Top 10 Best Bike Locks in 2019

If you are a regular biker, you need a quality Bike Locks to protect your bike when you are not around. It does not matter whether your bike is new or old, there is always a chance of theft when you leave it unattended to do your work. It is generally said that you should invest 10 percent of your bike’s value in its security. In other words, you should buy a quality bike lock instead of cheap ones which are easy to crack and provide no value for your money.

When it comes to bike locks, there are various types of bike locks available on the market. Some of them are U-locks, D-locks, chain locks, folding locks, cable locks, and modern locks. U-locks are the most popular for their reliability and affordability. There are various factors to consider before buying a bike lock such as the weight of the lock, the brand of the lock and how difficult it is to break the lock. If you are no expert and looking for a recommendation, check out the following top 10 best bike locks in 2019. All the following locks are handpicked and have the best user reviews and ratings, and hence, you can buy any of them for your bike’s protection.

10UShake Bike Lock Cable

UShake Bike Lock Cable
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It is a keyless convenient bike lock with 4-digit locking combinations. Bike Locks comes with a free mounting bracket, and the locking combination is easily resettable for the user only. It is a multipurpose lock which is suitable for your bicycle, gates, grills, boxes, and ladders. Bike Lock is made up of flexible steel and PVC coating. It is durable, flexible, scratch-proof and cut-proof. The dimension of the lock is 4 feet x 0.5 inch. It is one of the most affordable locks available in the market at present. The price of the product may make you a little skeptical, but if you have a low budget, you can go for it and get surprised with its long-lasting, strong performance. As it is a very long lock cable, it can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

9Amazer Self Coiling Bike Cable Lock

Amazer Self Coiling Bike Cable Lock
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It is a unique self-coiling bike lock from the popular brand Amazer known for producing budget locks. Amazer has multiple locks available in the market all of which are selling equally good. Different locks cater to different requirements. This one is a 4 feet x 0.5-inch bike lock with standard 4-digit locking mechanism. One complimentary mounting bracket is available with it. It is easy to reset with the personalized combination. It is also made up of flexible steel cable with PVC coating that you will find in any standard bike lock at present. Yet, the price is the product is extremely cheap which attracts a lot of customers. In spite of the low price, the product is highly durable and delivers strong performance without any complaints. It is highly durable and quite sturdy. You can comfortably place your bike or other lockable items in outdoor.

8Amazer Heavy Duty Combination Bike U Lock

Amazer Heavy Duty Combination Bike U Lock
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It is a zinc alloy based lock with thick PVC coating. The total thickness of the lock is 16 mm, and it can easily resist cuts and scratches. The lock is built to prevent leverage attacks as well. The design is such that it will not scratch the body of the bike. It has keyless convenience and 4-digit combination. Thieves cannot use the universal key to unlock it.

The lock is also covered with a dust cover, and it makes it durable. It is a heavy duty lock and therefore, it is slightly bulky. The material is of high-quality, and there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. It is one of the highly-rated bike locks on Amazon, and almost all users recommend it and left extremely positive reviews months and years after using it. It is highly convenient to carry due to its relatively small size.

7Bell CATALYST Pocket U-Lock

Bell CATALYST Pocket U-Lock
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This is a pocket u-lock for bikes and bicycles. There are various variants of the same is available, and you can choose according to your requirements. It is made up of hardened steel and has shackle and cross bar. There is a dual bolt locking system, and two keys are provided in the package. It is mainly used to lock the wheel such as the front or back wheel with the support beam of your bike. It is a simple lock but comes handy. The lock has a matte finish, and the company has $500 guarantee if anyone can break it by force. On the contrary side, some users can find it a little bulky and heavy.

You can almost lock anything and the quality of the product is great, and the build quality is strong. There is also a key replacement program in case you lose both the keys. According to Independent lab report, it scores 4 out of 5 for its security. It is needless to say that it is easy to carry and available at a very affordable rate.

6Lumintrail Heavy-Duty Security Cable

Lumintrail Heavy-Duty Security Cable
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This is a typical heavy-duty security cable with sealed lopped ends. It comes with various lengths, and you should order according to your requirement. The prices also vary accordingly. The lock has braided steel design, and it is strong and flexible. You can use different types of locks like disc locks, padlocks or U-locks with it. The size of the lock can vary with any trouble. It is ideal for two-three wheeler vehicles as well as for fences, lawnmowers, ladders, electric appliances and likewise. It is weather resistant and has a vinyl covering protective layer. The ends of the loop are tightly sealed with steel collars. Even though it is a rather old-style lock, there is a huge demand for it and the users who bought it have left positive reviews and ratings.

5Master Self Coiling Cable Lock

Master Self Coiling Cable Lock
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It is one of the longest standard bike lock available with awesome technical specifications. The length makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It comes with an adjustable cable lock that fits well with every equipment that is lockable with cable lock system. If you are wondering if the lock will be too loose, you need to know that it has an adjustable locking system that can hold the cable tight in the range of 6 inches to 6 feet.

The vinyl coating on the cable makes it dust, water, and scratchproof. The lock is also rustproof, and the braided steel makes it extremely strong and flexible at the same time. The length of the cable is 4 feet yet it super convenient to coil up and carry. It also has 4-digit key combination and available in three different colors. It is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a versatile lock that you can use on multiple items as per your requirement.

4Kryptonite Heavy Duty Bike Lock

Kryptonite Heavy Duty Bike Lock
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Kryptonite is one of the most popular brands in bike lock category especially u-lock. This is the best product they have on heavy-duty bike u-lock. It has 16mm super hardened steel shackle, and it is so strong that thieves cannot cut it with bolt cutters and other leverages. As a matter of fact, it has high-performance patented steel sleeve for double security. It comes with double deadlock system for better holding power. The lock has a disc-style cylinder for better security and withstands leverage attacks. On the top, there is a vinyl coating to prevent scratch and make the lock waterproof.

It has a very long life, and it is highly durable under extreme low to high temperature. The dimension of the product is 10.2 x 20.3 cm. You will get three stainless steel keys, and one of them has high intensity LED bulb so that you can use it at night in the dark. If you prefer buying branded products, this is the best choice for you.

3SIGTUNA Bike Lock

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It is a heavy duty bike U-lock and one of the bestselling best bike locks in 2019. Bike Lock is a 16mm lock, and it comes with a 1200mm length flexible cable that will help to protect and secure not only your bike but a lot of different items as well. It is a certified lock, and U-lock shackle is of standard measurement 16 mm. There is a mounting bracket along with keyhole cover, and it is made up of strong steel to withstand deep cut with sharp objects. It has the unique double bolt mechanism, and it is secured from both sides.

The Flex steel cable provides an added layer of security. It is quite sturdy and highly durable in all the different extreme weather conditions. It is an ideal choice for bicycles and other such lockable items as there is no question of pulling or prying. The unique feature is that the company has a dedicated customer support team to help you get an answer to your question in case you are facing any problem. The lock competes with the best brands of locks available in the market and even after strong sales figure, the average rating is overwhelming, and the reviews are extremely positive.

2Sportneer Bicycle Chain Lock

Sportneer Bicycle Chain Lock
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It is an advanced 5-digit combination bicycle chain lock, and hence, there are 1,00,000 combinations of code possible. This makes the lock an automatic favorite as it is next to impossible to crack. Users always prefer keyless such locks for their bikes and this one of very convenient to carry. The lock is made up of very thick manganese steel which is cut, scratch and weather resistant. Over steel, there is another zinc coating for protection, and the steel thickness is 0.27 inch. The total length of the lock is 3.2 feet, and it is suitable for bikes, bicycles, ladders, gates, grills, equipment and other ideal items.

In addition to manganese steel and zinc coating, it has a cloth sleeve over it which prevents it from scratches, sharp objects, and dust. Therefore, it is a highly durable and secure product, and it weighs only 1.6 pounds. It is also easy to reset with a personalized combination, and it is available at affordable price. It will provide the highest level of protection in comparison to other locks on the list.

1RORIO Bike Cable Lock

RORIO Bike Cable Lock
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This is a 4-digit combination mechanism based bike cable lock. The 4-digit combination makes the lock the most secure lock on the list. It is very easy to use because of this keyless mechanism. The lock has self-coiling cable of the dimension of 2 feet by ½ inch. The cable is made up of braided steel which makes extremely hard to cut with sharp cutting objects. At the same time, it is highly durable and weather resistant. The lock is a multipurpose lock which means you can use the same lock for your bike, bicycle, gates, doors, toolbox, electrical equipment like lawnmowers and even grills and other lockable devices.

For the convenience of the users, the lock is resettable one, and you can set 10000 different combinations. There is a certain procedure to follow in order to reset it so that no one else can do it. It is a highly flexible steel cable and has PVC coating which will also prevent scratching. It can withstand high temperature as well as extremely low temperature with any distortion. If you are looking forward to buying the best bike lock available and get full worth for your money spent, this is the perfect one to go for.

These are the top 10 best Bike Locks in 2019, and you can choose any of them as per your requirement to get value for the money spent. All the different types of locks from popular u-locks and keyless convenient locks to sealed looped ends are available to satisfy the requirements of different users. Before you make an order, make sure you are buying the right size of the lock for perfect usage.


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