Top 10 Best 2 Person Sleeping Bag in 2019 Reviews

If you are an outdoor person then there is a pressing need to have the best sleeping bag the market can offer. You probably have a sleeping bag already (an older one) and you haven’t checked 2019’s finest sleeping bags yet. Maybe you need to replace the old sleeping bag that keeps leaking freezing air inside with the latest cold tight bag. Or maybe you want a 2-person sleeping bag this time. We’ve collected top 10 best sleeping bags of 2019, a list in which you need to limit your options. If you are going out camping with your significant other, put one of these bags into consideration.

Table of the Best 2 Person Sleeping Bag in 2019:

1. TETON Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → If you want to cuddle while camping, this is the sleeping bag for you. TETON sports mammoth sleeping provides cozy sleeping compartments for 2 people without the need of rolling it after use. It has soft polyester flannel lining a tear resistant taffeta shell that which keeps it warm and durable. It has measurements of 94” x 62”. Like other TETON sleeping bags, it has a limited lifetime warranty.

2. TETON Sports Fahrenheit Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Fahrenheit Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → TETON Sports Fahrenheit Sleeping Bag features a double quilted soft cotton flannel lining a zipper with zipper pulls that helps keep drafts away. The well designed offset seams distributes fills evenly and eliminates chill spots. A warm flannel lining and a drawstring hood retains most of the body heat. It has 3 self-repairing, no-snag zippers that adjusts on both sides and the bottom easy ventilation adjustment.

3. Grizzly by BlackPine Sleeping Bag

Grizzly by BlackPine Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → What differentiates this bag from other similar sleeping bags from the BlackPine’s Grizzly family is that it has 100% Polyester construction. The interior is roomy enough to comfortably hold 2 people. It comes in two models, the polyester ripstop model and duck canvas model. It has a temperature ratings of +25 to -25 degrees F. The heavy duty MAX double zippers and cozy flannel lining provides a heat tight environment. The 2 layer offset construction, microfiber insulation, chest baffles and oversized draft tubes provides extra warmth.

4. Outsunny Double Sleeping Bag

Outsunny Double Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → Outsunny by BlackPine is made of polyester and comes with 2 small pillows for 2 people. The cozy and durable liner design makes this sleeping bag excellent for backpacking trips, camping and climbing. It can withstand temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit. A full length zipper complete with a 2 zipper pulls eases the processing of getting inside and exiting. It can be easily rolled and stuffed in its stuff sack for transportation.

5. Famous Juggle Sleeping Bag

Famous Juggle Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → This sleeping bag can maintain stable temperatures in the range of 30 degrees Fahrenheit and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It is super light, weighing just 6.8 pounds. It unzips into 2 person sleeping bags with 2 free pillows provided in one extreme end. High quality cotton is used as a hollow filler to provide a more comfortable sleeping environment. The cover material is both tear-resistant and waterproof for perfect travel and camping. The flannel is skin friendly and doesn’t invoke skin irritations. You can easily roll and stuff it its stuff sack.

6. Sports Grizzly by BlackPine Sleeping Bag

Sports Grizzly by BlackPine Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → This roomy 2-person sleeping bag is rated at -25 degrees Fahrenheit (the lowest temperature condition in which it can comfortably keep its occupants warm). It is made of durable Nylon shell which is folded in 2 layers to provide maximum warmth. The construction material (Nylon) has microfiber insulation, chest baffles and oversized draft tubes. The flannel lining complete with two zips that opens from both sides makes it easy to enter and exit the sleeping bag. It measures 90” wide and weighs 14.5 pounds.

7. Winterial Double-Mummy Sleeping Bag

Winterial Double-Mummy Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → This sleeping bag has measurements of 81” x 53” and weight of 8.2 pounds. It can provide cozy warm enclave +24 Fahrenheit hot, a feature that makes it a choice for almost any outdoor weather condition. The diamond riptop shell is lined with Micro Polyester. There are 2 duel inside compartments/pockets where you can store your wallets and electronics.

8. Kamp Rite Overnighter Sleeping Bag

Kamp Rite Overnighter Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → Kemp Rite Overnighter was designed to comfortably accommodate two people and provide plenty of insulation and warmth in some of the most frigid outdoor conditions. Its construction consist of cotton flannel liner and an outer shell made of durable canvas. As a result, this sleeping bag can withstand extremely low temperatures reaching -10 degrees Celsius. It can be easily rolled and stored in an equally handy bag for easy transportation.

9. Tenive Double Sleeping Bag

Tenive Double Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → The shell of this sleeping bag is made of waterproof 210T Polyester and M2/300G hollow cotton filling. It comes with a carrying bag and 2 removable pillows. The hollow cotton construction keeps it lightweight, soft, comfortable and warm. A practical zipper design enables easier entry and exit. It can maintain warm temperatures as high as +32 degrees F and can withstand freezing temperatures as low as 23 degrees F. The measurements are 86.6” x 59”.

10. Big River Outdoors Two Person Sleeping Bag

Big River Outdoors Two Person Sleeping Bag
Buy now from Amazon → Its 210T Polyester Shell is entirely waterproof. The hollow M2 cotton filings complete with the polyester shell keeps it lightweight, warm, soft and comfortable. The design was made to be as practical as possible with easy to use zipper slide that allows easier midnight entry and exit. The weatherstrip around the edges and Velcro strap further boosts its ability to keep occupants warm in freezing nights. It can withstand extremely cold temperatures up to 23 Fahrenheit. The portable roll up bag makes this sleeping bag easy to store and transport.

Features to consider when buying Best 2 Person Sleeping Bag

The dimensions

The dimensions of a sleeping bag determines the size of the compartments and the comfort of the occupants. A large size sleeping bag is preferable although this depends on the height and size of the user.

Material used to make the sleeping bag

Polyester and Cotton are the preferred materials for the manufacture of sleeping bags because of their insulation properties and ability to provide a comfortable stuffing at the same time.


Cost is a factor in anything that can be bought. Settle for the cheapest sleeping bag with the features you want.

Temperature rating

This is the highest temperature a sleeping bag can maintain and the lowest temperature at which it can operate sufficiently.


These are brief descriptions of the sleeping bags. There are finer details about each item which further sets it apart from the closest rival. The major features to put into consideration as explained above are the size of the sleeping bag, the temperature ratings, comfort, and material of construction, warranty and cost. Some factors such as the ability to save space, provision of removable pillows and the general design of the sleeping bag matters too. Consider picking a sleeping bag that meets your outdoor needs other than the basic specifications.

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