Top 10 Best Arch Punches in 2019 Reviews

Both make you feel like you are on a ranch in the old west where leather reigned. Leather also can make you feel good when you wear it. That is why you need one of the top 10 best arch punches in 2019.

These punches can help you repair your old leather and make it look new again. Or you can use it to create a leather hobby. How do you find one of the top 10 best arch punches in 2019? Simply continue to read this review. Our review is designed to provide you with the necessary information to find one of the best of the best.

Then our buyer’s guide provides you with some helpful tips for when you go shopping. Finding a top 10 best arch punches in 2019 will not be too difficult.

Table of the Best Arch Punches Reviews:


1. ProMaster Best Leather Hole Punch Set

ProMaster Best Leather Hole Punch Set
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This arch punch gives you 6 different sized punch holes to select from. You can choose between 2mm up to 4.5mm in size. After your selection, all you have to do is align the belt or leather material with the punch and then squeeze.

The ergonomically designed plastic or rubber handles are easy to grip and use. Along with the arch punch, you get numerous eyelets ranging in size from 1.5mm to 5mm. Plus, its versatility means it will not waste away in your toolbox. It will work on plastic, cardboard and other materials as well.

A 90-day money back and 3-year replacement warranty cover defects etc.

2. E2BUY Leather Hole Punch

E2BUY Leather Hole Punch
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Its double levered system makes punching holes in leather a snap. This lever action works with the ergonomically designed cushioned handles to protect your hands. Then the punch is made of plated steel for efficient and long-lasting work.

The whole punch is sprayed with lacquer to prevent rust. You get the punch, a screwdriver, extra plates and a transparent ruler for measuring. The 6 punches range between 2mm and 4.5mm.
A metal band locks the handles together when not in use. A 30-day money back and 12-month replacement warranty protect your investment. Also, it will work on other materials as well.

3. Adorox Heavy Duty Leather Belt Hand Hole Puncher

Adorox Heavy Duty Leather Belt Hand Hole Puncher
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This is a basic arch punch for those who like simplicity in their lives. The coated handles help protect the hands as you work. It is not difficult to use or hard to squeeze the handles together.
Its 6 punches range between 2mm and 4.5mm which gives you enough options for any leatherwork you do. Plus, this punch will work on other materials as well.  You can save time and be creative all at once.

Its heavy-duty construction is durable and designed to last you a long time. This punch is good for those starting out in leather punching.

4. Oregon Lamination Premium Deluxe Corner Punch

Oregon Lamination Premium Deluxe Corner Punch
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This punch only comes with one size hole maker. Its blade makes 2mm holes only. But you can punch up to 75ml of material or PVC cards. The extra wide steel guides work with you to help you place your material properly.

The punch is designed to make corner holes in paper materials. This allows you to string them or hook them together with ease. It is a heavy-duty hole punch and is not weak or fragile. It is durable, strong and long lasting.

The punch will also cut plastic and laminated materials with ease. Just do not make them too thick.

5. General Tools Arch Punch

General Tools Arch Punch
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This is the punch to go to when you need a large hole. It will cut out a 1-inch hole with ease. Made from heat treated forged steel, this punch is designed to take a beating while lasting you a long time. The tapered interior helps you fit different shaped materials.

Whether you are working on rubber, leather, canvas or other materials, the cutting edge is made to work for a long time. Measuring 5.8 x 2.9 x 2.2 inches you have plenty of room to hold the punch as you strike it.

Its versatility will make this a vital tool in your handyman arsenal.

6. C.S. Osborne Arch Punches

C.S. Osborne Arch Punches
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Made from carbon steel, you know this 9/16” hole punch will last a long time. Its arched interior allows you to maneuver the punch over different shaped materials. Measuring 3 x 7 x 3 inches, your hand will be safe as you strike the top of the punch.

You will need to contact the manufacturer for any warranty details. Plus, its silver color and construction mean it is serious about its business. A quality arch punch that will get you the hole you need to work with.

Having one of these in your tool box provides you with a tool that will let you work efficiently and quickly.

7. C.S.Osborne Arch Punch

C.S.Osborne Arch Punch
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This ½” arch punch is made from dropped forged carbon steel. You know it will be tough enough for any job you throw its way. It is also made from one piece for additional durability and strength.
The polished barrel and black handle punch have a tapered finish to help maneuver it through your material. The extra sharp tempered cutting edge will make any hole punching job simple and easy.

Measuring 8 x 6 x 3 inches, you won’t strike your hand as you hit this punch. Check with the company for any warranty details.

8. Oregon Lamination Corner Rounder Punch Cutter

Oregon Lamination Corner Rounder Punch Cutter
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This single hole corner punch will make a 10mm or 3/8” hole. It is designed to work with plastic, and laminated materials, but it can still cut paper. Just do not make the material thickness more than PVC 75ml.

The steel cutting edge works with the steel guides to give you perfect holes in the right location. Its flat bottom design means there are no ridges to interfere with its stability. This hand held arch punch is heavy duty and should last you a long time under normal use.

With its coated handles, the punch is not hard on the hands. It weighs just under 14 ounces and measures 9.6 x 3.3 x 3.2 inches.

9. Stubai 11mm Wad Punch

Stubai 11mm Wad Punch
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The lacquered handle helps protect your hand as well as the steel punch. It has a tapered interior to help you maneuver the punch when you slice through your materials. Plus, it will make an 11mm hole.

The polished steel head is metric only and carries a very sharp cutting edge. Measuring 10.6 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches, you get lots of space to place your hand. You should not strike your when you are holding this punch.

Its conical shaped cutting head should be easy to remove from any material you are placing a hole.

10. Meith American Made Round Corner Punch

Meith American Made Round Corner Punch
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The spring in the handle lets this punch snap back to the ready position with speed and ease. In no time you will be ready to make another punch. Its few moving parts mean fewer parts to break or wear out.

The 5.6 x 2.3 x 2.3-inch punch makes corner holes at 3/8” in size. Plus, it is made of welded steel for strength and durability. The metal guides help you position your material in the correct place.

Then best of all, for most people, it is American made. Nothing in this product is imported. It will cut plastic and paper but not sheet metal.

Our Buyer’s Guide

Different punches for different tasks. That is why you need some helpful tips to find one of the top 10 best arch punches in 2019. Here are some of those tips:

  • Purpose– what do you need it for? Will you use it for leather, canvas, metal, paper, plastic or…?
  • Size– is it large enough to handle the job while protecting your hands?
  • Materials- what materials can the unit be used on?
  • Construction– what is the punch made of? Is it strong enough to handle all your arch punch needs?
  • Versatility– how many holes will it punch? Does it have 1 or 6 punch blades?
  • Warranty– you need to know what kind of protection you have and for how long you have it. Remember, warranties usually only protect products under normal use.
  • Price- will it fit in with your budget?

Some Final Words

Whatever you are working on there is an arch punch made for your hole punching needs. Using one of the top 10 best arch punches in 2019 is the way to get holes punched in materials.

When you are doing leather hobbies or repair, it pays to have the best tools working with you.

They will make your hobby more fun and more efficient. One of the top 10 best arch punches in 2019 is a vital hobby tool.

You now have the information you need. The choice is up to you. Upgrade to the best and have an easier work load.

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