Top 10 Best Comfy Sleeper Chairs in 2019 Reviews

Sleeper chairs are in fashion right now with a presence in more homes than ever. These chairs just as the name implies can be converted into a small bed for convenience purposes. They feature recliner backs, which can be adjusted to different angle to suit a particular purpose, whether that would be to convert them into small beds or recliner chairs. Shopping for a comfy sleeper chair? Consider my list of top ten most comfy sleeper chairs in 2019 below:

Table of the Best Comfy Sleeper Chairs:

10Giantex Convertible & Folding Sofa Bed

Giantex Convertible & Folding Sofa Bed
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This convertible sofa bed by Giantex boasts a simple yet stylish design with a solid metal frame, thick sponge, adjustable backrest, and removable as well as washable cover. Additionally, it features two 360 degrees Slient PP hind wheels (with brakes), which not only enhance the chair’s mobility, but also support the two front solid metal feet. This soft and comfortable sleeper chair with an adjustable backrest and foldable design complements many interior decor styles.

9D&D Futon Furniture Navy Sleeper Folding Chair

D&D Futon Furniture Navy Sleeper Folding Chair
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This navy blue sleeper chair by D&D Futon Furniture can be converted into a bed or a small couch/sofa. The 3-in-1 furniture piece comes with a 6-inch high density foam to ensure maximum comfort and support. Plus, it is very practical for use in different occasions like lounging, watching TV, playing video games, RV camping, etc.

8Your Zone Bed Convertible Flip Sleeper Chair, Sofa, Lounger & Bed

Your Zone Bed Convertible Flip Sleeper Chair, Sofa, Lounger & Bed
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Your Zone Bed’s sleeper dorm bed cum couch/sofa lounger is made from a premium quality suede material that is grey. This small and highly portable 2-in-1 chair is easy to use and requires no assembly. It can be a perfect addition to your lounging room, children’s study room, or even living room. With its three convertible positions, the chair is flexible enough to suit many activities including lounging, studying, or hanging out with friends. Plus, it is space-saving.

7D&D Futon Furniture Red Rose White Folding Sleeper Chair

D&D Futon Furniture Red Rose White Folding Sleeper Chair
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This D&D Futon Furniture sleeper chair is one of the most comfy sleeper chairs. The chair can quickly convert into a bed for sleeping purposes. Made out of premium quality foam and covered with a white fabric featuring Red Rose patterns, this chair is what you need rather than an extra bed for your guests. Plus, it is quite convenient and space efficient, with the ability to fit into even the smallest room in your home.

6Giantex Folding Floor Lazy Chair, Sofa and Lounger

Giantex Folding Floor Lazy Chair, Sofa and Lounger
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This Giantex sleeper chair has a stylish office chair design with dual armrests and leg pillow. Even though it looks very much like an office chair, this chair can be quickly converted into a portable bed that is as comfortable as it can be. Plus, it is ergonomically designed such that it perfectly supports users with posture problems. This can be used as a lounge chair besides a portable bed or office chair.

5299844 Elizabeth Tufted Light Grey Fabric Recliner Arm Chair by Christopher Knight Home

299844 Elizabeth Tufted Light Grey Fabric Recliner Arm Chair by Christopher Knight Home
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Christopher Knight Home’s 299844 Elizabeth tufted chair does not resemble a recliner chair, but make no mistake about its deceiving looks. This chair perfectly reclines and can be perfect for taking those unexpected afternoon naps. It features a light grey fabric material that screams quality, vintage foot design with wooden feet, adjustable leg rest and metallic frames. This can enhance your interior decor, especially if it entails furniture with a vintage design or at least some touches of it.

4Revolve Mid-Century Modern Accent Arm Chair by Rivet

Revolve Mid-Century Modern Accent Arm Chair by Rivet
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This is another beautiful sleeper chair with vintage style feet, hardwood frame, and high-density cushions covered with premium quality fabric. The Rivet Revolve mid-century plus modern style armchair does not recline but has a comfortable backrest. It is worth noting that this is much more of a standard chair as opposed to a sleeper one as it lacks a recliner feature, hence cannot convert into a small bed. However, its clean lines and comfort make it a chair worth checking out even if you are shopping for a sleeper or recliner chair.

3D&D Futon Furniture Folding Sleeper Chair

D&D Futon Furniture Folding Sleeper Chair
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D & D Futon Furniture’s grey sleeper folding chair perfectly converts to a bed. This 2-in-1 chair features a 6-inch thick high-density foam that is covered with premium quality fabric for maximum comfort, support and durability. It is practical for use in almost any occasion whether it is watching TV, lounging or an unexpected visit by a guest who would require something to sleep on. Plus, you can also use it for your RV camping chair or sleeping furniture needs.

2Single Recliner Padded Leather Chair by Homall

Single Recliner Padded Leather Chair by Homall
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This Homall single recliner sleeper chair is perfect for taking an afternoon rest, nap or watching TV. The sophisticated office or home chair features an upgraded footrest, double thick foam padding, and thick steel metal frame. Additionally, it comes with a special wear-resistant leather, thicker recliner back and wide armrest featuring a curved shape. This chair can perfectly match your interior decor with leather furniture.

1Blue Micro Suede Sofa Sleeper by Fun Furnishings

Blue Micro Suede Sofa Sleeper by Fun Furnishings
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Fun Furnishings’s Blue Micro Suede chair is one of the bestselling comfy sleeper chairs in 2019. This US made couch is firm with a fire retardant foam insert. Additionally, it is protected with a blue slipcover, making sure the sofa is able to last longer. The furniture makes for a comfy place for you or your kids to sit while relaxing with the family. Plus, it easily folds out into a 47” x 30” (L x W) bed.

Top 3 Expert Tips to Buy a Sleeper Chair

i. Foam Thickness

Sleepers chair cushions are made from foams with varying thicknesses measured in inches. The thicker the foam, the more comfy and supportive the cushion and the chair in general. If you do not have much money to spend on a sleeper chair with high-density foam cushions, you should at least go with a chair that has medium-density foam cushions. Low-density foam cushions do thin down faster and lose their comfort as well as support relatively quickly.

ii. Normal Feet or a Combination of Those with Wheels?

While many sleeper chairs have normal wooden/plastic/ or metallic feet, a few chairs have a combination of wheels and feet. Usually, they feature ordinary feet at the front and wheels at the rear for an easier mobility. If you intend to move your couch often, I think you would be better off with a couch that has a combination of feet and wheels.

iii. Cover Material

Again, these seats come with covers made out of a wide range of materials including leather, canvas, denim, neoprene, sheepskin, mesh, velour, etc. While leather is the most expensive material, it is the best in terms of comfort, durability, water resistance and look. If you want a higher quality sleeper chair with a more sophisticated look and do not mind spending a little extra, go with leather.

Final Thoughts

2019Giantex, D&D Futon Furniture, Your Zone Bed, Christopher Knight Home, Rivet, Homall and Fun Furnishings are the top 7 best brands for comfy sleeper chairs in If you are looking for a sleeper chair that is as comfortable as these seats can get, you will be impressed and satisfied by each chair. However, do not forget to pay attention to factors like foam thickness, foot design and cover material of the chair when selecting the right chair.

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