Top 10 Best Carpet Dryers in 2019

Carpet dryers are necessary ornaments when you need to expel or improve air circulation in the home, garage or different office rooms. Also, they are flexible, allowing you to have a variety of uses. In general, these blowers are used to clean carpets, increase the air flow in full rooms and also allow machines to cool down.

Currently, these fans use a variety of mechanisms to provide them with a productive work guide and to encourage a reliable flow of airflow. If you need to have a pleasant shopping experience, take a look at this The Top 10 Carpet Dryers in 2019 and the Buyer’s Guide.

Table of the Best Carpet Dryers:

1. Stanley 655702

Stanley 655702
Buy now from Amazon → The simple care and fantastic utility are the two main factors that distinguish this Stanley 655702 unit among other available carpet dryers. It has a light outline of only 8.5 pounds.

Also, the minimized and indestructible polyethylene packaging makes it resistant and stable for any drying job. With only 120-volts, this engine delivers up to 380 CFM of airflow. This performance offers extraordinary energy saving.

2. BlueDri Mini Storm

BlueDri Mini Storm
Buy now from Amazon → The BlueDri Mini Storm high-speed makes the carpet a dry in minutes. Thanks to the high-speed motor that consumes less energy. This device is not only a fan, but it is also perfect for ventilation, cooling, drying, and weakening. The 120-volt earth outlets make the ideal tool for workplaces. The three-pin attachment and the 10-foot power cord enhance incredible mobility during various jobs.

3. Soleaire Max Storm

Soleaire Max Storm
Buy now from Amazon → Soleaire Max Storm has a productive and robust design. It is accessible at an affordable price, but the execution is impressive. Because of the chain connection that allows the recovery component that transmits super-fast and fantastic performance. You can safely connect some of these devices without using additional extension cords. It reaches 1/2 HP, which is excellent for dealing with important jobs.

4. XPOWER X-400A

Buy now from Amazon → Returning to another breakthrough, we present XPOWER X-400A carpet dryer. Its energy system is conservative and dominated by a power generation engine. The engine contour allows for low amps and attracts all three-speed settings. Plus, the 25-foot power cord enhances incredible performance and dries very hard to reach the territories of your home. On the other hand, it also has three speed and four working angles to allow a simple air clearance on the ground.


Buy now from Amazon → As its name suggests, the XPOWER carve blower produces incredible power for fast carpet drying. It features an extremely productive 1/5 horsepower engine that allows you to dry a wide variety of soils quickly. Creates approximately 860 CFM, which is ideal for direct soil drying exercises.

With the alteration of three speeds and four edges, you get a perfect device to dry all areas of your home. Also, he is proficient in energy and has dual outputs and a three-hour clock.

6. CFM Pro Air Mover

CFM Pro Air Mover
Buy now from Amazon → The CFM Pro carpet dryer makes Air Mover safe and deeply strong. Due to the state of the art of the scheme, it uses a durable and resistant polyethylene composite material. It has a powerful fan that works to support extraordinary environments. It is made with anti-slip, slip-resistant feet to improve stability in the middle of the activity, especially when installing on smooth floors.

7. CFM Pro Air Mover

CFM Pro Air Mover
Buy now from Amazon → If you have a lack of power performance, this CFM Pro carpet dryer joins with other fascinating features to enhance a trouble-free cleaning job. With a precision turbine, it works with incredible efficiency and incredible CFM pro.

With three rotation settings, you can change the power of the air performance according to your work. In the same way, the development of an ultra-resistant polyethylene material makes it incredibly resistant to maximum resistance in the field of transport.

8. Odorstop OS2800

Odorstop OS2800
Buy now from Amazon → Is it ok to say that you have problems drying your floors? The Odorstop OS2800 carpet dryer is a good machine for these works. It has an estimated three-speed engine power and features three locating mechanisms to enhance incredible mobility when handling different types of soils. With 3-Speed and 1500 RPM in the highest configuration, this machine is mighty. Also, this machine can be stacked on three units to transmit all the most powerful utilities.

9. B-Air VP-25

B-Air VP-25
Buy now from Amazon → Is it correct to say that you are looking for a firm answer to your damaged floors? Whether it’s paint or water damage, you need a competent blow molding machine. Floor air dryers seem to be a permanent answer to these problems. It has a robust engine of 1/4 power and a fantastic update facility.

The powerful motor has three-speed settings that produce a 900 CFM air volume that transmits fast drying without consuming a significant amount of energy.

10. MOUNTO 3000CFM

Buy now from Amazon → Highlighting a creative scheme, the MOUNTO 3000CFM Dryer allows for an advantageous cleaning process without substantially removing the carpet. Thanks to the clamping structure that securely closes the floor covering and transmits deep cleaning without taking too much time. The engine is stable because it produces a much higher power than other aggressive models. It gives about 3000CFM for every minute that is surprisingly faster than another machine.

Best Carpet Dryers Buying Guide

Carpet dryers come in many forms and designs. These devices have different characteristics to allow businesses or owners to choose the best dryers they need. These carpet dryers use electricity to blow hot air into a carpet. The carpet dryers are perfect for removing all water and moisture in carpets. However, there are some factors to consider when looking for one. They understand: –

Basic qualities

First, you must do your research carefully. Check the power of the dryers and choose one that has at least 1800. This will allow you to dry your hair much faster than with a low-voltage device. You can also try a hair dryer with different speed settings.

The media on the market today have a 4 or 6-speed configuration. If you want to maintain your appearance after drying your hair, you can even opt for a tumble dryer with a fresh injection option.

Amount of energy required.

Electric carpet dryers require electricity to operate. When you buy these devices, you must observe the amount of energy they need. You should be able to take into account the type of grip required by the machine. The power consumption of the device is more related to its size.

The bigger it is, the more energy it consumes to work. Some of these devices have a brush that can cause noise. This should also be taken into account when buying. The sound produced by the machine is expressed in decibels.

Noise level

The next thing you may want to consider is the noise that the equipment can produce. There are many suppliers of carpet dryers that offer a type of silent machines. The main benefit of noise-free equipment is that you can concentrate on your work without being disturbed by noise.

Also, you can not worry about others if you work at home. Although it can bring you more money, it’s worth it because you will not have additional costs for soundproofing and other methods to reduce the noise produced by the air compressor.

Cable assembly

One of the factors to consider when buying electric clothes dryers is the way the cable is mounted on the walls and how it will fit. Some of these devices require a kit to place them accurately on the wall. Some dryers must be sitting on the counter for stability.


It is reasonably simple immaculate and dry carpets nowadays. As rugs are made of delicate and fragile materials, they require an unusual type of cleaning and drying. In any case, with the best fan, every task is straightforward, and you will have no trouble doing it.

Many of the fans at the top of the range we have evaluated are extraordinary for customizable floor drying. Select the one that matches your capacity about the money, the size of your room and get another method to dry the floor of your carpet.

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