Top 10 Best Camping Cots in 2019 Reviews

Going for a camping is always a fun and exciting activity. We all love the thrills and the suspense that come with it. But to make it comfortable and stress-free, you have to make all the proper arrangement to give your body a cozy resting session after hours of walking and exploring. That is where buying a quality camping cot comes into play. A good-quality camping cot must be rugged in design so that you can play it on any surface and get rest without any issues. The following is the list of the top 10 best camping cots in 2019 that you should consider buying.

Table of the Best Camping Cots:

1Coleman Military Style Camping Cot

Coleman Military Style Camping Cot
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This military camping cot is made designed in an exclusive way to help you in sleeping comfortably out of your home. You can rest on the high-quality polyester fabric which is long lasting and durable at the same time. The frame of this camping cot is made of durable steel. You can carry his camping cot wherever you want as it can be folded and carried easily. The capability of this folding cot is to carry up to 300lbs. A man who is 6ft 2inches tall can sleep on this cot in a comfortable manner. There are some pockets with this cot where you can keep your gears. You can also maintain this cot in an easy manner.

2Coleman Comfort Smart Camping Cot

Coleman Comfort Smart Camping Cot
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This camping cot can give you the comfort like the bed of your home even when you are far away. This folding camping cot can carry up to 300 pound weight. The material used in this camping cot is high in quality and durable at the same time. The frame of the cot is made of good quality steel which is long lasting and easy to maintain. You can enjoy the comfort of the thick foam mattress which is good in quality and long-lasting at the same time. You can fit this camping cot in your car trunk easily and you can fold it carry anywhere you want. This comfortable camping cot allows a man who is 6 ft 6 inches tall to sleep comfortably.

3Regalo Portable Toddler Bed

Regalo Portable Toddler Bed
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If you are finding a comfortable portable camping cot for your toddler then this is ideal choice for you. This cot can be used at your home or you can also use it outside of your home. This portable cot is easy to carry and handle. It is made of high-quality canvas material which is long-lasting and durable. The frame of this portable cot is made of steel, and you can easily carry this travel cot for its lightweight. This cot is ideal for the kids up to 75 pounds. You can easily wash this travel cot and use anywhere you want. This cot is available with a sleeping bag and removable pillow at the same time.

4TETON Sports Outfitter Camping Cot

TETON Sports Outfitter Camping Cot
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People who are finding for a portable twin bag can stop their search here. This cot is ideally designed for carrying up to 600 pounds. This bed has sufficient space to sleep comfortably with your partner when you are out of your home. This can be folded in a compact shape and you can carry it easily. This extra large size bed is designed in an exclusive manner to assure your safety. The stands have unique S shape which can help you to get extra support. The frames of this camping cot are made of high-quality yet strong and durable aluminum material. The rubber coatings on the legs of the bed can give you an extra support, security and durability.

5Osage River Folding Camp Cot

Osage River Folding Camp Cot
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If you need a folding camp cot which can give you a good night sleep anywhere, you want then you can select this cot which is made of high-quality Polyester fabric with PVC coat. The single camp cot has a capability to carry up to 300 lbs. When it is folded and ready to move from a place to another, it becomes only 13lbs. This super comfortable folding cot is designed in an interesting manner that allows you to fold this cot easily at a compact position that can be fit even in a nylon bag. This is structured in extra wide size so that you can move in your sleep comfortably.

6Trademark Innovation Folding Camping Bed & Cot

Trademark Innovation Folding Camping Bed & Cot
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This portable folding camping cot is designed by the designers to let the people sleep comfortably when they are away of their home. This bed is made of 100% polyester material and can carry up to 260lbs weight. This high-class portable cot comes with a carry bag in which you can carry it whenever you want. This ideal cot is very easy to set up. There is no problem to assemble the cot in any complicated way. The long-lasting and durable folding cot can help you to find the best comfort when you are away from your home.

7Milliard Folding Bed with Mattress

Milliard Folding Bed with Mattress
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This folding cot with the comfortable mattress can help you to enjoy a peaceful sleep in your room or when you are away from your house. The cot is designed in a unique manner to provide you some extra support when you are setting it up and sleeping on it. The mattress on the bed is 4ich thick which can give you an ultimate comfort when you are lying on it to take rest. There are 4 wheels on the legs of the bed which can make your task of carrying the bed easy and fast. The assemble system of this bed is also very easy.

8Coleman Trailhead II Camping Cot

Coleman Trailhead II Camping Cot
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This military camping cot is designed to give you not only comfort but also helps you to keep your gadgets near when you are resting on the bed. This bed is capable to tolerate weight up to 300lbs. A 6ft 2 inch height man can sleep on it comfortably. The extra strong frame of this cot is made of durable steel in an amazing supportive design. You can easily set up and fold this cot to move from a place to another. The joints of the cot are also strong and give you an extra security. This camp cot is ideal for using indoor and outdoor purpose.

9Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot

Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot
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This is a high-quality cot which is long-lasting, durable and easy to install at the same time. You can choose this camping cot for various reasons including its design and durability. The frame of the camp cot is made of high-quality steel with powder coat. The process of assembling the cot is very easy to understand and follow. This cot comes with a carry bag. This camp cot can be used outside of your home as well as inside your room.

10Magshion Fold Up Camping Bed Cot

Magshion Fold Up Camping Bed Cot
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This smart looking durable camp cot can give the best experience to the kids and the adults. The structure of the bed is made of high-quality steel which is easy to maintain. The structure is easy to assemble and the bed can carry up to 300lbs weight. It is only 8 lbs in weight when you fold it. So, you can easily carry it anywhere you want or fold it and keep it aside when you are not using it.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

There are various options available like sleeping bags for resting during hiking and camping but none of them are as good as a camping cot. This will also reduce the weight objects you need to carry with you for your sleeping arrangements as thee are camping cots that are less than 10 pounds in weight.


When it comes to checking the durability of the product, you have to watch out for the frame and the sleeping surface. If the frame is made up of steel or aluminum, you can consider buying it as they are sturdy and durable. The metallic frame also ensures stability with better locks. The surface can have different types of materials like polyester, cotton and likewise. If you are looking for comfort, you should buy the ones that come with foam. The surface has to be breathable to ensure a warm and deep sleep.

Weight Capacity

A camping cot is generally made for one person and you have to carry the weight yourself completely. If you are going to camping by car or motorcycle, the weight won’t be a big factor. But if you are going by foot which is the likely case, you should check the weight of the camping cot and the weight the cot can support depending on your body weight and whether you want to share it with another person.

Ease Of Use

The camping cot has to be foldable and the size after folding has to be as minimal as possible so that you can carry it comfortably. Similarly, setting it up should be easy and the locks have to be stable. Always watch out for the folded dimension, the actual dimensions to sustain your height and also the height from the ground so that no lizards and others can disturb your sleep.


You can use a camping cot not only for camping outdoors but use it also as a guest bed, dorm room bed and extra bed whenever required. All the above-listed top10 best camping cots in 2019 are of premium quality, yet you should check the parameters mentioned above for your own satisfaction and get the measurements perfect.

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