Top 10 Best Chef Knife Under 100 in 2019 Reviews

Do you want to buy the best chef knife? When it comes to selecting the best chef knife, you should remember it’s the soul of your kitchen. It is one tool you handle and use without even placing a thought about it. That means you can’t go on with your routine without it. For instance, before you start cooking, you use it to prepare the ingredients. It’s also the device you use to make desserts such as watermelons, which means you should take your time and read online reviews of the best chef knives. This Top 10 Best Chef Knife under 100 in 2019 & Buyer’s Guide will offer you brands to consider purchasing.

Table of the Best Chef Knife Under 100 in 2019:

1 Imarku (8 inches) Chef’s Knife

 Imarku (8 inches) Chef's Knife
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One of the best chef knives under 100 you should consider buying is the Imarku (8 inches) Chef’s Knife. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel (high-carbon), which means it’s durable. It’s multifunctional; you can use it to dice, cut, slice, chop or cut the meat off bones. The handle is ergonomically designed while the knife edge is ultra sharp. The blade is anti-tarnish, meaning this chef knife lasts for longer.

2 Victorinox Chef’s Knife (8-Inch)

 Victorinox Chef's Knife (8-Inch)
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Victorinox Chef’s Knife is the best brand for mincing, chopping, dicing and slicing. The blade is of stainless steel (high carbon) and ensures you enjoy edge retention and maximum sharpness. The handle is slip-resistant, textured and ergonomically designed, resulting in a firm grip.

3 Kacebela Chef Knife (8 inches)

 Kacebela Chef Knife (8 inches)
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The Kacebela Chef Knife (8 inches) comes with a blade made of stainless steel along with high carbon, which boosts its sturdiness. It’s multipurpose, meaning it’s suitable for chopping, slicing, dicing and cutting. Its ergonomic design ensures you don’t feel any numbness while the edge, which is ultra sharp, gives you the best service.

4 J.A. Henckels (CLASSIC 8″) Chef’s Knife

 J.A. Henckels (CLASSIC 8
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The J.A. Henckels (CLASSIC 8″) Chef’s Knife comfortably fits in this Top 10 Best Chef Knife under 100 in 2019 & Buyer’s Guide. That’s because it’s designed using high-quality stainless steel from Germany and made in Spain. The high-quality construction ensures that this knife lasts long while the ergonomic design makes sure it’s comfortable when holding. You can wash it in your dishwasher while its 8-inch length means it suitable for chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing.

5 Newild Chef Knife

 Newild Chef Knife
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If what you want is a precision (forged) chef knife, you should purchase the Newild Chef Knife. It’s of high-quality stainless steel (high carbon. The blade is hand polished, anti-acid and anti-aging. It’s a high-quality knife which is wear resistant, anti-bacterial, non-stick, anti-corrosion, ultra sharp and cleans easily. The ergonomic design ensures holding it is comfortable and secure. This knife comes with a beautiful design and is versatile.

6 Wusthof (Cook’s Knife) 8-Inch

 Wusthof (Cook's Knife) 8-Inch
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The Wusthof (Cook’s Knife) 8-Inch is designed to meet the demands of a professional chef in a commercial kitchen. Its ergonomic handle ensures holding and using it is smooth and comfortable. The poly handle lasts long while the blade is made of rust-resistant steel. That means this knife will serve you for extended periods of time.

7 Kutt Chef Knife

 Kutt Chef Knife
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If you want to enjoy uniform slicing when preparing fish fillets, meat, vegetables and bread, you should buy the Kutt Chef Knife. It’s made of high quality German stainless steel, which enhances its sharpness and resists rust, meaning it’s a durable knife. It provides you with the best balance when holding it and is lightweight. You will enjoy kitchen versatility when using this knife, meaning you will get value for your money.

8 Mac Knife Chef (8-Inch)

 Mac Knife Chef (8-Inch)
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Look no further if you’re searching for rust resistance, ultra sharp and long lasting knife. The reason is the Mac Knife Chef (8-Inch) provides you with these qualities. It offers you improved edge retention since it’s made of Original Molybdenum steel. The Pakka wood handle gives you maximum comfort when holding it, meaning enjoyable moments in the kitchen.

9 DALSTRONG Chef Knife

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Among the best chef knives under 100 is the DALSTRONG Chef Knife. You will enjoy peak performance using this knife. It’s made of premium materials and is razor sharp. The tall blade height gives you the best knuckle clearance and is ideal for use in busy kitchens.

10 Allezola Chef’s Knife (7.5 Inch)

 Allezola Chef’s Knife (7.5 Inch)
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The Allezola Chef’s Knife (7.5 Inch) comes with a blade made of high-quality stainless steel, high-carbon, which means you will get the best service. Its handle is durable and sturdy, yet comfortable when holding it. The edge is ultra sharp and ideal for slicing, chopping, mincing and dicing. Its weight, 6.7 oz (189.9g), means its best for providing you with better control during cutting and giving you improved balance.

Features to Consider When buying The Best Chef Knife

  • Make sure you check the blade’s material. The ideal one should be made of high-quality stainless steel reinforced by high carbon. It will ensure the knife provides you extended and efficient service.
  • The handle should be strong and durable. It should also come with an ergonomic design that ensures it’s comfortable when holding. Remember you may want to use your knife for extended periods, which means you need one that will be comfortable when using and prevents numbness of the fingers.
  • The knives edge should be razor sharp. That will enable you to dice, slice, chop, cut and mince your ingredients flawlessly.


Choosing the best chef’s knife should be a straightforward experience using the above Top 10 Best Chef Knife under 100 in 2019 & Buyer’s Guide. Remember that your chef knife is the soul of your kitchen. No matter what stage of cooking you’re, you will find yourself needing it.

That means you should take your time when selecting the best brands. In this reviews, we looked at the material used to make the handle and blade in addition to reviewing the ability to prepare food in different ways. We are sure the above reviews will help you in making the right purchase.

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