Top 10 Best Cheap Bmx Bikes in 2019 Reviews

And who says it is just for kids? Adults can have fun biking down the road on a Bmx bike just like their children do. If you do it right, then you will get a lot of great exercise and fresh air.

One of the ways to do it right is to use one of the top 10 best cheap Bmx bikes in 2019. They will help you get the most out of your biking experience. If you want to know which bikes made the top 10 best cheap Bmx bikes in 2019 list, simply keep reading.

Our review will provide you with the information you need. Plus, our buyer’s guide will provide you with some helpful tips to guide your search. Finding one of the top 10 best cheap Bmx bikes in 2019 is not that difficult.

Table of the Best BMX Bike Reviews:

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Bike

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Bike
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Its 20 ½ inch top steel tube provides you with plenty of room to bike. The 20-inch tires work with the 25x9T gearing and cassette driver. It is possible to get 175mm of pedal action as you pump those pedals.

The one rear u-brake is operated by the handle ever and gives you better speed control. A 4-bolt bar provides the durability and strength you need as you do tricks. Its spoked rims provide the support your rubber tires need to perform up to their capabilities.

The one-piece bike seat provides the comfort as you ride.

2. Framed Attack BMX Bike

Framed Attack BMX Bike
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This is a man’s BMX bike with the handle bars measuring 8.75″ x 29″ in length. Plus, the tires reach the 20 x 2 1/3 inches size. A 13 ½ inch chain helps propel you down the street and the alloy rear brake provides the stopping action.

The tube constructed bike has an approx. 35” wheelbase for maximum riding enjoyment. The 20-inch rims fit a 14mm axle and are made of a metal alloy. A lightweight bike that is no tone size fits all. You will need to do some assembly when you bring this bike home.

3. SE Big Ripper BMX Bike

SE Big Ripper BMX Bike
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This 29-inch bike uses 29 by 2.10” tires to get you where you want to go. Its 33T alloy SE Racing chain is made to last a long time and takes durability to the next level. The frame is made from aluminum and hold the racing pedals.

The adjustable cushion set provides the comfort on this bright blue BMX bike. Its cowboy cut forks support the 29-inch tires and rim. Plus, the handlebars provide a little shield as you ride down the street.

The soft grips keep your hands on the handle bars and its one rear brake helps you control your speed.

4. Mongoose Legion Bicycle

Mongoose Legion Bicycle
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The chromoly constructed BMX bike has a 21-inch top bar and has a headset feature. It also supports the pro-like removable brake mounts. The 25x9T gearing and cassette driver propel you down the street with 175mm pedal action.

The chromoly construction is black powdered coated to help prevent rust. Then the 36-hole rims provide enough support to the 20 x 2.4-inch tires. The alloy u-brake fits on the rear tire and helps you control your biking fun.

The studded racing pedals keep your feet where they are supposed to be. Then the adjustable seat helps just about any bike rider fit the bike.

5. Bounce Nemesis Mini BMX bike

Bounce Nemesis Mini BMX bike
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This miniature MX bike comes with bright blue oversized wheels. Its 10-inch wheels work with the 29/8 gearing to provide high speeds. The reinforced frame is designed to handle any beating you give it.

Its bright blue handle bars provide great visibility. You will not be invisible as you ride this BMX bike. The soft grips will allow your hands to stay on the bike and not slip off. The wheels sport solid, 4-bolt rims for extra durability and strength.

The adjustable seat provides the comfort you need as you bounce around the street or dirt track.

6. SE So Cal Flyer BMX Bike

SE So Cal Flyer BMX Bike
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This yellow and black BMX bike will keep you visible no matter where you ride. The bright yellow 24” tires are hard to miss. The weight is kept down by the aluminum construction materials.

The 39T sprockets on the double-walled rims and the Euro-styled bearings keep the wheels supported and moving on this bike. Its Se landing fork protects against any shock as you land your BMX bike. The retro flyer seat, yellow bike chain and one rear brake complete the bike’s set-up.

The adjustable seat will help fit any would-be BMX biking pro. This is not all you get with this special BMX bike.

7. Framed Attack XL BMX Bike

Framed Attack XL BMX Bike
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Its 150mm soft mushroom grips protect your hands and provide a non-slip surface. The landing forks are 1 1/8 inches in diameter and work with the chromoly frame. The chromoly materials used in this bike’s construction make it strong, durable and light weight.

Its front tire measures 20″ x 2.125″ and the rear tire comes in at 20″ x 1.95″. The top tube bar measures only 21 inches in length. Still plenty of room for great BMX action. A single alloy rear brake controls your speed and braking action.

Plus, the 13 ½-inch chain powers the 38” bike wheel base.

8. SE Blocks Flyer BMX Bike

SE Blocks Flyer BMX Bike
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The orange and white painted bike and tires will keep you visible all-day long. Plus, the wavy dropouts, the landing forks and the aluminum tubing keep the bike lightweight. They also keep the bike strong enough to handle all the tricks you do with the bike.

Its big honkin’ handlebars have soft foam mushroom grips for hand comfort. They also support the lone rear brake. This BMX bike works with 20 by 2.0” tires. Then the studded pedals keep your feet where they belong, on the pedals.

Rear back foot support bars provide the support you need for your tricks.

9. Eastern Bikes Lowdown Bicycle

Eastern Bikes Lowdown Bicycle
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Made from high tension durable steel, this BMX bike will withstand the punishment you dish out. Its 3-piece cranks provide stability and durability to your biking system. Plus, the sealed bearings in both wheels keep your bike maintenance low.

Also, the riblet grips are soft and comfortable. Your hands will not get tired of holding on the handlebars. Its 20-inch top bar works with smaller riders. Then the adjustable seat will help any rider find their riding comfort level.

The u-shaped back break keeps your speed and stopping power under control. Its headset is designed after the loose ball variation.

10. SE Fat Ripper BMX Bike

SE Fat Ripper BMX Bike
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This 26-inch crimson red BMX bike says class all the way. Its aluminum constructed frame keeps the weight down. Then the Cr-mo landing forks make landing easily without fear.

The on unique feature to this BX bike is its rear disc brake. This braking system provides better stopping or slowing action. Then the frame sits on 26 x 3.0 “tires while the adjustable seat provides the comfort.

The angled short top bar still provides enough room for different sized riders. Then the long chain and racing pedals help you reach top speeds quickly. A great ride for those who enjoy doing more than just riding down the street.

Our Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of different versions of BMX bikes in stores now. A few helpful tips will allow you to find one of the top 10 best cheap Bmx bikes in 2019. To get one of the best you need to know what to look for:

  • Construction material- is made of aluminum or steel or what? Is the frame strong enough for your purpose?
  • Capabilities- are the landing forks up to the punishment and impact?
  • Braking- what kind of brakes come with the BMX bike? Are they regular or disc brakes?
  • Comfort- is the seat and grips comfortable as well as adjustable as well as soft and firm?
  • Tires– what size and kind of tires or rims comes with the bike? How many spokes and inches do you get? Are the bearings seal or not?
  • Warranty– what is covered? What is not? What is the return policy for the BMX bike?
  • Price- these are cheap, but they still have to fit your budget

Some Final Words

Biking has changed since the old days where the front wheel was a few feet tall. Technology has revolutionized biking and provided a new form of cycling activities. Getting one of the top 10 best cheap Bmx bikes in 2019 is one way to participate in those new activities.

They come with the top-quality construction needed to handle the impact and bounce. Plus, they are specially geared for non-normal biking activities. Not just any bike can handle the BMX way of cycling.

Using one of the top 10 best cheap Bmx bikes in 2019 puts you ahead of your competition and gives you an advantage.

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