Best Ceiling Fans with Lights in 2019 Reviews

Sometimes they can be the most decorative part of the room. Especially if they are one of the best ceiling fans with lights in 2019. Ceiling fans can be very decorative and will contribute significantly to the room’s décor.

We know there are a lot of ceiling fans with lights on the market right now. Finding one of the best ceiling fans with lights in 2019 may be a little difficult.

That is why we developed this review. Our guide will give you the information you need to make an intelligent purchase. Your home will benefit from the addition of one of the best of the best ceiling fans with lights.

Table of the Best Ceiling Fan with Lights Review:

1. Hampton Bay Hugger Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Hugger Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan
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The brushed nickel base and the walnut stain on the 52” blades make for a great addition to any room. Its multi-capacitor motor works quietly while providing great air circulation. Operated by pull chain, the motor also powers 3 forward and reverse direction speeds. The 5-blade ceiling fan is rated for rooms up to 400 square feet. Only mid-range light bulb should be used in the classic light fixture. The flush mounting makes sure that even those rooms with low ceilings can enjoy the air circulation produced by this unit. Also, it only uses 60 watts of power. The light bulb is not included.

2. Hunter Anslee Low Profile Matte Silver Ceiling Fan

Hunter Anslee Low Profile Matte Silver Ceiling Fan
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Operated by two pull chains, this unit uses 2 light bulbs to light up the room. While one operates the lights, the other powers the motor and its 3 speeds. It can work in reverse as well. The 2 14-watt light bulbs are included.

Measuring only 46”, the 5-light grey oak or walnut stained blades provide great circulation in summer and winter. With a 46 x 46 x 14.5-inch overall dimension, every corner of the room gets proper airflow. The ceiling fan needs to be hardwired into your existing power source. A limited lifetime warranty will protect your investment in this unit.

3. Westinghouse Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

estinghouse Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan
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This beautifully designed 52-inch 5-blade ceiling fan will fit into almost any room décor. A 4-inch down rod provides a little room between the ceiling and the ceiling fan. The blades are powered by a very quiet motor.

The variable speed motor uses only about 61 watts as it drives the reversible 3 speeds. The single fixture light is located in the center of the ceiling fan. It needs 2 40-watt candelabra bulbs to provide light for your room. This ceiling fan is rated for approx. 360 square feet and is turned on by its pull chains. A lifetime motor warranty and a 2-year parts warranty support this unit.

4. Ustellar Ceiling Fan with Lights

Ustellar Ceiling Fan with Lights
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The unique feature that comes with this ceiling fan with light, is its 3-year unlimited warranty. Rated for only 196 square feet, the 5 52-inch blades provide excellent airflow. The very quiet motor works on 3 speeds and the direction is reversible.

The single light in the center holds LED lights. It is recommended that you do not go above 40 watts. 2 light bulbs are included in the package. The wood and aluminum construction provide a classy look to any room. Another nice feature is that this ceiling fan can be used indoors or outside in covered areas.

5. Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan
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Bring a little of the tropics to any room in your house These 52-inch blades are inspired by palm leaves and are hand carved. The beautiful Tuscan sand colored light fixture holds 3 40-watt light bulbs. These bulbs are included with your purchase.

The quiet motor works with reversible 3 speeds and is rated for medium to large sized rooms. You turn the motor and lights on or off with the pull chain switches. The bronze coated motor and attachment housings complete the tropical influence of this ceiling fan. When you purchase this unit, you also receive a limited lifetime warranty.

6. LITFAD Industrial Fan

LITFAD Industrial Fan
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Provide a little antique influence and look to your room with this bird inspired ceiling fan. The versatile light antique looking light fixture uses just about any light bulb to light up your room.

Unfortunately, the light bulbs are not included. It is also suggested that you do not go over 60 watts when you install the bulbs. The shade is designed after the old antique birdcages and house 3 birds on a perch. The 5 blades measure roughly 48 inches in length. The warranty is only good for two years and you should not use this ceiling fan outside.

7. Unwired Home Bronze Indoor Ceiling Fan

Unwired Home Bronze Indoor Ceiling Fan
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You can choose between dark walnut or cherry wood. The 52-inch blades are reversible and use two different stains to help match your décor. The quiet motor operates 4 blades, has 4 speeds and is powered by remote control.

Its central light fixture uses LED lights which may not be included. You can dim the light to suit your preference.

Made of iron, the housing is bronzed colored coated. 2 AAA batteries power the remote control and are included in the package. With this unit, you also get the Sky plug technology, an innovation in the ceiling fan industry.

8. Deco Brushed Nickel Finish Pull Chain Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Deco Brushed Nickel Finish Pull Chain Ceiling Fan Light Kit
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For those people who have ceiling fans but no lights. This attachable light fixture may be your solution to a dark room. Its dimensions run 12 12 by 4 ¾ inches, holds up to 2 light bulbs (13-watt CFL) and is only for use with ceiling fans.

The satin nickel finish and opal glass light shade is operated by pull chain only. The lights cannot be dimmed but they are included with the light fixture. Its universal kit makes this ceiling light fixture compatible with almost every model of ceiling fans. The art deco design will help modernize and room’s décor.

9. Westinghouse Brentford Aged Walnut Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Brentford Aged Walnut Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan
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To be the best, you got to have versatility. This ceiling fan with light not only brings an old west feel to any room. It can be used outdoors as well as inside your house. The 52-inch blades with 3 fan speeds are rated for a medium to small room. Roughly 360 square feet in size.

The quiet motor works in reverse as well and is kept away from the ceiling by the 4-inch down rod. It only uses 55 watts of power and needs three light bulbs. Plus, the blades are reversible. They also have a cherry stain on one side and a walnut stain on the other.

10. Hunter 52″ Bronze Traditional Ceiling Fan

Hunter 52
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Keep a traditional look to your house or room with this pull chain operated 3-light ceiling fan. The three dimmable LED light bulbs are included, which fit comfortably in the marbled glass shades.

This 52-inch, 5-blade ceiling fan mounts flush to the ceiling. It can also work without the removable light kit. While it is a pull chain operation, his ceiling fan can be adapted to operate under remote control.

The usual reversible 3 speeds and quiet motor are included in this unit. Also, the blades are also reversible, but the choice of stain is limited. You can choose either peppered walnut or cinnamon walnut finishes.

What to look for

To some ceiling fans are ceiling fans. As long as they have reversible 3-speeds they are happy. But to get one of the best ceiling fans with lights in 2019, you got to know what to look for. Here are some tips to help guide you when you go shopping for anew ceiling fan:

  • Brand name – is it a company you can trust
  • Warranty – is it limited, unlimited, lifetime or capped
  • Motor – is it quiet with reversible speeds
  • Operation – does it have pull chains, remote control or both
  • Mounting – this is important. A flush mount ceiling fan would be best if there are tall people living in the house
  • Size – are the blades 52 inches, 46, 48 or …
  • Room rating – another vital piece of information. What size of room will the fan work best in.
  • Versatility – can it be used inside or out
  • Price – you do not want a budget buster. Sometimes cheaper units are better than their more expensive counterparts

Some Final Words

Even with a lot of ceiling fans with lights on the market, you can still make a wise purchase. Just use the information provided to help guide through the process. It will help you distinguish the good from the bad ceiling fans.

Purchasing one of the best ceiling fans with light in 2019 will take a little work. Just be patient and take your time. You do not want to make a rushed decision and waste the money it cost to buy an inferior model.
It is your decision now.

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