Top 10 Best Car Code Readers in 2019

Having a car that is functioning perfectly is great because it ensures that you have the fun time on the road. For you to maintain the car functioning well, you need to have it checked severally. Talking about checking I mean services which might be a bit expensive and time to consume to have your car serviced daily. Therefore it is advisable that you should purchase the car scanner that you can scan your car more often to ensure smooth drive on the road. At times you may experience some warning even before the car breaks down like the check engine light turning on. With this car scanner, it is possible to scan your car and diagnose the problem before it is too late.

The following are the top ten best car scanners available on the market.

Table of the Best Car Code Readers:

1BAFX Products Bluetooth diagnostic OBD II scanner

BAFX Products Bluetooth diagnostic OBD II scanner
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Check your car engine and check your vehicle’s monitor such as fuel trim, fuel pressure and also the air-fuel ratio. With this gadget, you have assured a two-year warrant, and it works with all vehicles purchased in USA model year 1996 and even newer. The tool scanner uses the third-party app. To use this Bluetooth device an Android or a window device is required but cannot be used with an IOS device. This device only reads codes for the check engine light.

2BlueDriver Bluetooth professional OBD II scanner

BlueDriver Bluetooth professional OBD II scanner
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Use Bluedriver scan tool that is certified and licensed for Android and Apple devices. This device is portable and saves your data and also the time that could be spent to take your vehicle to a mechanic. This device works very well with the blue driver app and a blue river sensor, and a quality check is ensured.

3Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 scanner

Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 scanner
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Autel scanner is a powerful diagnostic device that turns off the check engine light, resets the monitor and also clears the codes not forgetting that it also reads live PCM. On turning off the check engine light is not enough because this tool scanner also determines the cause of the malfunctioning and displays DTC definitions on the color is designed to produce both visual and audible indications for verification readiness.

4ANCEL AD310 classic enhanced universal OBD II scanner

ANCEL AD310 classic enhanced universal OBD II scanner
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Save time and money by using this scanner because it is very fast and easy to use and at the same time it finds out a problem and fixes it leaving your vehicle ready to move freely on the road. This tool does not need charging or batteries because it gets its power from OBDII data link connector in your car. In case the check engine light turns on it turns it off and it determines the cause of the turn on. The product is the best because it has a three-year warrant and it is straightforward to use.

5Car Wi-Fi OBDII scan tool

Car Wi-Fi OBDII scan tool
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This tool is the best because it diagnoses check engine light and fixes the problem. Using this scanner, it will enable you to have a look at several things like horse pipe, fuels system status, coolant temperature and many others at a single scan. The scanner supports both Android and iPhone operating system. This scanner can be used in several vehicles such as Chevrolet Audi, Subaru KIA Benz, Mazda and mostly the OBDII cars. This scanner has a warrant of one year.

6ANCEL AD410 enhanced vehicle code reader

ANCEL AD410 enhanced vehicle code reader
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This code reader works with most vehicles and does not require charging or any batteries because it gets its power from the OBDII Data link connector in your vehicle. On using it turns off the engine check light and gives you the details on what is going on with the car and saves your time. It has a true color LCD screen, therefore, displays the results more clearly for you to have a look at them after scanning your car.

7Veepeak OBD2 scanner

Veepeak OBD2 scanner
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It works with OBD II, EOBD vehicles and also supports the OBD II protocols. It helps you fix minor problems yourself and also turns off the check light engine. Regular check using this scanner helps to keep the shape of the engine in good condition preventing major breakdowns which are costly hence saving your money. This tool scanner is very simple to use because it neither requires batteries nor additional gadgets like laptops and also apps. It has one year guarantee.

8FOXWELL NT301 car OBD2 code scanner

FOXWELL NT301 car OBD2 code scanner
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Turn off your check light engine by using this tool scanner and have the results displayed on your screen of what problem your vehicle has. The results are displayed in both data in text and graph format and enable you to focus on the suspicious data parameter. This tool has red-yellow- green led and an inbuilt speaker that indicates emission monitor status. In general, it quickly helps you determine the health of your vehicle in a single scan. This is an upgraded tool that needs no batteries, and it gets power from your OBDII car scanner interface in the vehicle.

9The KOBRA OBD II Diagnostic car scanner

The KOBRA OBD II Diagnostic car scanner
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Scan your car with this scanner easily and get a fast and accurate diagnosis and attend to minor problems saving money that the mechanic could have charged if he did everything for you. The scanner is made of a material that is very light and therefore very easy to carry along, and also it fits in a toolbox. Some problems may be very minor to spend on them, but with this scanner, it will help you identify the problem and fix them saving money that could have been spent in a mechanic workshop. This item has one year warranty.

10OXGORD OBD II scanner

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Fix minor problems in yourself by running a scan and save on money. It has a LCD screen that displays the results after running a scan. Having the check engine light on this device will automatically turn it off. This package is very simple because there no additional cables required in order to use it.

Factors to consider before purchasing a car scanning code

The type

The type of your carSome scanners may not scan your car. Therefore, it is advisable that you believe a tool that will correctly comply with your car.

The price

TagsWhen buying a scanner, you have to consider the price tags to ensure that you are not overcharged for a tool that has few features.

Ease of use

The best scanner to use is the one that has no complication to using hence anyone can be able to use may it be a beginner or an aged person.


In conclusion, it is never a happy moment when the check engine light turns on, and this is a sign that there is an in your car. It is so frustrating because some mechanics would take advantage of you and overcharge you for just a minor problem. To avoid all these, it is advisable to purchase a car code scanner that will enable you to fix minor issues and save money.

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