Top 10 Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors in 2019

Apple Watch is a gadget every apple lover would like to have. Buying an apple watch is easy, but the real deal is getting a screen protector that keeps your gadget safe from all the damages. There are many companies flaunting their sturdy and attractive screen protectors. It’s important to distinguish the awesome product from the awful one. Below is the list of top 10 best apple watch screen protectors in These products are evaluated on the basis of their specifications, customer ratings and their value for money.

List of Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors in 2019:

10. ALLCACA Hard Screen Protector

ALLCACA Hard Screen Protector
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This is a high quality PC hard screen protector case is a perfect complement for your Apple watch. As it gives the all round protection to the iWatch and fits well to the overall body. The case is shock-proof, dust-proof and shatter resistance. Made of a very light weight material the case fits well on the 38mm series 2 Apple Watch. The price of the product is economical when taken into consideration its benefit to cover the screen and protect the watch as well.

9. Peyou Apple Watch case cum screen Protector

Peyou Apple Watch case cum screen Protector
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This screen and case protector comes in 5 variant which lets you flaunt a new color every day. The cases can be changed by de-attaching the TPU band from the case. The screen protector is sensitive to access the control and other touch screen options. It has a hassle free lifetime replacement warranty and fits on all versions of a 38 mm Apple watch. The pack contains a case with screen protector, a TPU strap hence your iWatch becomes an armor for
your watch and screen.

8. ECO-FUSED Case Cover Screen Protector

ECO-FUSED Case Cover Screen Protector
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This is a case and screen protector duo fulfils the purpose of case with its flexible cover and also works best on screen by giving ultimate touch. The flexible cover is easy to install and protects the whole upper body of the iWatch. Best for 38 mm Apple watch this case cum screen protector is scratch proof. The iWatch can be charged and other functions can be operated without removing the case. The manufacturer has provided 2 hard and 2 soft covers
for better choice.

7. RinoGear shield skin protector

RinoGear shield skin protector
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This screen protector boasts of its military grade material because of its tough thermoplastic urethane material your watch becomes scratch proof and puncture proof. Made up of flexible high grade material allows you to feel the best touch sensitivity. A pack of 6 screen protectors the kit has a 100% money back guarantee. But in some cases the applying the skin is a tedious task.

6. Onexix iWatch Screen Protector

Onexix iWatch Screen Protector
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This screen protector not only covers the flat surface of the screen, but also the edges too. The pack contains 3 screen protectors that are soft, thin and amazingly clear. The material used does not change to yellow color when rigorously used. Even when the screen protector is removed is does not leave any marks or dirt on the screen. This screen protector is oil, dust, fingerprint smudges and dirt resistant. This product is best for 42mm iWatch (Series 1/
Series 2).

5. SFMN Apple Watch Case

SFMN Apple Watch Case
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This is a case cum screen protector from SFMN. The kit comes with a pack of 2 PC hard cases in clear and grey color for the 38mm Apple watch. The case is made of durable material which sustains dust. All functions can be operated without removing the case. It fits easily to the Apple watch and you’ll not need to put a bumper cover also. So it does both the things protecting your screen and acts as a guard in case of a drop. Putting it on the watch lets you to keep the original color of the watch. The price is affordable when it comes with a 3 months warranty is applied in the SFMN shop.

4. YiYiYi Screen Protector

YiYiYi Screen Protector
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This tempered glass screen protector is made with a 9H+ hardness, slightly less hard than a diamond which makes it scratch proof. Its strong adhesion especially at the edges enables it to last long and stay strong. Due to the round edges of the apple watch this protector covers the flat area of the screen and fits best on a 42 mm Apple Watch. The screen is ultra thin for one of the best touch experience. It is easy to install, bubble free and has HD clarity. This
robust product protects the screen in case of a fall this product is widely appreciated by Apple Watch users.

3. Cabras Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Cabras Tempered Glass Screen Protector
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An easy to install tempered glass screen protector Cabras offers a shatter proof glass. 99.99% supreme HD clarity offers gives you an undefiled experience of the apple watch. The Premium grade shock proof material is anti-smudge, anti-dust. This value for money product comes with an Oleophobic coating which means it protects the watch from oil. The high- responsive HD touch screen maintains the original touch experience of the watch. With a 9H hardness the tempered glass is resistant to keys and other sharp objects.

2. Momoplas Glass Pro+

Momoplas Glass Pro+
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Ant-Scratch and Anti-smudge momoplas glass pro+ is an incredible screen protector for your apple watch. Specially designed using precise laser cutting technology this gives optimum screen coverage for your watch. The Ultra high light transmittance protector retains the original clarity of the Apple watch. Tempered glass protects the screen against sharp objects, fingernails, dust and smudges. The film is firm yet very sensitive gives you a “True Touch” feel. It comes with a 100% Risk-Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty from the Manufacturer which in itself confirms its high quality build. The momoplas glass pro+ is made up of military grade thermoplastic urethane designed to withstand UV light. The package consists of 2 screen protectors, 2 dry microfiber cloth, 2 wet microfiber cloth and 2
clean cloth.

1. Maxma Premium Tempered Glass

Maxma Premium Tempered Glass
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This is one of the most authentic screen protectors with a width of 0.3 mm and deserves the #1 place on our list. It comes with a pack of 2 screen protector films, 1 dust absorber, 1 cleaning wipe. The hd clarity of this screen protector give you the best of the display quality. Perfectly designed for 38 mm Apple watch, this guards your screen against dust, scratches and other elements with 9H hardness. It is easy to install and fits the whole screen perfectly. The most astonishing feature of this protector is the oleophobic coating and it is fully bubble free. Affordable and sturdy this screen protector gives you HD clarity with ultimate responsiveness.