCom 5 Position Folding Sleeper Chair
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The HomCom comfy sleeper chair is a very versatile and comfortable chair. It can be used in different locations such as the living room, offices, bedroom, beach, balcony, etc., for sleeping, napping, sitting or relaxing. For whatever use it is, HomCom chair offers maximum comfort. This comfy sleeper just as the name implies can take multiple positions (up to 5 different positions), which includes a bed, chair with armrest, a chaise lounge, etc. Made of a high standard fabric (faux suede), it comes with a cover for the sofa, has a metal frame, pillows to enhance comfort, back rest angle which has five (5) levels of adjustments.

Features To Consider When Buying the Best Comfy Sleeper Chairs

  • The material used to make Comfy Sleeper Chairs should be of high quality. That means you should ensure you check the fabric used to design the type of furniture.
  • Consider purchasing those that come with several adjustable positions for reclining. It will ensure you enjoy added comfort.
  • Added benefits such as pillows ensure you enjoy seating or sleeping on these comfy sleeper chairs, which means you should choose brands that come with them.


When it comes to buying the best furniture for your home, you have to consider several factors, for example, your guests, space limitation and budget. The result is you may find it challenging to find the best brand. The above Top 10 Best Comfy Sleeper Chairs in 2018 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide should make the process of choosing the best brand that suits you easier and faster. Keep in mind that reviews enable you to narrow down to the best brands in the market, meaning instead of just choosing to try your luck, you should read the best reviews to enable you to find good value for your hard-earned money.

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