Top 10 Greatest ’80s Rock Songs

The best songs of the 1980s, as in any other era, have the power to transform and change the globe in 3 minutes. Then, by failing, these rock songs at least offer the capability to leave your character in a broad musical scene. While graphics performance, radio transmission, and longevity are essential criteria to help develop a list of the best songs, these basic songs that go back to the 1980s are proclaimed as vital by the sheer power of gravity. Each of these melodies, presented without a particular plan, is incredible to ignore in the context of the music of the 80s. The following are the Top 10 Greatest ’80s Rock Songs with their artist;

1. The song by the Police ‘Every breath you take.’

No matter how often this song is well played, it maintains the magic that occurs only for the most consistent music tracks, designed worldwide and with unique, distinctive features. The Singing songwriting axis of Singing Pop / The Rock of 1983 is rare, with a top-class vocal performance, an outstanding guitarist and a top personal lyrical subject that explores mania, sadness, and romantic agony. In a way, the song appears familiar despite its originality. “Every Breath Takes It” is undoubtedly one of the best moments in the music scene The Police in the 1980s.

2. “The Eye of the tiger” of the survivor.

The Chicago rock band is often known for their strong songs, which have always had the talent to emit some of the most intriguing words of this decade. Although with this song, which had a prominent and appropriate place in the film, Survivor took a huge rock scene to a whole new level of courage. The excessive use of metaphor and absurdity is somewhat absurd that sometimes grows slightly, but you cannot deny the maintenance of the song and the opening of power-chord.

3. I want to know what love is by Foreigner

The foreigners enjoyed a series of songs in the 1980s, but they did not reach a high level of renewed romantic desire, like this love song with heavy keys. Mick Jones the Guitarist has ever been a composer, and his leadership on a more precise screen than those in which these verses have become a chorus of choirs fits perfectly with Gram’s impressive vocal variety. When the Gospel Choir finally comes out, it is very appropriate for this solution.

4. “Jump” – Van Halen

Some solid rock bands of the 70s and 80s became desperation or pure greed once the metallic hair phenomenon started. In the instance of Van Halen, the stylistic movement seemed an excellent membership, like the wonderful blend of tone, the jump of David Lee Roth or the contagious smile of Eddie Van Halen. On this incident, the group wrote an almost complete folk song. The strike was the highlight of the band’s march. Unfortunately, he spent the rest of the contract slowly from the moment.

5. “With or without you” – U2

The U2 song to stardom was interesting, full of explorations of a diversity of musical styles and artistic methods. Though, one of the numerous wonderful songs, this song combines the perfect balance between the sensations of rock and pop. It is attractive, beautiful and unforgettable, and somehow remains a classic and timeless close. Also, it does not pain that the rock has one of the best bass lines if it is the most basic, in the history of rock music.

6. “Sweet Child or ‘Mine” by Guns N’ Roses

Axel Rose and his colleagues, as honest and disgruntled as they did, knew how to make complex and designed rock music. The voice of the band was not easy, and this track exhibits more than any other song of Guns N ‘Roses in its climax, individually and collectively. Rose never revealed her diversity as a singer completely through the silent verses and chorus parts of the fierce melody. It is a powerful rock tour fueled by an unexpected sweetness, and the appeal of the song in 1987 helped reach a musical peak that no one could expect.

7. “So Emotional” – Whitney Houston

In the late 1980s, pop singer Whitney Houston produced many singles that deserve to be included in the best lists, but this is the best combination of dances and unbeatable choirs. Houston was an undisputed one-minute singer, but possibly her best advantage was her ability to choose top-notch material. This song is the celebration of the 1980s that we are unlikely to see again, and it is so contagious that many rock fans have been tempted.

8. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” sang by Bonnie Tyler singer

One of the biggest collaborations of the 80s was, without a doubt, this Welsh singer, with her distinct voice, and Jim Steinman, the author, and producer of the song “meat fame.” It was a game in heaven, where Stein Mann’s talent for the lyrical explosion and his elaborate arrangements helped him produce his best moments. At the ceremony, Tyler’s bold but sensitive voice moved to the beat of this wonderful song.

9. “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

When talking about the stories and the 1980s, it is impossible to go far without discussing the duo that connects singers and singers. There was no better example of this phenomenon than that excessive incident, but it did not explode in 1981. Lionel Richie absolutely covered this type of land effectively in his career, but adding a singer capable of sharing the verses takes this song to different stage. This helped Ross to be further away from being able to take the song even by himself.

10. “Centerfold” sang by J. Geils Band

Although it is easy to obtain a part “na-na- na-na-na-na -na-na” mixed with the theme of the Smurfs, this song is the highlight of the entire music catalog. Peter Wolfe, the squad’s forward, was designed for the 1980s for his fee and Mick Jagger, although he had paid more than his fees before the squad was launched. There is no denying that the group achieved the greatest level of prosperity during the 1980s, but this unforgettable melody is a great reason.


These songs were the top during this error. Since music has a lasting impression and a great impact on a person’s mind and mood, the importance of the best songs in ‘80s is very clear. It can help you moderate your mood, feel comfortable or squeeze your feet. The highest musical versions are usually selected in the choice of the listeners. The more people listen to a song, the better. That’s why listening to the best music releases lets you enjoy the best music, composition and lyrics.

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