Best Antiperspirant for Men in 2019 Reviews

If there would be a list of the must-have accessories for men, then an antiperspirant spray would rank among the top 10 in that list. For the most, our body odor reflects a lot about our personality. If you are sweating frequently this could cause an adverse effect on you and on others too. Frequent sweat pulls down your confidence, a bad smell is not just irritating but it could be annoying. You might see a lot of sweat marks on your clothes.

This creates a negative impact on others affecting many areas of your life. T0 tackle this problem you need one of the best antiperspirant for men in 2019 reviews and buying guide. At the end, you can find hands-on actionable advice that will help you to choose the best antiperspirant for you.

Table of the Best Antiperspirant for Men:

1Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Up-to 7 Day Protection Per Use

Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Up-to 7 Day Protection Per Use
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Restore your confidence, reduce the embarrassment with this premium antiperspirant. Its effective formula gives you protection for up to 7 days. Just apply this antiperspirant at your bedtime, let it dry and it will start working on your sweat when you are still sleeping. Having a 15% content of aluminium chloride, an effective ingredient to fight excess of sweat you can be sure that this will work for you. This antiperspirant is effective and safe to treat hyperhidrosis restoring your confidence and eliminating any traces of sweat marks. With this antiperspirant, you can be sure of no pit stains or unpleasant smell. You can find the ultimate pleasure of freshness after each application. The Zero Sweat antiperspirant is backed with an FDA compliant formula and the bottle is very small and compact.

2 Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant, Roll-On, Pack of 2, 1.2oz

 Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant, Roll-On, Pack of 2, 1.2oz
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This antiperspirant is one of the most effective ones in our range. Having a 12% content of aluminium chloride you can be sure that this roll-on works most effectively and provides you comfort from sweat. Only a few strokes under arms at night will give you an exquisite feeling for the next day. The chemicals do not wash off if you bath and retain its strength. Get rid of the itchy stains in the armpits with the advanced technology of this antiperspirant. To protect your sensitive skin from any harms this antiperspirant is made as water-based instead of alcohol-based. This pack of 2 is best for long time use and moves you with confidence throughout the day.

3Gillette Cool Wave Clear Gel Men’s Antiperspirant and Deodorant 3.8 oz, Pack of 2

Gillette Cool Wave Clear Gel Men’s Antiperspirant and Deodorant 3.8 oz, Pack of 2
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The Gillette Cool Wave offers precision engineered sweat protection that gives your protection from the annoying sweat for almost 48 hours. Not just that, it keeps you fresh all day long giving you an invisible protection from bacteria causing excessive sweating. Wetness around the armpit can make you feel uncomfortable and it stains your clothing as well. This antiperspirant not only locks the excessive scent from your body, but it’s pleasant scent boots up your confidence for the day. Having 16% of aluminium zirconium octachlorohydrex makes this antiperspirant one of the best in our range. The attractive pack consists of 2 bottles of cool wave antiperspirant.

4 SweatBlock Antiperspirant – Clinical Strenght

 SweatBlock Antiperspirant – Clinical Strenght
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To reduce the social embarrassment and anxiety caused due to sweating you need a proven antiperspirant that works best. Sweat Block contains the 14% of active ingredient Aluminum Chloride that is more effective than the antiperspirant you find locally. People with excessive sweating can start feeling the difference from the first day of application. You just need to dab that small paper under your arms at night. So the product starts working when you are in your bed. It can show its effectiveness for up to 7 days so you can treat hyperhidrosis and excess sweating in a safe and hygienic way. The manufacturer provides a money back guarantee with this product. So you can trust the quality. Each pack contains 8 antiperspirant towelettes that commonly last for 2 months.

5Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick, Extra Fresh, 2.7oz (Pack of 2)

Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick, Extra Fresh, 2.7oz (Pack of 2)
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Dove Men+Care offers 48-hour hassle-free protection from sweat and odor. Made with ¼ moisturiser technology, this antiperspirant is specially formulated keeping in mind the men’s skin types. This antiperspirant works smoothly even on sensitive skin giving a perfect feel throughout the day. A clinically proven non-irritant formula ensures that you can pick this antiperspirant and spray it confidently on your body. It soothes and conditions your skin leaving an all-day great smelling freshness. If you are looking for an antiperspirant that not only reduces sweating but has a fresh smell then, the Dove Men+Care is for you. This product is available in a pack of 2 bottles.

6 Nivea for Men Antiperspirants Stress Protection Rollon-1.69 ounces (Pack of 3)

 Nivea for Men Antiperspirants Stress Protection Rollon-1.69 ounces (Pack of 3)
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Nivea is one of the preferred brands in men’s hygiene products. This is an innovative antiperspirant stress protection roll on that features protection from excessive sweat for almost 48-hours. Packed in a pocket fit sized bottle of just 1.69 oz this pack contains 3 such bottles. Specially formulated technology gives extra protection from stress sweating. This saves you from much embarrassment and social anxiety. Known for its gentle care on men’s skin this antiperspirant is the first choice for its fresh smell and effective nature.

7Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant, 2.75 oz

Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant, 2.75 oz
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This is one of the premium antiperspirant in the range. Pit Boss Antiperspirants are specially made using the sensitive skin formula that gives optimum protection from odor and sweat in a non-irritating glide-on stick. Having Aluminum Zirconium Trychlorohydreax Gly an advances antiperspirant ingredient that helps to reduce underarm wetness and provides sweat control. The Vitamin E in this antiperspirant helps in nourishing and conditioning your skin. A natural and rich scent nullifies any odor from your body and fills you with confidence all day long. Being alcohol-free this product is safe for men with sensitive skin.

8Right Guard Sports Antiperspirant Up to 48HR, Fresh 2.6 oz (Pack of 6)

Right Guard Sport Antiperspirant Up to 48HR, Fresh 2.6 oz (Pack of 6)
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Smell great with confidence with the Right Guard Sport Active antiperspirant. This antiperspirant will ward of excessive sweat and keeps off odor from your body for around 48-hours. A 17.8% of Aluminum Zirconium Pentachlorohydrex as an active ingredient works hard on sweat and smooth on your skin. Sweat blockers in this antiperspirant block sweat in your underarms and protect your clothes from staining. This also keeps you motivated throughout the day without any worries of sweating. Packed in an attractive blue coloured bottle this kit includes 6 antiperspirant bottles. So you can be sure of not running out of an antiperspirant.

9Degree Men Fresh Deodorant, Intense Sport, 3 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Degree Men Fresh Deodorant, Intense Sport, 3 Ounce (Pack of 6)
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Stay fresh no matter what’s going around you with this antiperspirant. The Degree Men’s fresh body spray provides freshness throughout the day with an ultimate scent of zesty lemon, bergamot orange, and just a hint of manly musk. This freshens you up and invigorates you for a busy day. Contains odor fighting agent that locks up unpleasant odor and emits only fresh pleasant scent. Along with that, you can be sure that this antiperspirant does not leave any stains on your underarms and especially on your shirt. Each bottle contains 3 ounces of time released antiperspirant and this pack includes 6 such bottles.

10Old Spice Wild Collection Invisible Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant, Bearglove, 2 Count

Old Spice Wild Collection Invisible Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant, Bearglove, 2 Count
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Old Spice is a famous name for antiperspirant and deodorant among men around the world. Known for their effective strength and a unique fresh smell Old spice antiperspirant reduces sweating and odor that causes frequent anxiety and irritation in men. The antiperspirant starts working instantly after applying reducing the wetness and preventing your clothing from stains. You’ll surely like the specially formulated manly scent of orange and the hunt. It contains 18% of Aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex Gly which is an active ingredient to reduce sweating and leave you to feel fresh and energetic.

Buying Guide to the Perfect Antiperspirant


When you are choosing an antiperspirant the first thing you should check is the effectiveness. All the products mentioned in the list above bear the mark of premium quality and effectiveness no matter which brand you choose. But what makes the difference is the time for which that effectiveness would last. Some antiperspirants once sprayed remains effective for 24-hours while others having high-quality active ingredients lasts for 48-hours. You can choose the right antiperspirant as per the intensity of your sweating.


This feature of an antiperspirant plays an important role in men. Every person has its own skin type and certain ingredients in the antiperspirant can have an allergic effect on your skin. It would be better if you check the ingredient before buying an antiperspirant. For those with sensitive skin, this list contains antiperspirants that provide extra protection. This will help you a lot in long time use.


People have a wide range of preferences in choosing a scented antiperspirant that suites their taste. If you want just a plain antiperspirant that nullifies bad odor but does not have any scent, this is also available in the market. Whereas, if you are selecting an antiperspirant with the scent it will be better to choose one that gives out calm and fresh scent throughout the day.

Fighting against Sweat

Millions of men around the world have to fight against the problem of sweating. For some, this problem could make them feel uncomfortable when associated with peers and for others, this could lower their self-confidence and can trigger anxiety. Before you go to a dermatologist it would be better to try the option of a good antiperspirant that can help you to deal with this problem. Our list contains many such products that are worth the money you pay and time you give out for purchasing.

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