Top 5 Best Camping Lights in 2018

Camping Lights are one of the most important tools required when you go outdoors for camping for reasons other than just lighting up your tent. Camping lights are useful in a whole lot of other situations as well. For instance, they are handy replacements for campfires (although campfires are a must when you go camping, otherwise, there isn’t any fun in it).

But in situations where lighting a fire seems impossible, camping lights do the trick. Though they do not provide the warmth that a campfire would, they still are an immensely bright source of light. They are also portable meaning if you go fishing or hunting after the sun has set, you can take your gear, grab your light and just head off to explore. In this article, we will tell you about the five best lights you can buy off on Amazon. Happy reading.

List of Top 5 Best Camping Lights in 2018:

5Kimitech LED Flashlight (portable)

This flashlight has a powerful output, thanks to the LED chip. Made from aluminum alloy, this flashlight has a bright Tac lamp and aircraft fuselage which is perfect for any outdoor activities like camping, fishing, etc.

  • The product comes with five light modes and also a zoom function with three levels of brightness. It can also send SOS signals and can reach up to 600 feet away in spotlight mode
  • The build is entirely waterproof and dust-free.
  • It has a compact design and is very easy to use and runs on the standard AAA batteries and also on the 18650 rechargeable batteries (not included)
  • You can put it in your pocket, glove compartment of your car or keep it under your pillow. It is very comfortable to use.

Kimitech LED Flashlight (portable)
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4Rechargeable XML T6 CREE Led Hiking Headlamp Flashlight

This is a headlamp that you can clamp on your head and just walk out and explore hand-free. It has 3 LED bulbs and is ideal for activities that require you to use your hands. Camping Lights is perfect for emergency lighting as well as rescue missions. It uses two 18650 lithium 2800 mAh batteries which are an excellent source of light.

The bands that attach it to your head are powerful and supportive, and the light does not move even when the user is moving significantly. Another great thing about this light is that it is water resistant and very durable which means it can be used for underwater explorations and in extreme conditions such as snow, rain or wind.
They are extremely efficient and have a long life and has a red indicator on the battery box which plays as a warning sign to make you feel safe at night when you are out alone.
This light is also perfect for people who like to walk their pets late in the nights.

Rechargeable XML T6 CREE Led Hiking Headlamp Flashlight
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3Kimitech Hanging Camping Light Bulb

A light bulb finally makes our list and with good reason! This is one of the best light bulbs for camping. It is built with safe, high-end materials which are very reliable, compact and featherweight which makes it very durable and also provides water resistance wherever you are.

  • The users can use the product in three modes . Full brightness, SOS, and half brightness. The button on the side that operates these modes is also made of high-quality rubber.
  • Also, the product has a hook which you can use to hang it anywhere you like.
  • The long battery life ensures that light can be operated for a longer duration.

Kimitech Hanging Camping Light Bulb
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2Vivid LED Super Bright Heavy Duty Headlamp

Another headlamp makes a list, this time, claiming the number 2 spot. This light is relatively easy to use and is rechargeable via USB. There is a charging indicator on the lamp which means that your headlamp does not require any additional batteries

  • It is sturdy in build, waterproof and durable. It is best for outdoor lighting and repairing,
  • One full charge lasts for 6-8 hours at maximum performance. The build is also anti-drop and anti-stab proof

Vivid LED Super Bright Heavy Duty Headlamp
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1Kimitech led flashlight with Adjustable Brightness

The king of camping lights, This LED flashlight has as many as four brightness modes, which are high, medium, low, and a red/blue flash.

  • The temperature of this light is 5500k, and it is as bright as sunlight.
  • The light it emits also works as a mosquito repellant, and it also functions as a power bank.
  • This flashlight is waterproof and has magnet absorption technology.

Kimitech led flashlight with Adjustable Brightness (High/Medium/Low/Flash) Waterproof Mosquito Repellent Emergency Power Bank Magnet Adsorption for Camping Hiking Hunting Fishing Repairing
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