10 Reasons Why You’re Breaking Out In Acne In Your 30s

Acne is the whiteheads, pimples or blackheads that appear on people’s skin. When faced with acne disease it can lower your self-esteem and make you feel not presentable. The truth is everyone has had acne at some point in their lives.

It is always recommended to get the treatment at the right time before it gets worse. There are many ways that one can use to fight acne effectively. You can get prescription over the counter or by at your home from homemade products or by consulting a professional beautician who has experience in dealing with such problems.

Having dull skin will make you uncomfortable and attract negative comments from people around you; it is always good to try your best to have an excellent smooth and healthy skin.

When people get older especially in their 30s, their skin goes through some precipitous decline, and start to be more prone to acne. Here are 10 reasons why you’re breaking out in acne in your 30s

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1. Changing hormones

When you are getting older, hormones start to change and mostly decline in quantities. One of such hormones is the estrogen hormone, which considerably drops to make your skin start developing wrinkles and rushes resulting in acne.

Hormones perform crucial roles in our bodies such as complex chemical reactions and even emotional changes, change in hormone leads to breakouts on our skin that leads to acne.

2. Having a lot of stress

Stress has a got a lot of adverse effects on our body; it can show out physically by making our body to feel more tired with muscle aches. Stress stops the body cells from multiplying, and the results of these are the formation of acne on your skin.

3. Not having enough sleep

When you are in your 30s, is when you start to be more busy with your job and family issues, people try their best to do all their daily duties in the up to very late in the night. In the end, they don’t get enough sleep.

When we are deep in rest is when our body rejuvenates, and cell repair occurs and relaxes our body from day time stress. Not having enough sleep leads to the development of acne and breakouts on your skin. It is recommended to always sleep for about 9 hours to allow your body to rejuvenate.

4. Medication Is Causing Breakouts

Some people develop acne when they are on long-term medication. It is always good to read on the side effects of the drug that you are using to find out if it is the one that is causing acne to develop on your skin. This situation is most evident to those people who are using lithium to treat bipolar disorder and anabolic steroids used by me to build muscle cause breakouts.

5. Change of weather

A change in climate can be another course of acne. Some people develop acne when they move from one place to another characterized by different climatic conditions. Most people are affected when there is a change in season from fall to winter.

It is during this time when the weather becomes dry, a lot of heat indoors and limited exposure of skin to the natural air conditions which is essential in reducing acne. You combat this by using a more nourishing moisturizer and having a humidifier in your house help in boosting the moisture content.

6. Applying the wrong makeup

The kid of makeup one is using is another factor that goes father to influence the health of your skin. Most people who have skin problems are mostly due to wrong makeup that they used or wrong cosmetics. Acne that is developed as a result of wrong makeup usually last longer and may require special treatment to treat which can become worse if not treated.

The best solution will be to avoid makeup in totality, but this may not be the case to some people like the socialites who have an image to protect. If you have to use makeup then always try to use those makeups that are cream based. Try to avoid foundations or use them on reduced quantities.

The other precaution is still to remove your make up before you sleep; never sleep with makeups as these create a conducive environment for the development of acne on your face.

7. Over-Cleansing Your Face

Skin is the largest organ of our body; if your skin is susceptible to breakouts, you can start blaming your products. Sometimes the products that you are using to cure acne can be the one that is causing breakouts.

The skin is supposed to have enough oil to keep it well ventilated, with a lot of oil on your skin, makes the skin pore to block and create a conducive environment for the development of acne.

Because of these, some people try to strip oil from their skin to reduce excess oils that make the pore to block. They end up removing excess oils from their skin leaving it very dry, in the end, the surface try to resolve this created problem by producing extra oils that block the pore leading to acne formation.

Use smooth clothing when you are exfoliating your skin and find out a perfect skin care product that will work well for you.

8. Touching your face frequently

Touching your face with your hands is another factor that can be causing acne in your 30s. At this age you are probably working are your hands get to handling various office equipment such are computers office tables, toilet door and so many other things that we come across in our daily operations.

These places contain a lot of germs that get onto your hands that you later touch your face with. Germs trigger breakouts to your skin. Try your best to avoid touching your face.

9. Sleeping on your makeup

If you fail to wash your makeup ones in a while is not a problem but making it a habit can prove to be very harmful to you because during the day the makeup collects dust and grime.

When you are sleeping your body regenerates but when you fail to remove the makeup the whole process is interrupted. The skin fails to rejuvenate as the pore is blocked and bacteria forms around the pores leading to the formation of acne.

10. Consuming high content of dairy and sugar

When you consume a lot of dairy daily can be another course of breakouts which leads to the formation of acne. This is mainly because when you are in your 30s, you start aging which makes it difficult to digest lactose. Too much Sugar leads to cystic acne that forms below the skin surface.

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Acne is one of those challenges that one faces as he grows up. Especially at puberty and when we start aging. Dealing with acne when we are young becomes a little bit easier but becomes difficult when we become older especially in the 30s because of many responsibilities that come on our ways such as taking care of children and other family issues and job.

We should not let all these issues to make our beauty away; we should try our best to have a healthy skin by following all the suggested solution to these causes and general hygiene conditions of our body.

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