Top 10 Best 15 Inch Subwoofer in 2019

It makes sense that you would look for a subwoofer to bring out all the great bass in your music. When you start your search for a new subwoofer. You should consider one of the top 10 best 15 inch subwoofer in 2019.

These speakers are designed to provide you bass sound with clarity. How do you find one of the top 10 best 15 inch subwoofer in 2019? Just continue to read our review. It is designed to bring you the information you need to find the right one.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some helpful tips. A few tips make your search for one of the top 10 best 15 inch subwoofer in 2019 a lot easier. You can get one of the best of the best at half the effort.

Table of the Best 15 Inch Subwoofer:

1. MCM Audio Select Woofer with Poly Cone

MCM Audio Select Woofer with Poly Cone
Buy now from Amazon → You get 200 watts of power using on 8 ohms with this rubber surround 15-woofer. Its versatility helps set it apart from the rest. You can use it in a 3-way application, as a subwoofer or in a sealed or vented setting.

Then a just about 6-inch mounting depth is required to install this woofer. You will need a cutout size of just under 14 inches in size. Their break-in time is around 4 to 6 hours at low volume.
You should get high quality sound out of these subwoofers. A 40-ounce magnet is also used to help this subwoofer perform.

2. Skar Audio Max Dual Subwoofer

Skar Audio Max Dual Subwoofer
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You can get between 600 and 1200 watts of power with this 15-inch subwoofer. It uses a 2 ½” voice coil and a paper cone. Then to keep its cool, an advanced air flow system is installed. Along with this you get large motor structure.
The woofer uses 1.9 ohms over 32.2 Hz to get you the sound you are looking for. Weighing about 34 pounds, it may be heavier than you think. You need a special box to install this unit in to hold its weight.

Its overall dimensions are 16 by 16 by 10 inches.

3. Kicker Solo Classic Subwoofer

Kicker Solo Classic Subwoofer
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To get the top quality bass sounds you like, this 15-inch woofer is inspired by solobaric models. Then, it uses a very small box to produce your bass with clarity. Also, the top plate is designed to look like a T.

That design provides for better magnetic strength. It also helps provide a better cooling system to keep the subwoofer from overheating. The polyimide voice coil is backed up by Nemex.

You are going to need approx. a 19-inch cutout with about 16 inches or so of installation space. For all the bass sound you need, you should consider this unit for your music playing.

4. Pyle 15 Inch Woofer

Pyle 15 Inch Woofer
Buy now from Amazon → Using 30 Hz and 8 ohms you can get a lot of bass sound out of this 15-inch subwoofer. Its stamped steel frame provides the strength you need to use this subwoofer for a long time. Then the cloth covered edge protects the suspension the woofer needs.
You will need just over 5 ½ inches of mounting depth to correctly install this unit. The paper cone combines with the bumped and vented pole to provide great sound at high volumes.
The overall dimensions come in at 15 by 6 by 6 inches and weighs less than 13 pounds.

5. JL Audio 15W Car Subwoofer

JL Audio 15W Car Subwoofer
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You place this subwoofer in your car to get great sound out of your car’s stereo. This subwoofer uses thermal power to produce up to 500 watts of power and sound. Then its 4-ohm capability helps you rock your car as you drive or try to impress the ladies.
Its 19 ½ by 19 ½ by 11” size means you will need about a 12-inch mounting space. Then you will need just over an 18-inch cutout to fit this subwoofer inside your car.

The subwoofer is designed to provide you with the volume you want as you listen to your music.

6. SoundQubed RMS

SoundQubed RMS
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Up to 1200- 2400 watts of sound power comes with this 15-inch subwoofer. It uses power handling technology to produce the volume and sound you want to hear. The back plate is both vented and bumped to help in keep the subwoofer cool.

The stamped steel frame holds all the parts together for a durable long-lasting lifetime. The 3” copper voice coil and the non-pressed cone keeps the sound clear and without distortion. The push connectors make this subwoofer easy to install.

It will work with 10awg speaker wire as well. Then its electroplated top and bottom plates contribute to the cooling system.

7. Sundown Audio SA Series Subwoofer

Sundown Audio SA Series Subwoofer
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This 15” subwoofer 2 ohms to deliver up to 600 watts of sound power. That power works with the aluminum voice coil to produce the clarity you want. The aluminum construction also contributes to the cooling of the subwoofer.

You will need a 3 ½ foot box to properly install this unit. Plus, you will need roughly a 7” mounting space and 14” cut out. The voice coil also uses 45mm long copper wire that can withstand high temperatures.

The spider pack is permanently bonded and given a double layer for long lasting use. The motor powers the air flow system for maximum cooling.

8. Q-POWER Deluxe Series Car Audio Subwoofers

Q-POWER Deluxe Series Car Audio Subwoofers
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Not everyone likes to leave their music at home. This dual set of subwoofers allows you to have quality sound as you drive down the road. These dual subwoofers use 4400 watts of sound power, large foam surround protection, and dual 3” voice coils.
The parts are placed on a die cast frame to make sure the subwoofers last you a long time. Its 90-ounce magnetic helps work the subwoofers sound magic. 4 ohms also contribute to the sound you will hear as you drive.

4400Each woofer puts out 2200 watts of power for a combined total of

9. American Bass 15″ Subwoofer

American Bass 15
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A 200-ounce magnet contributes to the sound clarity and power of this subwoofer. Then its 2-ohm voice coils keep the sound coming as you play or listen to your music. For best results, you should use a ported installation set up and mount.

The overall dimensions of this subwoofer come in at 18 by 18 by 13 inches. If you are not sure of the cut out and mounting depth, just check the manufacturer’s website. It should have all the information you need.

You can use this 15” subwoofer using a 1000 to 1500-watt amp. Make sure to give it a proper break in time.

10. Kicker Car Audio Subwoofer

Kicker Car Audio Subwoofer
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There is no shame in being a square. Especially if you are a 15” subwoofer that uses 4 ohms. This car subwoofer will put out between 1000 and 2000 watts and uses square voice coils. The subwoofer measures 18 ½ by 18 ½ by 12 ½ inches in total size.

It also weighs up to approx. 35 pounds. Its steel basket frame provides the toughness and strength the subwoofer needs to last you a long time. To hold this subwoofer, you may need about a 3 cubic foot box.
You get a lot more volume with the packed cone area.

Our Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for a new subwoofer to jack up your sound. Then using one of the top 10 best 15 inch subwoofer in 2019 may do the trick. Here are some helpful tips on what to look for as you shop:


– where are you going to use this subwoofer? At home or in the car? Will it strictly be used for listening or do you have other plans?


– make sure that it will fit inside your car with the proper box. If you use it at home, size shouldn’t matter.


– make sure you are getting the magnetic size, the number of ohms and watts you need


– for long lasting fun and listening enjoyment make sure it has a steel frame


– also make sure that you know the exact cut out and mounting openings you need to install the subwoofer correctly.


– you want to ensure that you are using the right speaker wires when you connect the subwoofer up to your stereo.


– how much coverage do you have? Is there a return policy? Check the details so you know what to do in case of a problem


– subwoofers are not always cheap. Make sure you get the right one for the money you have on hand.

Some Final Words

Getting the most out of your music is important. You do not want to waste your time with cheap and inferior subwoofers. By using one of the top 10 best 15 inch subwoofer in 2019 you are using the best of the best. You will get your money’s worth.

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