Top 10 Best Benchtop Router Tables of 2019 Reviews

For a high quality wood craft, a quality benchtop router table is all you need. A benchtop router table is one of the most important woodworking tools which most wood workshops are centered. Making an informed decision in its purchase can be costly, not only based on finance but also in productivity. With that in mind, the following are the top ten best benchtop router tables of 2019 reviews and the buyer’s guide.

Table of the Best Benchtop Router Tables:

1. Bosch benchtop router table RA1181

Bosch benchtop router table RA1181
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This benchtop table provides a large surface area for routing and woodworking. Its design is meant to fit a variety of routers. Bosch RA1181 is versatile piece of equipment which serve as a crucial part of any given woodworking benchtop. It has a 2-1/2 inch dust collection port which gives one of the best dust collection options for a cleaner working environment. The table is also made of a large aluminum top which makes it portable and durable. It also has an aluminum router mounting plate, two outfeed shims, a tall aluminum fence which has an adjustable MDF face plates and a mounting hardware. In addition, the table has a guard for the router curved workpieces, starter pin and a built-in cord wrap which are convenient for portability and storage.

2. Bosch cabinet style router table RA1171

Bosch cabinet style router table RA1171
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This is the best solution for any woodworker looking for a quality benchtop router table for a workshop. The router table is has a dual outlet switch, precise support material as well as providing a cabinet-style functionality. The table provides a good work surface for routing and woodworking. It offers a better noise reduction as well as dust collection. This table is designed to best fit in any workbench and is a multipurpose piece of equipment which serve as an essential part of any woodworking workshop. For precision, the table is has features such as a rigid aluminum mounting plate which is precise for accuracy and stays flat. For added adaptability this router table is pre-drilled to fit a huge variety of routers. In addition, this router table has two featherboards which are easy to use while attached on it and its fence which provide protection against kickbacks as well as providing additional guidance.

3. Skil RAS900 router table

Skil RAS900 router table
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This router table come with a laminated MDF, pre-assembled and with an integrated accessory bag. This self-contained structure offer storage for parts such as the router bits and the fence. It also has bit inserts, miter gauge, featherboard and the guard alongside a tall fence with dual featherboards, adjustable laminated MDF faces, a guard and the starter pin which offer support during the routing of a curved workpiece. The bit height guard is essential for the cutting precision as well as easier bit setup. This router table as well has an additional accessory storage compartments. Its quick-release router mount detaches and attaches in seconds. The convenience and the stability of this table makes it great for a do it yourself project.

4. PRS2100 router table

PRS2100 router table
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This router table offers features which makes it the perfect routing solution, whether for a job site or for use in a shop. This router table features the Kreg’s new level loc reducing rings. It measures 9-1/4 by 11-3/4 by 3/8 which makes it fit for supporting even the big routers. This router table is availed with a set of precision insert levels and its plate has laser engraved marks on the underside which makes it easy for the mounting of any router. The router table also has an upgraded industrial quality fence. This fence works as a vertical jointer, has an adjustable sliding faces and is anodized with aluminum. The table has been fit with a thick rubber feet which helps dampen vibration hence reducing the router noise.

5. Contractor benchtop router table

Contractor benchtop router table
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This ample router table measures 16*22 inch with a plastic laminate top. It has a high adaptability due to its clear acrylic insert hence can accept most routers. It has extruded aluminum fence which has T-slots. This table has a limited warrant of two years and is availed with assembly and the necessary hardware instructions. The router table is durable, provides stability and versatility, and is easy to move around the workshop.

6. Kreg PRS1045 precision router table system

Kreg PRS1045 precision router table system
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This router table has a combination of incredible adjustability with unmatched versatility. The table is easy to set up and can just take your wood works to higher levels. This system offers a durable, large table worktop, a durable steel stand and a T-square style fence which work together for creation of a router table which best suits your workshop as well as meeting all your routing needs. The router system table is availed with a factory warranty. It also has a customized, heavy duty, adjustable steel band.

7. Kreg PRS1045 router table

Kreg PRS1045 router table
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This router table is well-suited with the Kreg precision table 36, It has anodized aluminum with a laminate surface and a T-square style saw carriage for a multipurpose shop. The router table has self-squaring, multi-purpose fence. It has a customizable, heavy-duty and easily adjustable steel stand. Its top gives a high performance with a precision insert plate system. This table is availed with a factory warranty.

8. 40-102 promax router table

40-102 promax router table
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This router table best fits any contractor as well as the tilt cabinet table saws which measure 1-1/2 inch thick by 27 inch deep. The table includes hangs on the provided j-hooks as well as a profence which quickly mounts while you use a table saw. This table best fits the small workshops. It is availed with a mounting hardware, fence and a router top. Its proplate is sold separately. The router table has a limited lifetime warranty.

9. 13/4HP benchtop router table

13/4HP benchtop router table
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This router table is sold at a great price. It is durable as well as versatile in the woodworking shops. It is one of the great benchtop router tables.

10. Bosch benchtop router table

Bosch benchtop router table
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This benchtop router table can attach to any workbench. It has a dust collection port, 2 adjustable featherboards, 6 feet power cord and a dual outlet switch. Its fence is made of aluminum with MDF face plate and a mounting plate. The table best works with the following products; 1619EVS, MRP23EVS, 1618EVS, 171EVSPK, 1617EVSTB, 1617, VAC006, VAC021 and MRF23EVS. The router table helps in an easy conversion of a circle guide for making circles and arcs up to a diameter of 32”.

Factors to consider while purchasing a benchtop table

Flat and strong plate

The flat and strong plate is vital since it supports the route’s weight while maintaining it flat. The plate should as well be compatible to the router and firm as well as being flexible.

Miter and t slots

This helps in coming up with nice edges or accurate cuts. The slots are usually set on the face of the fence as well as other necessary places. Choosing a benchtop router table with a good miter and t slot will help you produce quality wood crafts.


A benchtop router table one of the big helps if correctly purchased. Read the above reviews as well as the buying guides of the top ten best router tables of 2108 and choose one which best suits your work. This will greatly help in the improvement of your work quality hence putting a smile on your face.

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