Top 10 Strongest Land Animals

What comes to your mind when we talk of strength? You probably think of the energy it takes to lift something; ability to defend yourself when attacked; and the force you require to counter other forces, right? Well, we could be reading from the same page. Does the same strength apply in the animal kingdom? Of cause it does, otherwise the likes of lions could not pronounce themselves as the kings of the jungles. This article walks you through a list of top 10 strongest land animals.

1. Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragon is most commonly known as komodo monitor. It is a large lizard species that is found in the islands of Indonesia such as Rinca, Gili Motang, Komodo, Flores, and Padar. Komodo dragon is well known for its powerful bite. It is so powerful such that with just a single bite, the enemy or prey would slowly succumb to death. It also behaves funnily biting another animal. Immediately, it runs away so fast and a couple of days later, the monitor in company of other komodo monitors, resurface to feed on the dead animal. It is capable of killing powerful animals like grizzly bear, lion, crocodile, and tiger.

2. Buffalo


African buffalos are known to be four to five times stronger than any powerful ox. Once charged, it is clear that even bear cannot escape from it, maybe tigers and cheetahs can. It is also said to be stronger than the lion and given an opportunity, it can smash any tiger, lion, and other animals of that caliber.

3. Leopard


Leopard is one among the five big cats in the panthera genus. It is not only most adaptable but also a widespread big cat. Some of its secrets are that it has opportunistic hunting behavior; takes advantage of its fur for camouflage; it has a broad diet; it is strong enough to move very heavy carcasses to the tree; ability to run up to 5 km/h; and its ability to adapt to a variety of habitats ranging from steppe to rain forests. Leopards can haul a 200-pound bull eland. They are also smatter than the rest of the big cats.

4. Cheetah


Cheetahs are also referred to as the hunting leopard. It is a big cat that is mainly found in the southern and eastern parts of Africa and selected parts of Iran. It is the forest land animal with the ability to run up to 75 miles in a single hour. Just in a stint of three seconds, a cheetah can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour. It is considered as the fastest land mammal. Though heavier than human beings, cheetahs are classified as the smallest among the big cats. Just as the other members of the cat family, they are strong for their size, flexibility, weight, and swiftness.

5. Lion


You probably have had the stories around king lion and you must have been wanting to take more of it. Here we go. The lion also belongs to the class of big cats in the Panthera genus. It belongs to the Felidae family. The lions are kind of created for battles. They possess brute paw swipe. Just because a simple paw swipe of a tiger can rip off a human’s neck, you could think it can outdo that of a lion. Never! The lion’s swipes are more powerful and as such, it is capable of doing a lot more tons of damage. Moreover, they have a tendency of taking on anything. They have more muscles, are smatter, and are very social, giving them all the necessary advantage when it comes to battling an enemy or preying on other animals. It is notable that lions do train to fight.

6. Elephant


Elephants are large mammals belonging to the order Proboscidia and the family Elephantidae. The two major species that are traditionally recognized are the Asian elephant and the African elephant. Some evidence, however, suggests that there are eminent differences between African forest elephants and African bush elephants. Did you know that elephants weigh tons and are capable of turning over SUVs, uprooting trees, and destroying several animals? Just as the lion, the elephant is equally smart. Even the reported mythical creatures developed a chill at the mention of an elephant.

7. Tiger


Tigers are well recognized by their dark vertical strip patterns, the reddish-orange fur, and a lighter underside. They are the largest of the cat species. Most animals fear tigers and for that reason, they are rarely attacked. That justifies the reason why it is very rare to see a tiger fight. it is also rare to find them grow fierce. Tigers are generally courageous and speedy. They have excellent stamina, ability, and prowess.

8. Alligator


Alligator belongs to the family Alligatoridae and genus Alligator. The living species of alligator are the Chinese alligator and the American alligator. They first appeared about 37 million years ago during the Oligocene epoch. Its name was an anglicized form of el lagarto, a Spanish name meaning ‘the lizard’. An adult alligator measures 4 meters and is approximately 360 kg in weight. it is such a fierce animal which still remains tactful even at an old age of 0 years.

9. Titanoboa


At the time it lived, titanoboa was considered the largest snake of the moment. Those were the times when dinosaurs ruled the land. Titanoboa could eat a whole pack of raptor. Its adaptability enabled it to survive both on land and water. Thanks to God, titanoboa succumbed to death at the time the dinosaur died. Its continued stay would endanger the lives of other bigger water animals such as blue shark and whale shark. Titanoboa weighed well over 2,500 pounds. It lived on earth 58 million years ago.

10. Rhino


What we normally refer to as rhino is actually an abbreviation of rhinoceros. It is one among the five known extent species of odd-toed ungulates. It belongs to the family of Rhinocerotidae. They are so energetic and generally have strong legs. A rhino can easily buck a gorilla and lift it for miles with ease. The black rhinos are considered be of greater importance to the ecotourism than other rhinos. A rhino is literally a battle unicorn that can crush numerous gigantic animals.

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