Top 10 Best Christmas Laser Lights in 2018 Reviews

Of course, that is stating the obvious. There are very few people who do not like a good Christmas light display. One way to enhance those Christmas light shows is to use a set of the top 10 best Christmas laser lights in 2018.

When you use the best, then your display is attractive and appealing to all. Using one of the top 10 best Christmas laser lights in 2018 is a good way to upgrade your Christmas display.

If you are not sure which set of lights made the top 10 best Christmas laser lights in 2018 list, just keep reading. Our review will give you the details. Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some helpful tips on what to look for.

Your search for one of the top 10 best Christmas laser lights in 2018 should be easier.

Table of the Best Christmas Laser Light:

1FOCUSAM Christmas laser lights projector

FOCUSAM Christmas laser lights projector
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This waterproof laser light projector can send Christmas lights across 100 yards. Since they are waterproof, they will work in most weather conditions including rain and snow. Its red and green lights help bring that Christmas feeling to your family and neighbors.

The thousands of blinking colored lights cover a maximum of 600 square feet and uses holographic technology to make their appearance. Its auto on and off feature works with the sun. Too much outside light and they turn off.

It is best to give the lights a 30-minute rest, every 6 hours. It will take about 10 minutes for the lights to get to full power

21byone Christmas Laser lights

1byone Christmas Laser lights
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These waterproof and snow proof laser lights bring the warmth of Christmas home. They will cast their glow over 2,100 square feet at a maximum distance of 20 feet. You can place these lights in the ground or use the handy support stand for concrete use.

Its automatic on and off function provides you with lighting options. It will automatically go on in the evening and off in the morning. The adjustable feature allows you to point the lights exactly where you want them to shine.

The lights offer you green Christmas trees and red stars for your Christmas decorating theme.

3Star Shower Motion Laser Lights Projector

Star Shower Motion Laser Lights Projector
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After you stick this light projector into the ground you can watch the stars dance the night away. Or click the freeze function and they will hold steady. Besides sticking them into your lawn, you can use the handy stand to use on hard surfaces.

Its daylight sensor will automatically turn the light on at night. Then it will turn it off again in the morning. You can choose between a combination of red and green lights or opt for green only. It all depends on your preference.

This light should illuminate up to 3200 square feet.

4Kohree Lights Led Projector

Kohree Lights Led Projector
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You get 10 separate and different decorative patterns to choose from when you light up this Christmas spotlight. It will cast its Christmas spirit to any flat surface and the LED lights will not harm your eyes.

Its adjustable mounting bracket allows you to focus the light exactly on the spot you want. The portable plastic light uses standard electrical outlets from 100 to 240 volts. It also uses only 12 watts of power.

The power cord is just over 16 feet long. More than enough room to set this light up. You should be able to use it in almost any weather as well.

5LEDGOO Rotating Led Projector Light

LEDGOO Rotating Led Projector Light
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This rotating projector uses LED lights to cast their Christmas images on your walls or floors. Its kaleidoscope design gives you the option to choose all white or all color display. Because it uses LED lights you get up to 50,000 hours of use out of this projector.

The adjustable bracket gives you the freedom to position the projector as you want. Then you can use it indoors or out. The waterproof construction protects it from moisture. You get about 750 square feet of coverage from 15 feet away from your screen.

It is easy to operate, and one switch is all you need to light up your home or party area.

61byone Outdoor Laser Light Projector

1byone Outdoor Laser Light Projector
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You may not want to get up from your chair to change the lighting sequence or colors. All you can do then is just use the handy remote control. It will allow you to program which function you want. Plus, it also controls the automatic on and off feature.

A built-in timer will also turn the light on or off without your help. The adjustment knob allows you to point the light where you want the red and green lights to shine. You also get 2100 square feet of coverage at a distance of 20 feet.

7B-right Christmas Snowflake Projector

B-right Christmas Snowflake Projector
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The rotating LED lights put on quite a Christmas show. There are 6 lights with 4 in the shape of little snowflakes. You will get over 140 square feet of projection from roughly 15 feet away from the screen. The snowflakes will grow larger the further back you go.

A 20-foot power cord plugs into a standard 110 electrical outlet. Once you plug it in you are ready to go. The adjustable bracket gives you the movement you need to aim the projector accurately.
Plus, a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty protect your investment in this projector.

8CERCHIO Outdoor Christmas Projector

CERCHIO Outdoor Christmas Projector
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You get thousands of red and green lights bouncing off your home. All in different shapes and sizes. Then, those lights will cover 600 square feet maximum. The waterproof projector will work in almost all inclement weather, up to -20 degrees F.

Plus, you are not limited to simply outdoor use. The projector comes with an indoor use base. The light sensor does not work in daylight. If you need to test the projector, cover the sensor first.
In cold weather, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes for the lights to warm up.

9ANTSIR Christmas Dynamic Lighting Projector

ANTSIR Christmas Dynamic Lighting Projector
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You get three light patterns to choose from when you light up the thousands of red and green lights inside. Plus, you can cover about 3000 square feet from 33 feet away from your intended screen.

The automatic timer will turn off after 6 hours of use and then turn on again after 18 hours. Its weather resistant case will allow you to use this projector outside in most weather conditions. It is a simple plug and play unit and will work in temperatures ranging from -31 to +104 degrees F.
An indoor base is also part of your purchase.

10Andota Christmas Projector

Andota Christmas Projector
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10 different colorful patterns come with this Christmas light projector. It uses LED lights to illuminate those decorative patterns on your home or other flat surfaces. The waterproof projector will rotate up to 180 degrees automatically.

Then you get about 350 square feet of projection coverage from approx. 15 feet away. It uses standard electrical power sources. Those sources can range from 100 to 240 volts. The standard outdoor spike or indoor base comes with the projector.

Also, the adjustable mount will allow you to point the light right where you need it. You can get accuracy as well as be creative with this light.

Our Buyer’s Guide

When you go shopping it always helps to be prepared. That is half the battle. Getting a few helpful tips helps you prepare for your shopping. Here are a few helpful tips to guide your search for one of the top 10 best Christmas laser lights in 2018:


– is it strictly for Christmas or will you use the lights for other special events? A multi-purpose light is better.


– are they laser or LED? How powerful are they? How many do you get?


– can they be used for both indoor and outdoor events? Obviously, a light for both is best.


– how many colors do you get? The more you get the better your light show. How many decorative patterns do you get?


– what type of power source do you need? How long is the power cord?


– what is covered and what is not? How long is your coverage? Check the details and fine print before purchasing.


– Christmas is a time to spend but you do not want to blow your budget on a light or two.

Some Final Words

Decorative lights like one of the top 10 best Christmas laser lights in 2018 will come in handy. You can be part of the Christmas spirit without stringing up a bunch of lights while standing on a ladder.

The installation is easy and the top 10 best Christmas laser lights in 2018 cover a lot of area. Your home will feel like Christmas even if you only use 1 light.

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