Top 10 Best Prank Call Ideas

It’s the festival period so that you can have a lot of ridiculous ideas in your mind. We also have some great ideas to fool your friends on this holiday, and one of the best ways we would like to do for you is to joke.

Jokes are the simplest and most effective ideas that can fool your friends in just minutes. Talk to your friends, family or anyone else you meet to talk on the phone and play with them with the sense humor. The great part is that you can cheat more than one individual with the same joke and take advantage of them. So, the following are top 10 best prank call ideas that you can play to anyone, be they, family or friends.

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1. Use the random statements to scare the person

Call a person or friend at random and surprise them with random data like “I love you” or “I’ve seen you.” You can additionally use other dramatic phrases like this to scare your colleagues. Make the statements more and more dramatic to annoy them extremely.

If you know this person, you can additionally share some personal records or background to make sure the person you are seeing is safe. This most probably makes the joke more interesting.

2. Do you prefer to get a $ 5000 in cash or free trip?

This is a common type of prank calls that often work. Dial any phone number and simulate that you are the leader of a leading travel site. Talk quickly about the travel organization and inform them that you are the key member of this company. Congratulate the individual for winning the trip and provide them with a surprise bonus.

Surely the individual will get confused and with anxiety ask you about the trip or cash. If you can, ignore your questions and continue with the winning theme. Tell them they have won a free Switzerland trip (or you can utilize any other foreign country which they normally talk off). The bonus also includes $ 5,000 in cash, so you can choose a trip to Switzerland or use the prize in cash.

3. Find a secret relationship or affair.

Call someone, and a person you well know can tell them that you’re from a certain radio station. Try to pretend that you’re a radio station presenter and invited them to an important topic that asked them to request a song to their girlfriend or boyfriend.

In case the individual is in a good relationship, they will immediately share the name and song they wish to devote to their friend. Then interrupt the conversation and show that you are the friend of your partner and surprise the partner by hearing the name of another person.
Also, you can also indicate that your partner will leave you and that the victim will be tangled for some time.

4. Ask for advice

This idea can invite you to an honest test and improve your skills of storytelling. Call some numbers randomly and describe your problem. You can start a conversation to talk to your friend about your separation or depression all the moments.

The victim can control his temper with some questions, and it is up to you to manage and control them and always keep them online. Add more details to update the conversation and request them for unbiased advice. Also, it stutters and stutters the victim while you complain about your wrong separation.

5. You no longer have toilet paper

At this moment, it is the time to play a prank on a hotel or restaurant manager. The hotels focus on customer service and can be used. Get in touch with the most known hotel in your city and wait for the hotel operator to be online. They expect a booking from you, and once they have finished their formal conversation, they begin to speak in a soft tone.

Tell them: “I’m stuck in the washroom and you cannot go out because you do not have toilet paper.” Please, offer me one. “Do not try to laugh, or you’ll be cheating a joke right away, let the person believe in you and let them feel embarrassed about it.” Always try to trick them into more detail, leaving them confused.

6. Why did you contact me?

Often this joke works with the elderly. Call any number at random and ask why they contacted you. The victim gets angry immediately. Reiterate this several times, and finally, the person will hang on the phone.

This is the best prank if you get bored amid the day. You should call random phone numbers like this and perform the same trick, again and again, to view and listen to their reactions. You can additionally threaten the person saying that you will report them to the police station.

7. Being a fake mobile phone service provider

Dial your friend’s number or any random mobile number and act as if it were from a mobile phone company. Tell them you have called a monthly mobile check and request them to repeat what you are saying to see if their phone is ready for operational.

You can utilize some ridiculous or ridiculous phrases like “My friend threw me eggs” or “I bathe with my donkey every day.” In the end, you can request or ask the individual to repeat the last sentence, for example: “I’m an extremely idiot who fell in love with this fake phone number test man.”

8. False surveys

This is the best prank ideas that you should try. The joke of the survey is another fun way to keep a person busy with questions, so they do not get suspended the call immediately. Inquire or ask the person some silly questions like “Can you or Have you ever eaten an egg snake?” Or “Have you seen the last episode of Baywatch?” (Understanding that the movie series arrived before our years).

You will laugh for hours for the answers that you will get from them. You can pose stupid questions similar to committing a person.

9. Haunted house

Call a random phone number and inform them that you’re the owner of their land/house. Try to pretend you are apologizing to them for making some inconvenience and inform them in a soft voice, “Listen carefully, the lady in this home died years ago by coming suicide, and her spirit has been persecuted at home.”

It is likely that the individual, on the other hand, is shocked and confused, so you have to make him think that it is a terrifying reality. Convince the individual to believe you and hang up: “Be careful tonight!” If a person is afraid of ghosts, they will certainly be afraid all day. So try this best prank idea.

10. Confirm booking at the adult toy store

Call your friend and simulate that you’re the leader of the online adult games store. Tell them that their adult game reserves have been confirmed and will be mailed to his address. You can receive items at any time and then you should be located at the address. A person may feel embarrassed or confused.

You can also send a message for confirmation to their mobile phone or the Internet on their computers, which says: “… The reservation for (false name) with (incorrect order) was made correctly and sent to your address” Contact the courier (Invalid phone number). This, in particular, will make a feeling of anxiety in the affected individual.

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These “prank call ideas” that we mentioned have been tested and seem to work effortlessly. Best of all, these tricks can joke with everyone, either you know them, or you do not know them well. You can also activate the recorded or automatic instructions over the phone to make it look real to the individual you’re calling.

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