Top 10 Best 30th Birthday Gifts For Sister in 2019

Your beloved sister has now hit the bit 30. So, what do you get her for this momentous occasion? We have to tread carefully here, as there are some ladies who actually dread their 30th birthday, in such cases it might be good to have the gifts be a little fun and sensational. On the other hand, there are ladies who see their 30th birthday as a ‘coming of age’, a time when all the work they put forth in college and in the workforce now is turning into a full fledged career. If her career choice is to raise children, then think of somethings that will make her day a bit easier on her.

Table of the Best 30th Birthday Gifts For Sister:

1Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
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If your sister enjoys reading, then the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is the perfect present. The Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is meant to read just like a book, which means there is no glare from the display screen, and ‘flipping’ pages is very simply done. You get high resolution of 300 pixels per inch so text is crisp and clear, and 4 GBs of storage. Not only that, but just one charge will last your up to 6 weeks! If you are using the Paperwhite for study purposes, you can easily export any notes you make to email. Features include Adjustable text size, X-Ray Timeline, Smart Lookup, Family Library, In-line footnotes, translator, and Time to Read feature. Give the gift of relaxation with the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader.

2Herbivore Botanicals – Organic Blue Tansy AHA and BHA Clarity Mask, 2 ounce Jar

Herbivore Botanicals - Organic Blue Tansy AHA and BHA Clarity Mask, 2 ounce Jar
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Herbivore Botanicals has created an organic, powerful resurfacing face mask which contains no chemical additives. The ingredient list includes Blue Tansy Oil, Aloe Leaf, fruit enzymes, and white willow bark, which work together to create the perfect clarifying facial mask. You’ll find no alcohol, fragrances, chemical preservatives, or fake coloring here, everything is organic and good for your skin. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians, as there are no animal products in this mask, and the cream was not tested on animals. Wash your face, and apply a small amount to your skin and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse.

3Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Scented Candle

Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Scented Candle
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This is a sweet gift to give your sister on her birthday. The Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Scented Candle is a blend of soy and paraffin which guarantees you a clean burn which gives you a 40 hour burn time. This 7.5 ounce candle which arrives to you in a classically contoured, shiny metallic container, which can then be reused when the candle burns out. Enjoy the unique scent that some have described as a pleasurable mix of cognac, plum and cedar wood. You’ll find that this scent is not overpowering, but instead provides you with a gentle infusion or pleasant aroma. Give her the gift of relaxation, give her the gift of a Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Scented Candle. Work It Out After This We’re Getting Pizza Gym Bag Work It Out After This We're Getting Pizza Gym Bag
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This is both a fun and functional gift to give your sister. The Work It Out After This We’re Getting Pizza Gym Bag, is built for your workout, but displays a fun message that “After This We’re Getting Pizza”. This bag is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. It measures 20 x 9 inches, is made from cotton twill, and is roomy enough to tote your basic workout essentials. Features include a flat base panel for ease of use, 2 side pockets, leathertte handles. Simply place your items inside, and zip it closed. The workout bag will allow your sister to workout in style, with a bit of a humorous message on the side.

5Bridesmaid Gift For Her. Secret Message Makeup Bag. You

Will Always Be My Person.
Bridesmaid Gift For Her. Secret Message Makeup Bag. You
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This secret message makeup bag is the perfect gift for that special bridesmaid. This makeup bag has just enough room to stash various articles of makeup such as mascara, lipstick, and eyeshadow, to be opened and closed easily with a YKK brass metal zipper. Not only that, but your special bridesmaid gets to open up the bag and read the message, “You will always be my person”, that fans of the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy will be familiar with. This saying refers to any person who ‘gets you’, that rare individual who sees you for you, and not someone else. This bag comes in 2 sizes 7 x 5 x 1 and 9 x 5 x 1 inches.

6Fossil Q Women’s Annette Pink Leather Hybrid Smartwatch FTW5023

Fossil Q Women's Annette Pink Leather Hybrid Smartwatch FTW5023
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The Fossil Q Women’s Annette Pink Leather Hybrid Smartwatch is just the right gift for those of you with fitness enthusiasts for a sister. This watch has an integrated fitness tracker, as well as handles your social media notifications with ease. With this watch, you can take snapshots, listen to music, text, and check up on your emails. The Fossil Q has a 6 month battery life, and is compatible with android 5.0 , iPhone 9.0 and higher. Stylish, attractive with the ability to interchange bands, the Fossil Q uses the Fossil Q app, which means all of your data is stored in the USA. This smartwatch allows you to set fitness goals, sleep tracking, and a water resistant rating of 5ATM.

7The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket Women’s Rambutan Pink\XL

The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket Women's Rambutan Pink\XL
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The North Face is well known for creating some of the best outdoor clothing on the market, and this is no exception. This stylish coat is made for those days where you’d love to take a run in brisk weather. Designed as a windbreaker to keep the cold chill off while out, this soft shell jacket is made from 0 CFM, 100 percent windproof TNF Apex ClimateBlock, 96 percent polyester and 4 percent elastane . Adjusting the fit is easy with its hem cinch cord. Features include a fleece backer, hand pocket zips, and hidden chest pocket. If your sister is into the active lifestyle, and lives in a seasonal climate, then this is the perfect gift choice to take the chill off of early morning workouts.

8Tomons DL1001GR Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Tomons DL1001GR Swing Arm Desk Lamp
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The Tomons DL1001GR Swing Arm Desk Lamp is the perfect choice for the sister in your life that spends a good amount of time burning the midnight oil. This classically designed desk lamp features a sleek, Scandinavian style in neutral colors, which is capable of blending in with most decors. Constructed from high quality wood and metal, this easy to use and maintain desk lamp is powered by LED lighting, and can be used comfortably at your desk, bedside or kitchen counter top. Features include a nylon cable, metal base, and natural wood body. Due to shipping concerns, the bulb is not included in this purchase.

9Menu Dropp! Fruit Bowl, Neo Red

Menu Dropp! Fruit Bowl, Neo Red
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The Menu Dropp! Fruit Bowl, Neo Red is most certainly unique among bowls with its contemporary modernist design. The model of this bowl was actually a puddle of paint, splashed, photographed and molded into this fabulous fruit bowl. Made entirely of shatter resistant silicon, the interior is smooth and easy to clean, while the outside has a matte exterior finish. This pliable, flexible bowl measures 12 x 12 x 12, and weighs 1 pound and is sure to be a conversation starter.

10Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – Gold

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone - Gold
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This is a stunning gift for any sister who appreciates music. The Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone in gold is a wireless headphone, compatible with your Bluetooth device for up to 30 feet. and comes with a 12 hour rechargeable battery. Features include Dual Mode Adaptive Noise Canceling, 3.5 mm audio cable, RemoteTalk, USB 2.0 cable, and carabineer clip. Not only can your sister enjoy music while she runs or exercises, she is also able to handle calls easily with the integrated microphone. All in all, a really nice packabge for the sister who loves her beats.

Tips on How to Choose Your Sisters 30th Birthday Present

Her Personality Type

The 30th birthday is a benchmark for many women, your sister included, so below we’ve given you a few hints to make it easier. Your sister can be of 2 personality types when it comes to the 30th: She might not care, and see it as another birthday, or she’s dreading it. This should help to guide you on your choice of presents. If she is dreading it, then do what you can to make it comfortable and stress free. Perhaps a nice gift of Herbivore Botanicals Organic Blue Tansy clarity mask will be a nice addition to her life. It expresses relaxation, beauty and emphasizes the importance of self-care. If your sister see the 30th as just another birthday, then look at her interests, or show your support for her career goals.

Make it Fun

Consider making her 30th birthday celebration one that she can remember by selecting a fun, sensational and even ‘over the top’ gift. For instance, in our above reviews, the Menu Dropp! Fruit Bowl in Neo Red, will undoubtedly get a nice smile out of her. Also, consider the Bando Gym bag which gently suggests that after all this, we’ll go and get some pizza. When some ladies confront their 30th, it can be a pretty big milestone, so keep it fresh, fun and exciting.

Take Her Out

30 is a memorable occasion for most women, so it might be a good idea to purchase a really sweet gift, such as the Fossil Q Smartwatch, that we’ve listed in our review, and present it to her while out. Look for a restaurant that she favors, or perhaps take her to a play, and present her with the gift. Reminisce about the past, the fun things that you’ve done together, and perhaps take a photo or two.

Relaxation and Downtime

Another idea, is to find out what she enjoys doing during her downtime. What is it that makes her happy when relaxing. If she loves to read, consider the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader that we have listed above. With this, she can sit back, and enjoy a good book in the comfort of her own sofa. Does she like candles? if so, then theJonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Scented Candle will do famously, as it gives a nice 40 hour, clean burn. Take some time to really get to know what it is she likes, as that will show her that you’ve taken the time to consider the gift carefully, and that it represents just how you feel.

Career Gifts

While not the first on many peoples gift list, there are some women who are very much into their career. Sometimes, they don’t ‘feel as if they’ve gotten the support they need from peers, spouses or even family. If this is the case, take this opportunity to show your support by purchasing a gift which not only is fun, but functional. A gift such as theTomons DL1001GR Swing Arm Desk Lamp, shows that you respect the time she takes out from her life, the sacrifices she makes that no one else sees. You respect how hard she works, and encourage her career goals.


As you can see, the 30th birthday can be a pretty big thing for your sister, and should be treated appropriately. Every woman is unique, and your sister is no exception. The secret to finding the perfect gift is a simple one: Know who she is at this very moment in her life. Avoid concerns to where you want her to be, or who you want her to be. in the end it’s all about her. If she’s raising 3 kids, and tells you how nice it would be to get a break, then gift her with a spa certificate. If she is working hard on her career and asks you for a desk lamp, or software program, well it might not be something you’d like to get her, but she wants it and that is what counts. We hope our top 10 best 30th birthday gifts for sister in 2019 and buyers guide helps you out a bit, in finding the perfect gift for that special sister in your life.

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