Top 10 Best 16th Birthday Gifts Ideas For Best Friend in 2019

Turning 16 is the highlight of almost any young life. Now your best friend has reached the mark. Now you need a special gift to mark the occasion. Finding the right gift may not be too hard. Just look at the top 10 best 16th birthday gift ideas for best friend in 2019.

These gifts are unique, stylish and will say something special to your best friend. Finding the top 10 best 16th birthday gift ideas for best friend in 2019 isn’t that hard. Simply continue to read our review. It is designed to give you the information you need to make a smart choice.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some helpful tips on what to look for. Your gift giving issue should be a lot simpler.


Table of the​​​ Best 16th Birthday Gifts Ideas For Best Friend :

1. Brookstone Purple Cat Ear Headphones

Brookstone Purple Cat Ear Headphones
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Your friend needs to be a cat person to really see the value in these headphones. They can keep their music to themselves or turn on the speakers in the cat ears. Either way, they get quality sound. The headset as cushioned ear protection for comfort

Then, once you use the USB recharging feature, your friend will get up to 5 hours of music enjoyment. Plus, the separate controls adjust the volume and help light up your friend’s life. LED lights are included in these headphones.

You get a 4’ headphone cable, a USB cable and gaming mic, all removable when you purchase these headphones.

2. Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera
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Your friend can remember their 16th birthday in style with this instant camera. They can record all those special moments that take place on their special day. 2 AA batteries bring the power to the camera. Then your friend can take selfies, close-ups and more with the upgraded lenses.
A flashing LED indicator light tells your friend when they have the right aperture setting.

Everyone at the party can see the photos instantly with this camera. No hooking up to a computer or waiting for them to be developed.

Film for the camera comes in packs of 10.

3. Fitbit Fitness Wristband

Fitbit Fitness Wristband
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One way to show your friend that you truly care about them is to get them a smartwatch. These watches monitor your friend’s heart rate and help them get back into shape. It will keep track of a heartbeat between 14 and 113 degrees F and operate up to 30,000 feet high.

Besides monitoring your friend’s heartbeat, the watch will wake them up, give the date as well as the time. Your friend won’t be late for their next appointment with you. Plus, the phone provides alerts for incoming calls and texts.

Results will vary and depend on a few factors like physiology etc.

4. Creative Letter Art Personalized Framed

Creative Letter Art Personalized Framed
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It might not seem like much but f your friend is into art or photography this might be the perfect gift. You can personalize the photo by sending in the name of the person you are giving the frame to. The company does the rest.

They use one of a kind photos to spell out the name of your friend. Keeping it personal goes a long way in friendship. The frame is environmentally friendly, and you get glass, hanger and self-standing support when you order.

The size of the photos depends on how many letters are in the name.

5. Qshell Music Beanie Hat

Qshell Music Beanie Hat
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Whether your best friend is a boy or girl, doesn’t matter. This Bluetooth compatible winter hat is for both genders. They can keep their head warm and still enjoy their favorite music. The hat will work with cell phones, tablets and more.

Then, if your friend needs to talk, a built-in mic is part of the package. They get about 6 hours of playing time on a single 2 ½ hour charge. Plus, you can answer calls with this acrylic made hat.
If you wash it, make sure to remove the headphones first. One size fits almost all people.

6. The House Phoenix DIY Dream Catcher

The House Phoenix DIY Dream Catcher
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Giving a do it yourself craft kit is not wrong in this modern age. Your friend may appreciate being able to use their talents. The environmentally friendly box contains everything your friend needs to make the best dream catcher possible.

The purpose of the dream catcher was to protect the sleeper from any bad dreams. They also let good dreams through, so the sleeper can have a good rest. This 6” dream catcher will uphold that tradition. You can make it any length you want as well.

If nothing else, it is a good way to decorate your friend’s walls.

7. Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle
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If your best friend likes to be active, then this stainless-steel water bottle may help out. The water bottle has double wall protection to keep beverages hot or cold. Then the powder coat works with the vacuum insulation to make sure the temperature remains where you want it.

The water bottle is made from BPA non-toxic materials and comes with a straw for easy drinking. Then it will keep hot drinks warm for about 6 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 approx.

Its design allows the water bottle to fit in your car’s cup holder. Your friend won’t miss out on their favorite drink as they drive.

8. JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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This Bluetooth compatible, waterproof speaker is perfect for any music lover. Its portable nature allows your friend to listen to music just about anywhere they go. If your friend needs to answer the phone, a built-in mic allows them to talk away.
Then the built-in clip allows your friend to hang this

speaker as close to their ears as they can. Plus, it will work with similar speakers to provide stereo sound. The speaker will provide clear, noise and echo free communication.

Measuring approx. 4 x 12 x 5.5 inches, this speaker can easily fit in your friend’s pocket.

9. Fatboy Edison Lamp

Fatboy Edison Lamp
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This battery powered lamp may be just the thing for your studious friend. They will get up to 8 hours of light on the highest setting and has 3 LED light settings. Measuring 9.8 x 6.3 inches, your friend can use this in a variety of tight spaces.

A flashing light lets you know the lamp is recharging. It takes roughly 3 hours to get a full charge. The battery and charger are included in your purchase. Made from polyethylene, this lamp should be durable and slightly water resistant.

Also, it is very easy to keep clean.

10. Harry Potter Wand with Wand Box

Harry Potter Wand with Wand Box
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Actually, it is Hermione’s 15-inch wand and it is a replica of the one used in the Harry Potter movies. The wand comes wrapped in a collector’s box for safe keeping. If your friend is a Harry Potter fan, then this may be the ideal gift for them.

The can use it as a collector’s item or as a prop when they go to a costume party. The wand is also carved to include all the details that the original had when wielded by Hermione.

It is also officially licensed by the Warner Bros. movie studio.

Our Buyer’s Guide

16-year-old friends may not be exactly easy to shop for. They may be a little picky concerning what they want. It doesn’t hurt to get a few helpful hints on what to look for. After all they are your best friend. Here are those tips:


– are you buying for a male or female friend?


– what do they like? What are their favorite topics? What are their interests? Are they active, artistic or a reader?


– don’t settle for cheap construction materials. Make sure you get an item that is durable and strong.


– what is their favorite color? What is their second favorite color? Having options is a good thing.


– it is best to get something that is practical and functional. No sense in getting them something they will not use.


– when you buy make sure to see how much coverage your friend has and for how long. Also, check the return policy of the store.


– it is your friend. You do not want to spend too little and have them thinking you are cheap. But do not overspend either. You need to think of your budget.

Some Final Words

Shopping for birthday gifts can be a big pain. That is because you are not sure what your friend will like. Sometimes just getting them a gift is all you need to do. Considering one of the top 10 best 16th birthday gift ideas for best friend in 2019 is one way to let your friend know you’re thinking of them.

These gifts are practical, functional and designed to last a long time. Your friend is worth the effort.

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