Top 10 Best 12 Inch Subwoofer in 2019

When you are out searching for a good quality subwoofer, the best sound may come from those smaller versions. One smaller version would be one of the top 10 best 12 Inch Subwoofer in 2019.

They may be smaller than a 15-inch model, but they still produce the clarity and volume of sound you want. How do you find one of the top 10 best 12 inch subwoofer in 2019? Simply continue to read our review. It is designed to identify those top 12-inch subwoofers.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some helpful tips to guide your search. Your shopping for one of the top 10 best 12 inch subwoofer in 2019 should be a lot easier. Good sound is just a few minutes read away.

Table of the Best 12 Inch Subwoofer:

1. Rockford Fosgate 300 Watt Powered 12-Inch Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate 300 Watt Powered 12-Inch Subwoofer
Buy now from Amazon → Its sealed support system allows for clear, solid and tight bass sounds. This 12-inch subwoofer works on 35 to 150 Hz and produces 300 watts of sound power. The 5/8 MDF thickness provides good protection for the woofer.

Plus, it is compatible with 12 awg speaker wires with its 12 awg connectors. Along with all of this, you get a remote base control to help you set the volume and tone of your bass beat.

Also, you get smart on and off functions as well as thermal and over voltage security with this closed loop system.

2. MTX Car Subwoofers

MTX Car Subwoofers
Buy now from Amazon → This dual subwoofer system is designed to work in your car. The 12-inch subwoofers use up to 400 to 1200 watts of power. Then they use a spider venting system that keeps the air fresh as you use your subwoofers.

The sealed system uses 2 Ohms in its sealed system. The 5/8 MDF construction material contributes to the quality of sound you get. Weighing 64 pounds approx. this subwoofer set measures 32 by 16 by 16 inches. It is designed for your trunk not the passenger section of your car.

The subwoofers also come with an installation kit with everything you need to install your new subwoofer correctly.

3. MTX Audio Terminator Series 12-Inch Subwoofers

MTX Audio Terminator Series 12-Inch Subwoofers
Buy now from Amazon → The box can hold two 12-inch subwoofers and can also house a vented system if needed. Its 5/8”MDF construction materials are covered in nice aviation level carpet. The dual system will produce between 400 and 200 watts of sound power using 2 Ohms.

Its 2” aluminum coil works with the 48-ounce magnet to give you top quality listening pleasure. Those items are joined by the polypropylene cone for the ultimate bass experience.

The two subwoofers also work between 37 and 150 Hz. Also, you get a 12-month warranty on the subwoofers only. The box is not covered.

4. Belva Complete Car Subwoofer Package

Belva Complete Car Subwoofer Package
Buy now from Amazon → Everything you need is in this package. Not only do you get a box with dual subwoofers, you also get a system that is compatible with any vehicle. The wires are there as are the connectors. Plus, you get an adjustment switch to control the volume of your bass subwoofers.

Along with 1200 watts of power, you get a 1 ½” aluminum voice coil and 37-ounce magnet. There is also a polypropylene cone, a zinc fuse holder and much more. This is a complete subwoofer kit.
A class A and B mono block amp is also included in this package.

5. Dual Electronics illumiNITE Enclosed Car Subwoofers

Dual Electronics illumiNITE Enclosed Car Subwoofers
Buy now from Amazon → The plexiglass casing allows you to view the light show as your play your music. The dual 12-inch subwoofers use up to 1100 watts of power, with 4-ohm and 30 to 200 Hz. You should get great sound with this dual subwoofer system.
Along with the plexiglass, the subwoofers are encased in a MDF and brushed aluminum box. Plus, the ventilation system is top notch and works hard to keep the subwoofers cool.

Its carpet lining tries to keep everything in place where they should be. A one-year warranty protects your investment in this listening and viewing light and sound show.

6. Atrend Bbox Sealed Carpeted Truck

Atrend Bbox Sealed Carpeted Truck
Buy now from Amazon → This is a subwoofer box not a 12-inch subwoofer. But you need to know about a box to find the right casing for your new subwoofers. This box comes with an approx. cut out size of 11”. Its mounting depth is 5 ¼ inches.

The overall dimensions are 15 ¼ by 19 ¼ by 5 by 8 ¼ inches. It is not a perfect rectangle. Then it is made with ¾” MDF materials and covered with a top-quality carpet. The extra-large terminal should make attaching your subwoofer easier.
The unit is a sealed box designed to handle only one subwoofer.

7. Kicker Car Subwoofers Kit

Kicker Car Subwoofers Kit
Buy now from Amazon → The dual subwoofer holding box is vented for the best cooling of your new subwoofers. This box is capable of handling the 600 to 1200 watts of power put out by the two 12-inch subwoofers. A charcoal grey carpet covers the box for a more decorative look.

A polypropylene cone helps produce the sound you want in your car. You will need both 12 and 4-gauge wire to hook up the subwoofers correctly. The digital power control comes with 2 holders to keep it where you need it most.
The kit includes all the wires and connectors you need to set up the subwoofers properly.

8. Rockville Powered Car Subwoofer

Rockville Powered Car Subwoofer
Buy now from Amazon → Even if you are not an electrical handyman, you should be able to install this subwoofer set easily. Everything you need is included in the kit. You have all the wires, connectors you need as well as the volume control knob. You get to set the volume on your bass sound.

1200 watts of sound are produced by this subwoofer set. It also uses a 70-ounce magnet, 4 ohms and 38 to 500 Hz to get you the sound you desire. A gold-plated fuse holder and 60-amp fuse protect your subwoofers from any over charge issues.

9. Sundown Audio 12″ SA Series Subwoofer

Sundown Audio 12
Buy now from Amazon → Two faraday aluminum rings help keep the distortion at bay when you turn these subwoofers on. Then the aluminum voice coils work to keep the heat down while providing clear sound to your music.

But the aluminum voice coil does not have to shoulder the cooling alone. It is helped by an efficient cooling system. Plus, the 750 watts of power and 2 ohms contribute to the good bass levels you want to listen to.

The 12-inch subwoofers also use a 19mm x-max system that gives you plenty of margin peak to peak. A 2-year warranty provides you with protection on craftsmanship and materials.

10. Rockford Fosgate 800 Watts Peak Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate 800 Watts Peak Subwoofer
Buy now from Amazon → This 12-inch subwoofer sports a 2 1/2” copper with aluminum voice coil along with a Kevlar paper cone to produce top quality bass sounds. The 8-ohm subwoofer produces between 400 and 800 watts of power.

The poly-foam construction helps with the quality of sound while making the subwoofer look good. Its nickel-plated terminals are compatible with 10 awg speaker wires. While the magnet has a PVC protective covering. Its mounting slots provide you with flexibility when you attach this subwoofer to your car.

A nomex reinforcement system is part of the package when you purchase this subwoofer.

Our Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of 12-inch subwoofers on the market right now. It pays to have a little edge when you go shopping for one of the top 10 best 12 inch subwoofer in 2019. Here are some of those tips:


– what will you use the subwoofer for? Will it be listening or playing pleasure?


– where will the subwoofer be placed? In your home, car or wherever?

Construction materials

– what is the frame made of? Is it steel for durability and long lasting strength?


– how many ohms does it use? How many watts does it put out? What is the size of the magnet?

Box construction

– is it made of MDF materials? How thick? The thicker the better? What kind of carpet covers the box? You do not want cheap carpeting.


– does the subwoofer come in a kit with everything you need? This is good as it saves you a lot of trips to the hardware store.


– what kind of coverage do you have? How long is the coverage? Is there a return policy?


– these subwoofer systems may or may not be cheap. Simply find the right one that fits your needs and pocketbook.

Some Final Words

You want to have the best quality sound and bass levels possible. That means you may have to search a little longer to find a top 10 best 12 inch subwoofer in 2019. Using one of the best of the best is the only way to get the most out of your music.
Don’t settle for an inferior subwoofer. Make sure you search and find one of the top 10 best 12-inch subwoofer in 2019.

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