Top 10 Best Cabinet Table Saws in 2019

For you to achieve beautiful woodwork, a higher level of cutting precision is required. This precision is made using a high-quality table saw for furniture. The circular saws with furniture offer greater strength with less vibration and noise than the other kinds of table saws. Nevertheless, they tend to consume extra space and are well installed once you have installed them. To satisfy a higher demand, table saws have undergone modifications in the plan.

That is to meet the changing needs of customers and their budgets. These changes are confusing about selecting the right table saw for your needs. This Top 10 Best Cabinet Table Saws in 2019 & Buyer’s Guide can help you establish correlations and choose the right table saw for your needs.

Table of the Best Cabinet Table Saws:

1. SawStop ICS5123052

 SawStop ICS5123052
Buy now from Amazon → If you’re determined to buy an Industrial Cabinet Saw, this option will save you money and space. The SawStop ICS5123052 starts with a smaller furniture base and, also, a shorter set offense to fit a smaller space. This 99% Dust Collection Industrial Grade saw table is not difficult to migrate because it requires a 120V power supply. Most of the characteristics of this table saw are made with materials and workmanship of the highest quality.

2. Powermatic 1792017K

 Powermatic 1792017K
Buy now from Amazon → The Powermatic 1792017K table saw is a 10-Inch table saw with a 50-Inch Workbench and Accu-Fence. The smaller fence and cabinet of this table saw make it less difficult to install from any location in your store. Try not to give your little stamp the chance to cheat on you. This saw has some characteristics that will appeal to most wood handymen, such as an implicit switch table and two blade modifiers.

3. SawStop ICS31230-52

 SawStop ICS31230-52
Buy now from Amazon →

Saving on your electricity bills while offering you a cut option is a compelling motivation to buy SawStop ICS31230-52. This saw only requires 230V electrical power for its 3 HP engine. This table saw has about 52 inches and a set of instruments with less protection, with free side sheets for ultimate safety and simple operation. The dust collection is more useful with a perfect line between the accumulation tube and the blade.

4. Powermatic 1792010K

 Powermatic 1792010K
Buy now from Amazon → The Powermatic 1792010K comes packed with features which will undoubtedly stop people in their tracks. This table saw has a precision rectified cast iron cabinet with cast iron tabletop that helps to influence it to work more quietly.

It has a better fiction decrease table and accompanies a miter gauge in T-slot. Its T-shaped fence permits you to utilize the boards at two unique angles and make sure that they do not come off while cutting.

5. Powermatic 1792006K

 Powermatic 1792006K
Buy now from Amazon → Regardless of if you’re a professional carpenter or doing small chores at home, this Powermatic 1792006K with Riving Knife is ideal to be your favorite table saw. This table saw is configured for a genuine woodworker with a high limit when it comes to working with baseboard blades and cutting blades. It is determined by a stable and broad cabinet base and incorporates an extension seat for larger companies and longer boards.

6. SawStop PCS31230-TGP236

 SawStop PCS31230-TGP236
Buy now from Amazon → Those with a need of 36 In Fence System cabinet saw, however, cannot manage the cost of most of the features of a complete cabinet table saw, will be satisfied with the SawStop PCS31230-TGP236 table saw.

Not quite like most hybrids, the stump of this saw isn’t attached to this table as best as possible. This table saw has remarkable accuracy and a cutting edge contour and incorporates a 5HP engine.

7. Jet 708677PK XACTASAW Deluxe

 Jet 708677PK XACTASAW Deluxe
Buy now from Amazon → On the Jet 708677PK XACTASAW, you can find a professional cabinet saw that would not go beyond your budget. This saw features a 5 HP engine and a 50-inch tear-off fence to make tear-proof cuts without emphasizing that the boards will slip strangely. The safety function keeps the tables at the correct angles and the exact measurements and accompanies a tree bolt to change the blade.


Buy now from Amazon → If you consider buying the Delta UNISAW, you are taking a look at an industrial level saw that you could place in any store. The 52 inches industrial revision T-Glide system incorporates, without a doubt, the blocking and estimation and cutting of accuracy, it is not difficult to change with the alteration of the double wheel, its materials, plan, and the hand of work is at the level of an industrial machine, which guarantees more rough life.

9. Jet 708676PK XACTASAW Deluxe

 Jet 708676PK XACTASAW Deluxe
Buy now from Amazon → You will not have any issues cutting the most massive wood you can get with the Jet 708676PK. This saw is accompanied by a 5 HP engine to cope with the enormous workload your steering sends. It incorporates a 30 inches rip fencing system for a more extended precision and beyond any doubt sure. With a higher table height, it will not crush your spirit when you lean and will not break your mind by moving it by its original locking wheels.

10. SawStop PCS175-PFA30

 SawStop PCS175-PFA30
Buy now from Amazon → The precision of the cast iron cabinet and the giant stumps in this Powermatic 1792006K lend an extraordinary arrangement to the overall stability of this saw. This saw has a 30-Inch Premium Fence System, a fiving blade component for energetic discharge, and a T-shaped miter gauge that is fully adjustable, it also incorporates a simple sliding system in the guide with a positive cam lock.

Best Cabinet Table Saws Buyer’s Guide

Features your table should have and how you will it will be a big part of your final choice. Those who work with wood in a commercial area will favor the specific characteristics of someone who completes something less than carpentry. However, they are moving towards greater accuracy when they do.

Below you will find a summary of the features to consider when buying the best table saw with a cabinet that fits your needs.


Movability is not the central thought of a table saw among many commercial carpenters. This is based on the fact that once the saw is installed, it does not move most of the time. Littler stores sometimes require to move their wood sawing equipment, making lightweight table saws to be in demand.

Remember that larger cabinets are some of the reasons why woodworkers utilize them. It’s the weight that gives it precision and strength, so a bigger saw is not something horrible.

Engine power

Engine power tends to extend somewhere in the range of 1HP and 5HP in table saws. The great power motor is based on the intensity with which you use the saw and the type of wood you cut. You need a saw powerful enough to withstand the harshest working conditions and the wood it offers without obstruction. Remember that the most significant potential will include substantial drawbacks.


What you saw on a table without fencing is virtually useless. Make sure your saw incorporates a T-fence during your procurement. The best boys are sturdy and reliable without bowing and are decent and straight. Must be able to tear and create different cut types with precision.

This needs a powerful safety device to prevent the plates from moving. Remember that the best fences will tend to cost extra cash.


When talking about weight, the majority of it is because of the closet. The best saw will have a fully lined cast iron table saw cabinet to maintain greater reliability.

As an option for double-walled, cast iron, hardened steel is part of the time spent on consulting. Remember, most builders tend to choose the most robust cast iron plan.

Port of dust

Another element of well-being is incorporated into the dust harbor. The ruin must come entirely from the saw blade, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of maintaining a strategic distance from any small piece that can fly over your face or being thrown once more on the blade. A larger dust port does not obstruct as effectively and tends to maintain a strategic distance from debris problems.

Security features

One thing you needs when choosing/working with a cabinet table saw is safety. It needs to have a button that you can hit for an emergency stop, which can turn it off if something went wrong. Avoiding bounces is an absolute necessity to protect your hands from accidental shocks, and a rescue knife is a safety feature to keep in mind.


Choosing the best table saw that meets your needs will depend on how you utilize the saw and what you can buy with your budget. Many excellent table saws have the incentive and quality to work well in commercial environments. If you have to buy the best, it is good to pay attention to the previous guide.

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