10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With A Beard

In recent years, there has been a fairly new trend in town where ladies find themselves attracted gents with a body and facial hair. Unlike the older generation of women who had a love for well-groomed and clean-cut men, the present-day ladies find themselves enticed by the muscular and more rugged hairy men. Most of you have probably realized the benefits of dating man with hairy chests and buns. These types of men are virile, mature and strong. Additionally, there are various reasons why a lady would want to date a man with a beard. A man with a beard is typically a desirable and confident person. Various researches outline those men with a beard makes much better boyfriends and even often become good fathers to their children. Here are the 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With A Beard.

1. Beard has a History of Badassery

Since the time of our ancestors, the beard has been associated with power and prestige. From the early years, a man’s beard is seen as a symbol of his sexual virility, honor as well as social status as a man. Touching another person’s bear was seen as offensive during the Middle Ages. For the ancient Egyptians for instance, the beard was regarded as a symbol of kingship and pharaoh was even placed among the deities.

2. It is Sexy

A man with beard certainly possesses a manly and much more rugged look that most ladies will find attractive. Celebrity characters such as Thor from the Marvel universe, Joe Manganiello from ‘True Blood’ and Wolverine from the ‘X-Men’ series prove just how awesome a good amount of facial hair can be. Since men do not put on makeups, the beard can portray cosmetic benefits because it can strengthen a weak jawline and hide acne scars.

3. A Man with Beard has romantic figures/ father figures

Although most ladies are not looking forward to date their fathers, most would probably like to date gents that remind them of their dads. A person with a beard will regularly portray the opinion of discernment and wisdom. Various studies have shown that women find men with beards to be much more attractive than men with baby faces. The study also revealed that women found these types of men to be good and protective fathers. Additionally, the men appeared to be masculine and more aggressive, which makes them ideal romantic partners.

4. Men with Beard are Healthier

There are chances that a man with beard lives an adventurous and active lifestyle. These men will enjoy outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, and camping. Researches have indicated that beards block over 90% of ultraviolet rays thus lowering cancer and slowing the aging process. Aside from your men enjoying the outdoors with you, he will be protected from the harmful UV rays by the beards.

5. They make Better Loves

All women need men who can satisfy them sexually. Beard is an ideal tool from foreplay to intercourse. It can give ladies a little friction where they need friction. Ladies understand this very well. From an aggressive rub to a gentle tick, men with beards possess an added advantage when it comes to satisfying their women.

6. Their Level of Patience is Extremely High

Growing beard is not for the faint-hearted. It is a process that takes time. It can even take up to ten years depending on the man. The growth of beard requires extensive care and grooming every day to make it stay in place and grow the way these men expect. In most cases, women must be handled with a lot of patience. Well, that is how they were created. Therefore, if a man is not patient with his beard, you should not expect him to be patient with you. You could probably end up dating yourself.

7. Their Masculine is Unrivaled

Guys with beard seem super masculine. However, this may seem untrue because you have probably come across two or three skinny guys with lots of beards. Whatever the case, most men with beard appear manly externally, and this is a huge turn on when you want to make love. Additionally, men with luscious beards tend to possess a much higher testosterone level than those who don’t.

8. These Men are Understanding

Keeping an attractive beard needs a lot of patience, styling, and grooming. It would be a huge benefit dating a man with such characters because he would most likely be conscious and understand when you take a lot of time putting on your makeups because he too has his beauty routine. Additionally, this can mean that the mean will be a good listener and an easy to talk to.

9. He has a Classy Look

Yes, your man to be will always possess that classy, manly and handsome look. Ladies always dread for a guy who will take them out to a good cafeteria, court them and then treat them with respect. A guy with properly groomed and full-grown beard typically encompasses the characteristics desired by most ladies. Most often, you will find yourself agreeing to go on a date with a man with classy beards. Ensure you take a man that will be ‘envied’ by your mates.

10. He can Scare the Bad Guys

There are reasons why bearded guys are born warriors. According to research published in Behavioral Ecology, bearded men appear to be scarier than men without a beard. The researcher denotes that beards make men’s jawlines seem bigger, and this makes them more aggressive when they are irritated. With a bearded man beside you, you will always feel protected.


Generally, if you opt to date a man with a beard, you will genuinely feel proud, happy, cared for and continuously attracted to your man. The beards are timeless and can be mixed with both a classic look as well as a stylish and casual vision. All girls will notice your hairy man, and you will never be more sure and proud regarding the decision you made to select a bearded man to be your other half. Therefore, you should not wonder again why guys with beards are continuously snatching your attention. The above are some of the reasons you need a bearded man. So, follow your heart and call that bearded man you have been ignoring.

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