Top 10 Best AB Belt Workout in 2019 Reviews

Belly fat, we all have it, and most of us want to be rid of it. This is why we spend hours in the gym doing countless numbers of crunches, day in and day out, only to find that we’ve barely made a dent in our tummy’s. What are we to do? Well, fortunately for fitness enthusiasts of today, you have a solution: Ab toning belts and waist trimmers. These products both function differently, but each have the same effect, in that they assist you to create the perfect shape for your body type. If this all sounds too confusing, then fear not, for we’ve assembled our top 10 best ab belt workout in 2019 reviews and buyers guide to get you on your way.

Top 10 Best Ab Belt Workout

In our ab belt review below, we’ve taken the time to add both waist trimmers and ab belts. Each of these have a different function. The waist trimmer works to increase heat to the mid-section, and the ab toning belt is geared to causing your muscles to contract and relax, as if you were really exercising.

Which one you choose is up to you. However, remember that if you wish for your stubborn belly fat to go, it might not hurt to add both to your fitness regime, so you can see results quickly. Ab toning belts are usually worn about 30 minutes at a time, whereas the waist trimmers can be worn all day if you choose.

Best AB Belt Workout

Table of the :

1. ABSLIMUS Pro USB Charging Muscle Toner

ABSLIMUS Pro USB Charging Muscle Toner
Buy now from Amazon → If you’re busy most of the day, and find it hard to get into an exercise regime, then let the ABSLIMUS muscle toner help you. Simply apply the ABSLIMUS muscle toner, and you can get your muscles toned sitting at your desk, relaxing and watching television or even during a long commute. This works especially well for post partum women who want to obtain some of their muscle tone back. This muscle toner comes with 6 modes which are designed to simulate certain gym training regimes: Warm-up, running, push-ups, crunches, bat burning, and muscle insensitivity training. Just 20 short minutes every day equals 30 minutes of running, 30 minutes crunches, 60 minutes of swimming and up to 3 weeks of proper dieting. This ergonomically designed muscle toner is made to fit your bodies curves without feeling uncomfortable or irritating.

2. GOPGR ABS Stimulator & Muscle Toner, Abdominal Toning

GOPGR ABS Stimulator & Muscle Toner, Abdominal Toning
Buy now from Amazon → Summer’s coming, and that means shorts, swimsuits and sleeveless tank tops. The GOPGR ABS Stimulator & Muscle Toner, Abdominal Toning Belt will help you get in the best shape your life. This belt not only works on your abs, but also on your arms and legs as well, utilizing Electrical Muscle Stimulation. This means that once you apply the pads to the appropriate body part, those muscles are then stimulated with an electric current. You get 6 different modes of operation, with 10 degrees of intensities for each mode. Basically, you’ll burn fat, just by sitting and relaxing watching your favorite television program, or playing a video game.

3. SZ-Climax Waist Back Braces Supports Belt

SZ-Climax Waist Back Braces Supports Belt
Buy now from Amazon → This next belt in our abdominal belt review is extremely versatile and performs several functions. The SZ-Climax Waist Back Braces Supports Belt, works to assist in easing lower back pain, as a waist trainer, helps you lose weight and burn fat. This belt is so comfortable, that you can wear it every day, without loosening or rolling up. Features include a double layer, double pull, adjustable fit, removable steel spring stays, and curved side design for comfort. Constructed of a blend of 70 percent nylon and 30 percent polyester, this belt breathes and leaves you with no sweaty odor. Definitely more than a waist trainer, feel free to use it to assist in living heavy objects at home or work, gardening, and even to improve your posture.

4. Latitude Equipment Waist Trimmer

Latitude Equipment Waist Trimmer
Buy now from Amazon → If you’ve a little muffin top you’re looking to whittle down to size, then the Latitude Equipment Waist Trimmer is perfect for you. This waist trimmer fastens snuggly via a Velcro strap, and is designed to create heat around your midsection in order to help you burn extra calories. Made of a durable high grade Neoprene and nylon blend, it’s perfect for those who have allergies to latex, as it is completely latex free. The Latitude is made with double stitching, which ads to the durability, and it will not slip, slide or move out of place due to the interior Grid fashioned surface. Use the Latitude Equipment Waist Trimmer during your workouts and notice the increased heat and sweating around the midsection.

5. Rhino Balance Premium Waist Trimmer

Rhino Balance Premium Waist Trimmer
Buy now from Amazon → For those of you looking for a simple, easy to use, comfortable to wear waist trimmer, then the Rhino Balance Premium Waist Trimmer might work out fine. Made from high quality Neoprene, this double-stitched waist trimmer is Latex free, and constructed using a grid pattern, and inner Velcro strip, so the trimmer will not bunch up or slide around during workouts. Once applied, this waist trimmer will act to trap heat while you work out, do housework, or sit and surf the internet. You’ll love the comfortable feel, and support it gives your back and midsection. The Neoprene is around 3 to 5 mm thick, so you’ll be able to wear it underneath your clothing throughout the day. This is a one size, fits all waist trainer, for both men and women.

6. Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer
Buy now from Amazon → Your abs just do not sweat as much when you work out as other body areas so. This is one of the reasons the Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer is important. It increases the thermogenic activity around your waist section, encouraging the production of heat, so you begin to sweat, almost like wearing a little sauna around your middle. Simply put it on and do your workouts, gardening, lawn mowing, housework, or when you’re at the desk working on your PC. This flexible waist trainer is made from Neoprene, and totally latex free, and comes with a grid textured interior lining which helps to keep it in place during movement. This purchase also comes with a bonus package which includes a tote bag, and a sample sized Sweet Sweat Gel.

7. TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt

TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt
Buy now from Amazon → The TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt is built to last. Designed to encourage heat production and sweating around the midsection as you exercise, this waist trimmer’s wide design will easily wrap around your body and stay put while you move. The interior of the belt is given a grid like texture which keeps it in place while you exercise, so you don’t have to worry about curling, slipping or sliding. One of the highlights of this Neoprene belt is the sweat created by increased thermogenic activity. Another highlight is that it is designed to repel moisture, which means less stinky bacteria to deal with.

8. THE FLEX BELT Ab Belt Workout

THE FLEX BELT Ab Belt Workout
Buy now from Amazon → The FLEX BELT Ab Belt Workout is a little more than a waist trimmer. This belt is the first of its kind to receive FDA recognition in regards to its ability to firm up your core. Once applied, the Flex Belts exclusive, patented technology, which utilizes 3 gel pads, begins to contract your muscles, which works to help strengthen your core and keep you toned, fit and firm around the midsection. Whats nice about this belt, is that it is engineered to work on all your major ab muscles, not just a few, and it only takes 30 minutes a day to see results. This belt is designed to help create toned abs while you game, watch tv, exercise, or surf the net.. This ab belt is endorsed by fitness enthusiasts such as Adrianne Curry, Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna and Brian Wade.

9. DOMAS Ab Belt Abs Stimulator

DOMAS Ab Belt Abs Stimulator
Buy now from Amazon → Tone your abs, strengthen your core and do it all within the comfort of your own home, without setting foot in a gym. The DOMAS Ab Belt Abs Stimulator works to stimulate your core muscles using 8 different modes, each one with its own 10 intensity levels. If you’re concerned you’ll over do, know that this belt comes with a 30 minute auto stop feature so you get the stimulation you need, without the concern of leaving it on for too long. Simply put the belt on and its 4 electrode pads give you a toning workout whether you’re sitting at your desk, watching TV, gaming or simply relaxing. This versatile ab stimulator belt can also be used to help relieve pain in affected areas.

10. Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner

Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner
Buy now from Amazon → Slendertone has created products which have been used in 5000 plus health care establishments all over the world, as well as by astronauts needing to tone their muscles while in zero gravity. The Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner is FDA cleared, and utilizes a ‘smart’ training system which moves you through 7 different modes, along with 99 intensity levels. This ab muscle toner is geared to giving you visible results in just 6 to 8 weeks of use, with individuals noting an increase in strength after only 4 weeks using EMS stimulation Technology: 49 percent saw increased core strength after 6 weeks; 72 percent saw a rise in core endurance after 6 weeks; and 100 percent of those tested in clinical trials stated that they felt significant overall improvement after 6 weeks.

Tips on How to Select the Best Ab Toning Belt or

Waist Trimmer

Ab Toning Belt or Waist Trimmer

In our ab belt workout review, we include both ab toning belts as well as waist trimmers. Which one you purchase depends on your needs. The ab toning belts use Electrical Musculature Stimulation to tighten and tone. Here, you place electrodes, known as pads, on your body and a gentle current works to stimulate your muscles to contract and relax.

Waist trimmers, on the other hand, work to create thermogenic activity. This means they create an environment where heat is produced. It’s almost as if your mid-section were bathing in its own private sauna. Waist trimmers are used during workouts, while gardening, doing housework or simply relaxing at the computer.

Whether you select an abdominal toner or waist trimmer, as long as you know their purpose and results to be expected, you should be fine. In truth, there are many fitness enthusiasts which find having both in their fitness area is a big plus for them. Then can utilize their abdominal toner for the specified 30 minutes or so a day, then replace it with a waist trimmer, which they can wear all day. So when you read our abdominal belt review, consider purchasing both in order to give your mid-section the best in weight reduction and firmness.

Abdonimal Toning Belts

FDA Approved

While user reviews and testimonials are great, it also helps if the toner is FDA certified, such as the Flex BeltAb Belt Workout, or the Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner. This means that the toner has completed third party clinical trials and passed all of the Federal Safety Standards, and medical grade standards.

Different Levels and Intensities

If you are serious about fitness, then you’ll need a belt which will grow with you on your fitness journey. So make sure it comes with enough levels for you. Keep in mind that each level should also have it’s own intensity levels to get the most benefit. For instance, theDOMAS Ab Belt Abs Stimulator has 8 modes and 10 training, intensity levels, and the Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner has 7 modes with 99 different intensity levels.


Check to see if the belt is for men, women or unisex before you buy in order to ensure a perfect fit. Also, is it user friendly? This is not only important for you, but especially important if you are planning on giving it as a gift. Operating the belt should be simple and easy, or it will just end up on the closet floor, collecting dust.


The pads house the electrodes. This is what performs the actual contraction and relaxation. Before you buy, check to see if the pads are easily replaceable and about how often they’ll need to be replaced.

Waist Trimmers

Enhance Weight Loss

Waist trimmers work by encouraging thermogenic activity in the mid-section, a prime example is the SZ-Climax Waist Back Braces Supports Belt. Your belly never really sweats, so this is where waist trimmers come in handy. When you wear a waist trimmer, it should feel like a mini sauna around your mid-section as you exercise. When this happens excess sweat is removed.

Core Support

A good waist trimmer will also act to support your core as you engage in activities, or even relax on the couch. A strong core means that your balance will be better and so will your overall posture. As heat accumulates in your core, so does your circulation. One of the best waist trimmers which offers overall support as well as increased heat is theSZ-Climax Waist Back Braces Supports Belt.


This goes without saying, but the best waist trimmer for you should be comfortable. Fortunately, most waist trimmers are made from Neoprene, which is a durable yet flexible material so you can easily wear it throughout the day, even under your work clothes if you choose. Also, look for waist trimmers that have a grid texture on their interior, such as the TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt,which prevents the waist trimmer from slipping and sliding.


Some waist trimmers come in a one-size-fits-all size, while others can come in as many as 5 different sizes. Whichever you choose, just make certain that you can actually close it around your waist. Some waist trimmers use Velcro, while others may use straps such as the Latitude Equipment Waist Trimmer. Find the one that works best for you.


We hope that our top 10 best ab belt workout in 2019 reviews and buyers guide got you on your way to creating the physique you’ve always wanted. Each of our products is tailor made for the unique needs of certain individuals. For instance, waist trimmers are for those looking to increase heat around the mid-section to facilitate belly fat loss, while ab toning belts work by contracting and relaxing your muscles. You may select one, or purchase one of each. Ab toning belts are usually worn for about 30 minutes each day, while the waist trimmers can be work all day. Whichever way you go, we are confident that once you add one of these products to your exercise regime, you’ll be seeing results more quickly than if you did not.

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