10 Best Bed Transfer Boards in 2019 Reviews

We spent a lot of time on research and editing to review the best products of this wiki. For hospital, nursing home, or personal house use, these move boards make it a whole lot simpler to transfer somebody from a bed or chair into your wheelchair and vice versa. They empower caregivers and individuals to overcome tricky maneuvers, such as putting someone to the shower, without the chance of damaging their individual. Just make sure you follow all directions, as improper usage may result in harm.

Who Needs A Transfer Board

Transfer boards are among the safest and most convenient approaches to transfer patients. They are generally manufactured from timber or some form of rigid plastic and also utilized to bridge two different surfaces of approximately equal elevation. The most important advantage of a transfer board is they permit a patient to maneuver themselves or be transferred, without needing to utilize their legs. They also split up the transfer into several tiny movements rather than just one large, jarring movement.

Transfer boards are essential in assisted and independent transfers. An unaffiliated move is as soon as the patient performs every one the activities involved with the move. Including setting the board up, lifting themselves from their present surface they’re lying or sitting, and slipping themselves throughout the board. In aided transfers, the aide may execute a few of the activities and the individual will execute others. By way of instance, the aide can prepare the plank, however, the individual does the job of slipping themselves. Another example is if the patient and the individual work together to slip the individual throughout the board, thus making it a lot easier for the aide and make the patient feel beneficial.

The top candidates for transfer boards are people who have great Upper body power, but with trouble standing, like paraplegics or hemiplegics. Paraplegics are usually effective at finishing entirely individual transfers, whereas hemiplegics will normally require an assisted move. Patients who have had a knee replacement, knee operation, or who’ve been at a cast for a broken leg will also be great candidates for transfer board usage. Any individual that’s combative, can’t sit or suffers from any sort of nausea or disorientation isn’t a candidate for board transfers.

Benefits of a Transfer Board for Caregivers and Patients

Transfer boards aren’t just beneficial for the individual, but additionally for the health care provider. Physical harm of health professionals while turning, moving, of raising a patient is in fact rather frequent. Studies have discovered that almost 52% of caregivers have undergone some kind of musculoskeletal trauma when transferring a patient, generally affecting the spine. This is due to the fact that the twist stipulates the vast majority of the aid for the body and can be among the most exposed regions to harm due to repetitive lifting of heavy items. Along with reducing the prospect of patient harm, a move board could offer a feeling of freedom.

A current poll of 46 non-professional caregivers confessed to Physicians in West Yorkshire, England to get care-related accidents discovered that 36 of they had hurt themselves while raising their loved ones. The analysis found that toileting was among the most troublesome tasks, probably because it entails a series of awkward and lifts moves on either the physician’s an individual’s role. The timing is frequently inconsistent, also, so there’s rarely a possibility that the caregiver can request extra assistance.

Table of the Best Bed Transfer Boards:

Preview Product Price
TOMI Turn, Patient Turning Device, (4-in-1) for bedridden Loved Ones, Turn, Position, Slide & Transfer, Built-in Bed Pad, Safety, Protection & Comfort, for Care Givers, Family, Bed Bound Patients …
ZHEEYI Positioning Bed Pad with Handles, Patient Sheet for Lifting, Transfers, Turning, and Repositioning in Beds – Reusable, Washable, Black (48” x 40”)
$42.98$68.96 (38% off)
Skil-Care TLC Positioning Pad (48
Positioning Bed Pad with Handles, Incontinence Mattress Bedding Protector Liner Underpad with Straps for Easy Lift Transfer – Reusable, Washable, Waterproof Hospital Quality Medical Supply (34
DMI Incontinence Pad, Reusable Slide Sheet, Quilted Bed Easy Transfer Sheet, 4 Ply, 36 x 40 Inches, Green
BodyHealt Positioning Under Pad - Hidden Handles - 34
Reusable Flat Slide Sheet with Handles for Patient Transfers, Turning, and Repositioning In Beds, Hospitals and Home Care, Sliding Draw Sheets to Assist Moving Elderly and Disabled 3pk (78
Multipurpose 43” x 36” Positioning Bed Pad with Reinforced Handles by ZHEEYI - Reusable & Washable Patient Sheet for Turning, Lifting & Repositioning - Double-Sided Nylon Fabric, Black
$38.98$60.96 (36% off)
Transfer Lift & Turner Pad 600 Pound Capacity - 12 Handles
34 x 36 - Premium Incontinence Washable Underpad with Handles / Reusable Bed Pad Mattress Protector with Straps - Blue Backing with White Top

1. TOMI Turn, Patient Turning Device

TOMI Turn, Patient Turning Device
Buy now from Amazon → The TOMI-Med Bariatric is made from a stylish yellow pine that’s durable and mixes well into almost any space without drawing too much attention. Its nonslip grip pads at the floor that allow it to remain firmly in position during usage.

2. ZHEEYI Positioning Bed Pad with Handles

ZHEEYI Positioning Bed Pad with Handles
Buy now from Amazon → If you do not mind the learning curve, then the Beasty Board first is an innovative means to move someone from a bed into a wheelchair. It sports a sliding seat layout which is less labor intensive to the caregiver compared to other possibilities, providing smoother motion entirely.

3. Skil-Care TLC Positioning Pad

Skil-Care TLC Positioning Pad
Buy now from Amazon → You can avoid getting stuck using all the Composite Medical Distributors UltraSlick, that has a sleek, glossy surface which shouldn’t ever have to get repainted or waxed. And because it is available in four dimensions, it works for nearly everybody.

4. Positioning Bed Pad with Handles,

Positioning Bed Pad with Handles,
Buy now from Amazon → Sides of the shirt for much more handling choices, in addition to a high quality protective end. The traction cutouts include an ergonomic curved layout, instead of the right ones found on most other versions.

5. DMI Incontinence Pad, Reusable Slide Sheet

DMI Incontinence Pad, Reusable Slide Sheet
Buy now from Amazon → The Drive Medical RTL6046 has been made from a non-absorbent Plastic, which makes it a powerful alternative for toilet use as it could be wiped clean as frequently as required. Additionally, it will not clog up germs or develop mold, therefore it’s a really sanitary choice.

6. BodyHealt Positioning Under Pad

BodyHealt Positioning Under Pad
Buy now from Amazon → Transfer points and provide the individual being changed full-body support. Additionally, it includes 12 incorporated handles so that it could be grabbed from many angles when multiple men and women are doing the move.

7. Reusable Flat Slide Sheet with Handles for Patient Transfers

Reusable Flat Slide Sheet with Handles for Patient Transfers
Buy now from Amazon → The Reusable DMI Southern Pine includes a narrow profile, therefore that it could slip right beneath a mattress or at the backseat if not being used. It is a fantastic version for catchy maneuvers, however, sad to say, the corners are not rounded and may be eloquent, so maintenance is necessary.

8. Multipurpose 43” x 36” Positioning Bed Pad

Multipurpose 43” x 36” Positioning Bed Pad
Buy now from Amazon → The Freedom Transfer Systems Double-Notched includes inlets from the timber which may be utilized to catch wheelchair handles or tub rails for extra security, which makes the procedure a lot more manageable. It works nicely for both the left- and – right-side moves.

9. Transfer Lift & Turner Pad 600 Pound Capacity

Transfer Lift & Turner Pad 600 Pound Capacity
Buy now from Amazon → The Beasy comes at a bright orange color that will help it stand out among other planks at a living home. It boasts antifungal properties which make it sanitary, a breeze to wash, also stain-resistant.

10. 34 x 36 – Premium Incontinence Washable Underpad with Handles

34 x 36 - Premium Incontinence Washable Underpad with Handles
Buy now from Amazon → The Drive Medical RTL7047 consists of Baltic birch and Includes a 600-pound capability, therefore if the caregivers are powerful enough to get the place shift, this board is also. It’s a small bevel on the two ends which aids individuals to slip off and on.


You should only use a transfer board for transfers involving two surfaces of approximately equal elevation. If there’s more than the usual half-inch height Discrepancy between the 2 surfaces, doing a move is significantly harder and there’s an elevated probability of harm. Should you discover that your Wheelchair along with your mattress, sofa, or another surface which you’d love to Perform separate transfers to are greater than the usual half-inch apart from height, Install risers in your own furniture to make them flat. Both surfaces should also be relatively near one another. A transfer board should consistently considerably overlap the borders of the surfaces. Never attempt to execute a move over a Length that’s too big for your transfer board you possess.

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