Top 10 Cutest Animals

Nature is indeed amusing and whenever you find time to encounter a variety of furry, spiny, and feathery animals, you definitely get a complete blend of cheer and jeer. Come to think of the different species that make up the animal kingdom. What if you narrow your list to the cat species? Everything seems wow and you feel like you are giving yourself a treat. Right? Well, the reality on ground that some of these animals are good, some are bad, yet some are cute. It may not necessarily mean that all cute animals are friendly to humans. Whilst some of them are docile, others are very hostile. What matters is that the level of their cuteness. At this point in time, we will have an adventure of some of the fluffiest, adorable, most lovable, and probably the cutest animals ever.

1. Pygmy Owl

Pygmy Owl

Who the hell can describe an owl as cute? I think we have begun on a wrong note. But, wait a minute. We ain’t that wrong. In fact you got it right. Pygmy owl surely turns the conception of an owl being ugly on its heels. It is a small bird readily found in Asia, North America, and Europe. It has a combination of large eyes and small body. On it wings are beautiful patterns that make it very cute and adorable. Pygmy owls are deadly predators and have expertise in hunting for rats, rabbits, and a variety of small animals at night.

2. Hedgehog


This is a small, spiny mammal. Its adorable face, tiny limbs, and small size make it one of the cutest animals on earth. The baby hedgehogs are way far cuter that the adult hedgehogs and even if your heart is so hard to believe the beauty in mature hedgehogs, they would definitely melt it. They are commonly found in Asia, North America, and Europe. They are super active at night. They, however, do not have so many predators as compared to their fellow omnivores due to the presence of spines on their bodies. These deter animals that intend to eat them.

3. Persian Cat

Persian Cat

If you happen to be a cat lover, then you are most likely familiar with name ‘Persian cat’. It is one of the most beautiful and friendly cat species. Persian cat scores high in terms of long silky fur, large eyes, and playful nature that collectively makes it very cute. It is a kind of a cat that is very easy to maintain and requires very minimal attention. It easily interacts with other domesticated animals and children.

4. Kaola


Kaola is found in Australia. It is one of the few living marsupials. From a distance, you would confuse it for a teddy bear despite having no close relationship with teddy bear. It is one of the cutest quadrapedal, spending most of its time on trees. It feeds on Eucalyptus plant leaves and does not need extra water for its survival since its diet already contains moisture in sufficiency. It has an innocent face, round ears, and a large nose that makes it a popular attraction. It is very slow in movement.

5. Rabbit


If you happen to come across a rabbit, you will definitely be won over by its stunning looks. It has long ears, beautiful eyes, twitchy snout, and cute front teeth that collectively make it so appealing. For this reason, rabbits are some of the most popular animals in the world. Did I just mention the patterns and the colors on their backs that give you the best sight to behold? No better word can describe the cuteness of rabbits.

6. Penguin


Close your eyes a moment and imagine seeing a penguin waddling in the ice. This flightless bird has human-like gaits and is among the cutest birds on earth. Don’t be shocked to learn that baby penguins are even much cuter than mature ones. Though cute, these young penguins need closer attention from their parents and if left unattended for a considerable amount of time, may die for lack of food. They are some of the most visited animals in conservation parks and zoos.

7. Red Panda

Red Panda

This is an extremely rare species. It is founds in the Himalayan slopes. Just a few people have had an opportunity and they truly testify its cuteness. Though referred to as a panda, there is no close relationship between it and its black and white cousins. The red panda has a bushy tail, short legs, and dark-reddish fur with white markings. It is of the same size as a dog Due to habitat destruction, climate change, and poaching, there has been a drastic fall in the population of red panda. The red panda is a nocturnal animal.

8. Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox

Ask people about a fox and you will stir up images of hungry animals in their minds. Think of fennec fox and that is far from the truth. It looks like a cross breed of a dog and a cat, making it an exceptionally beautiful animal to look at. It has inquisitive eyes, small body, and large ears that make it extremely huggable. Some countries allow domestication of fennec fox. What a cute animal!

9. Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranian Dogs

These dogs are also commonly known as toy dogs owing to the fact that they are cute and easy going. They are small in size and have cute teddy bear-like looks. Whereas they are continuously becoming smaller, their popularity is considerably increasing with their small size. For close to 20 years, Pomeranian dogs have been rated among the top 20 most popular breeds in the United States. Given the current fashion for small dogs, their popularity has eminently increased across borders.

10. Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

If you have heard of snow foxes or polar foxes then you already know of arctic foxes as the three names are used interchangeably. This breed of fox is adapted to living in extremely cold environments. They have round body shape that helps them minimize heat loss to the environment. This body type as well makes them very cute and fluffy. Only until the temperatures go below -70 degrees will arctic fox begin shivering.

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