Top 10 Best Places To Travel In The World

Traveling the world is a joy in itself. However, you must do your homework completely. From airline tickets to the type of food you choose, these factors are very important. Pay attention to every minute detail. You never know what may arise in no time. You must be prepared to face all kinds of problems. However, proper planning can reduce many problems. You go for the trips around the world and make your vacation more memorable in your lifetime. The following are the top 10 best places to travel in the world that you can choose when you want to travel;

1. Pyramids in Egypt


Political difficulties and economic burdens have caused considerable damage to the travel industry in Egypt in the latest years, but ships will have another reason to visit for a long time. In the dry plains of Giza, which is just close to the Egyptian Great Pyramids, there is a monument in development for 2 decades and is formed around a billion dollars. The Great Egyptian Museum will display the best fortunes of the pharaohs, incorporating the body and burial of Tutankhamun, in a 650,000-square-foot building.

2. Malta

Valletta, capital of Malta, was chosen as the capital of European culture for 2018, and the planning was not better.

Malta is between Italy and Tunisia, at an intersection that makes an interesting story. On a 20-minute transport journey, you’ll feel like you’ve ventured from ancient Greece to the Middle East and back, and you’ll be responsible for discovering a Sardinian-style dish like Kebab Donner.

With the addition of the country to more travel schedules, you’ll have to hurry up and get there before Valletta fills up and flies like a gun and before the Common St. John’s Cathedral (the birthplace of the famous Malta Knights Crossroads) become another place tired of seeing on Instagram.

3. Coast of the Pacific in Colombia

Since the FARC’s paramilitary group has handled the harmony of the US administration, memories of the Colombian war have begun to take ambiguity into account. As the outcome, modern and new parts of the Colombia country are becoming available, including drifting from the Pacific, which contains some of the danger from the pristine beaches and rainforests known as choco. The usual commercial flights of today are the interface of the explorers of Medellín and Bogotá to the fishing towns of Nukuy and Bahía Solano. Starting from this point, small buoys along the beach continue towards the ecological lodges, such as Punta Brava, which are located on 2 private beaches, and Ecolodge of El Cantil, near thermal spring and surf breaks.

4. The archipelago of the sea, Finland

The Sea of the Finnish Archipelago is the largest island in the world, with 25,000 miles of beaches and innumerable islands. This archipelago, still far from the track of international tourists, who attend Helsinki in summer and Lapland in winter, remains the secret of the fortunate Finns, whose generations extend to islands called families. Also, there was no better time to go with them, with expanded transportation, including flights across the ocean on Norwegian Airlines starting at about $ 350, and a thriving food and drink scene in the nearby city of Turku, the capital Medieval of Finland. (Start at Kauppahalli, or in the market lobby, where the salmon is crispy and delicate like summer tomatoes). The archipelago has a semi-polar style, with fun summer evenings and dark winter days, with one-story wood floors. Climb, ride a bike or drive the islands. Or keep your own.

5. Zambia

So far, Zambia has had little recognition as one of the safest safari destinations in Africa. However, specialists know that this is the source of the safari trip, as well as the home of the most exceptionally prepared divorcees on land. In Southern National Park of Luangwa, guests can see many animals than trees of baobab, while Plain National Park of Liuwa is the place for the second largest wildlife habitat in the world, with countless animals in the plains of nearby Angola. A year ago, I noticed the first permanent camp in Liuwa: King Lewanika Lodge, a six-story safari that ignores a water gap where the hyenas and the elf meet.

6. Island of Salina, Italy

Among the many islands that make up the Italian archipelago of Ulyana, Salina seems the most attractive: it is not a refuge for dignitaries like its neighbor Stromboli, where Giorgio Armani, Dominico Dolce, and Stefano Gabbana live. It has not yet been surpassed by the luxurious yachts of rich football players like Panaria. The island is still a virgin for this long escape of people who know its vast natural beauty: the mountains are covered with open trees and wildflowers, small villages dotted with forests of olive and lemon trees, fig trees and miles of sunny vineyards of Malvasía.

7. Puebla, Mexico

Even though the locals have always thought of the culture of the buplane (both the mole and the kaluba were cooked here) and the incredible architecture (the brilliant baroque churches and the country’s most famous library, first), the inauguration of the International Tourist Inn This lovely city, I rule.
In the wake of the September 2017 earthquake, the city began to recover, although some of its unforgettable churches are still under investigation.

The Rosewood Puebla, inaugurated in 2017, will return for a long time to the Hotel Cartesiano, a sophisticated boutique residence in a former tile factory.

8. Nevis

These days, anyone who has a Spotify account can probably reveal that Alexander Hamilton was designed in the Caribbean before going to the states. But what number can you reveal about the island that was conceived?

This will be peacefully and surprisingly Nevis (which is a separate NEE-vis), which is also known as the Bigger Twin, St. Kitts.

In general, like many of its Caribbean neighbors, Nevis saved Hurricanes Maria and Irma in 2017, which means that its magnificent white beaches can now face a significant increase in tourists. What’s more, even people who think they’ve seen them on the Caribbean islands will be surprised at the quieter and more complex atmosphere, gradually associated with the natural way of living here.

9. Nagano, Japan

Nagano, the refreshed land of Nuba Soba, hot steam in hot springs and powdered snow, managed to organize the Winter Olympics in 1998 but is currently being developed as an international travel destination.

It appeared in the next and upcoming Summer Olympics in 2020, and there have been advances in the mountain shelters surrounding the city, including Risnari Yatsugatake, who praises the wine industry and heads to the Italian mountain villages.
Also, the openings include the KAI Alps, a Ryokan boutique hotel near the famous Omachi hot springs in northern Nagano and the Scandal Finen Juhl ski house, covered by the Scandi season, and covered in the Hakuba mountains.

Another alternative is the new Caroizawa Marriott Hotel, which divides English-speaking departments with Japanese aesthetics for a convenient result: clean lines, non-partisan colors, and mattresses in the room.
If the ski slopes in the Hakuba Valley are not easy, there is a history, culture, and relaxation of hot springs throughout the natural area of Nagano, or Matsumoto Castle, which was beautifully preserved in the seventeenth century.

10. Banff, Canada

Almost no destination has an intrigue every year from Banff, located in Alberta, in the Canadian Rockies. When the country begins its 150th anniversary, the planning is ideal to enjoy the natural beauty of Canada’s most famous national park.
Whether your emotions are skiing, skiing, kayaking and mountain climbing, the Banff has no equal for all fans abroad. Even though Banff National Park invites four million visitors each year, it does not feel comfortable. The maximum vacations can be in July and August.

Fairmont Banff Springs is a prominent national site and resembles the ideal medieval bastion of the Disney movie (“Maybe”?). It is a perfect and rich base from which to meet with the best of Banff. What’s more, if you think about how Banff got its name suddenly, it was called Banffshire, Scotland, the birthplace of two of the main Canadian railroads in the Pacific.


In short, the world is magic and nature is a miracle while you decide to travel to different destinations. It is ideal if we can go to all the places when we are alive. But even this may not be true; we will not be sad because, anyway, we have spent a lifetime in this magical place, and perhaps we left something behind. It is the gift or inheritance that we give to our grandchildren which motivate them in life.

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