Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The Ocean

The ocean is unarguably a place of mystery. It is said that no scientist has uncovered even half of what the ocean holds. This is because the ocean contains sections that are deep or dangerous for humans.​​​

The ocean is also a very dangerous place. It holds so many species of dangerous ocean creatures. These creatures are known to be believed to be territorial and bloodthirsty. Most of these animals live in the deep regions of the ocean.

The media and Hollywood movies have already portrayed some of the dangerous animals, creating awareness to their fans. This makes the ocean creatures not new to many. For a fact, they have also caused myths among many leading to the fear of visiting the coastal areas.

If you are curious to know the dangerous ocean creature that you could find deep in the ocean water, below we discuss Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The Ocean:

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1. Stingray.

Stingray is a very fickle ocean creature. This ocean creature spends time in shallow temperate waters. They can be found on almost all oceans but mainly along the equator line. The stingray has a shape and color that allows it to perfectly adapt to spend their day floating on the ocean water or buried under the sand.The stingray can weigh up to 365 kilograms.

You can refer to the stingray as sharks’ relative. The main reason for this similarity is the electrical sensors the creature has around its mouth. The electrical sensors are meant to sense prey near the stingray. They use their mouth to capture prey around them. Its teeth can crush the mussels,clams, and oysters with ease.

What makes the creature dangerous to humans is its tail. The tail supports the spine which has barbs. The barbs have serrated edges. The venom around this part is so dangerous if introduced to humans. It is believed to lead to death.

2. Tiger Shark.

We rank the tiger shark as the second most dangerous ocean creature. They are very dangerous when it comes to humans.

The tiger shark has distinguishing dark stripes, especially for the young tiger sharks. The lines fade away as the ocean creature grows. The tiger shark grows to a length of 10-14 feet and weighs up to 635 kilograms. This specific type of shark is known for its vision, strong sense of smell and power in swimming. It is also not choosy when it comes to its prey. Amazingly, the tiger shark can also feed on other dangerous ocean creatures such as the sea snakes,seals, and stingrays.

You can refer to the tiger sharks as total scavengers because they also feed on solid materials in the ocean eg tires. Although the tiger shark is very dangerous, its liver has oil that is categorized as a vitamin oil. When being hunted, they also get lucky and attack their hunter and feed on them.

3. Stonefish.

The stonefish is yet another very venomous fish. In fact,it is the most venomous fish in the ocean. The venom is contained in its spines(13 spines). The stonefish is small but very dangerous due to its ability to camouflage .there are 5 species of stonefish which live in the Pacific and Indian oceans.When human beings step on the stonefish, they sting you passing the very poisonous venom to your body. The sting is said to be very painful. If you do not seek immediate treatment, the venom may cause heart failure.

4. Box Jellyfish.

Jellyfish are not known to be dangerous but the box jellyfish has a very dangerous venom that kills its small prey. However, the venom is also dangerous to human and can cause a heart attack.The box jellyfish uses its venom to catch prey because its tentacles are very fragile. The tentacles have close to 5,000 stinging cells. Amazingly, the box jellyfish does not sting due to touch, it stings prey with a specific chemical.

The venom of a box jellyfish is very painful. The ocean creature can sting you without even making contact. When stung,you can have a heart attack or shock even before reaching the shore for treatment. If you survive the sting, you are left with a lifetime scar.

5. Saltwater crocodile.

In Australia, the saltwater crocodile is known as the most dangerous animal. This is because of its ability to live in the ocean and on land. They are very strong. This makes them able to feed on huge animals such as water buffalos or even kill large sharks in the ocean. They grab the prey and drown them under the water.

They rarely kill people but can cause rampage if they see human beings in their habitat. They are very territorial as they will kill or destroy anything or anyone in their dwelling.

6. Lionfish.

The lionfish is a dangerous ocean fish. It has dorsal fins that are needle-like.It uses the fins to deliver venom to the prey or predator. A lionfish is carnivorous and prefers to feed on shrimp and other specific fish. It uses its fins to lead small fish to a trap and swallow them.
Around the world, people keep the lionfish in aquariums as they make a good meal. However, they can still sting humans. The sting I very painful and can cause nausea or breathing difficulty.

7. Blue Ringed Octopus.

The octopus is not known to be dangerous. However, the blue-ringed octopus is among the deadliest ocean animals. It is mainly found in Australia and at the borders of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The blue-ringed octopus looks so innocent and often bites people trying to have a close look at them. Scientists are still trying to research on the way the octopus passes venom as it is also believed skin contact can make the venom move into the bloodstream.

Shortly after a blue-ringed octopus bites you, you are unable to swallow or breath. Some people also feel very weak and some experience parasthesias. The venom eventually leads to failure of the respiratory system and cerebral anoxia leads to death.

8. Sea snake.

Sea snake is a general term that describes the various species of snakes living in the ocean. They can swim very fast in water. Although they live in water, they also go to land. They absorb oxygen from the ocean water using their skin.

The sea snakes are dangerous just as the normal snakes we know. They, however, fear human being, but when provoked, they sting their venom into the bloodstream of the threat. Their venom is very dangerous if medical attention is not sought.

9. Barracuda.

The barracuda is yet another very dangerous ocean animal. They have very terrifying and sharp teeth that are enough to scare anyone or its prey. It mainly feeds on medium or small fish. Its speed and tactics make its prey vulnerable.

This ocean animal also attacks humans especially those that are sailing on boats. If y]they see shiny objects such as jewelry of knives, they confuse them with their prey and ambush humans carrying the objects. They leap out of the ocean and seriously injure the people in the boat.

10. Textile cone sail.

The appearance of the cone shell makes it attractive to shell collectors. However, the textile cone snail is a killer. They have tint harpoons that have barbs with neurotoxins that are deadly. Huge cone snails have harpoons strong enough to penetrate also through wetsuits or gloves.

The textile cone snail produces venom referred to as conotoxins. It affects the nerves. What makes this creature deadly is the fact that a single drop of its venom can kill up to 20 men. The venom can also cause respiratory issues or rapid paralysis.

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The above ocean creatures are just some of the deadly ocean animals. From being tough on their prey to being harmful to human health, the ocean animals are fierce. So many death today have been reported caused by these sea creatures. Amazingly, most of them don’t just attack, they attack to protect themselves.

When planning a visit to the coast, you must research widely on the creatures on that coastline to avoid being on their wrong side.

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