10 Most Important Events In U.s. History (so Far)

Several incidents have taken place USA that is historical, and people remember them due to their good or severe impact on their life. These past Occasions are felt even today by the citizens will discuss some of the events that have changed this nation to rise to its superpower position of the world. These great historical Events have brought people together and in some cases ripped them apart. Some of these occasions occurred before we were born but still have some impact on our lives. Without wars, leadership, tragedy, and patriotism this great nation we know today could not have existed. Here are the top ten Events considered as historical in the US.

1. Abraham Lincoln assassination

In early 1865 there was a civil war in the united states of America between the north and the south and long were gone days when all citizens in the united stated united to a common goal. in 1980 presidential elections were held and Abraham Lincoln was elected as the president and civil war began a few months in office and this continued in most time of his lane that why he is referred as a wartime president. The four years of war were some of the worst histories of this great country though President Abraham was able to bring this to an end where the south conceded to the north. Many people were not happy with the end of the war including the actor from Maryland john Wilkes Booth. Booth planed on how he could eliminate the president and succeeded by shooting Lincoln on April 14th, 1865 where he was performing at Ford’s theater in Washington this is one of the Events that led to a turning point of the history of American as we have to deal with racial segregation still present in our culture.

2. World war II

This one of the event that affected the lives of every person in the USA and most of the world. It is a war remembered or all bad and wrong things that came out of it, and the war did not take place in the USA they were forced to join the fight until the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. When the USA joined the war millions of people were killed, and a lot of troops killed, but the war was a turning point for the USA as life changed when the soldiers returned they stimulated the economy since do destructions were caused by war-making them an economic superpower. They also boosted the military power.

3. Appo 11 and Moon Landing

President Kennedy posed a challenge to the nation to get a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s and get a moon before the, and on 16th July 1969, Apollo 11 met the challenge by starting Kennedy space center. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the first step and landed on the moon on July 2oth 1969.this had a significant impact on the US and live broadcast on the television.

4. Atomic Bomb.

The U.S Become the first country in the world to use an Atomic bomb during the wartime. The dropped to bombs one was shot on 6th August 1945 at Hiroshima Japan and killed 90% of the city which is approximately 80000 people. The dropped another bomb three days later at the city of Nagasaki killing over 40000 people, and this made Japan withdrew from the war and surrendered this marked the end of a 2nd world war which had lasted for more than six years, and this marked the beginning of a cold war between the two nations.

5. September 11

This day 11th 2001 changed the country forever when 19 terrorist hijackers changed the day when the boarded our planes were two plans hit the world trade center complex, Yet another plane hit the Pentagon and the 4th plane ending to the capital crushed at Pennsylvania after a passage fought the hijackers. Many people were killed within hours, and the Al-Qaeda and Islamic attackers group took charge for the attack. The government began to look for the team leader Osama bin, and strict airline rules were put in place to prevent such incidence again. But the leader was killed by US forces in 2011 in Pakistan the war against terrorism continues.

6. Great Depression

The great depression affected the world for many years started in the US when the stock market collapsed in October 1929. This caused a significant economic downturn over many years, and by 1932 the stock prices were about 20% on average of their value In 1929. This economic crisis was felt by every family in the US and businesses I banking and financial industries in 1933 almost every bank failed in the USA.

7. Louisiana purchase

The land of US has not always been our land up to 1800s the USA only had 13 original colonies which now state there were a large tract of land known as Indiana territory which was part of Indiana Illinois Michigan Wisconsin and Minnesota. And there were small are of the area known as the Mississippi territory, and France or Spain owned the rest land. Napoleon Bonaparte, the leader of France, agreed to sell the property to England who was rivals of French.

8. American Revolution

One hundred seventy years from the founding of Jamestown you will see that where the American revolution began where the US ceased being a colony of Britain and become the USA. The Revolution lasted from April 1776 to October 1781, but the independence is celebrated on 4h July in1776 this is when freedom was ratified and shared. The five years of war with Great Britain followed the signing of a document between the French and American forces this was one of the historical Events in the US as the American won the war against their leading antagonist Charles Lord Cornwallis.

9. Manhattan Project

This project was led by Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi who took six years in developing nuclear physics with the aim of understanding required to crank weapon with mass power. This made America the first nation worldwide to build and understand nuclear fission weapons using this technology. Harry Truman decided to use these weapons on a civilian in Japan (1945) which was a significant threat to the allied safety at the time but this put to an end the greatest war in human history. This made Japan change their mind in 4 days

10. Death of Osama bin Laden

The death of Osama on May 1, 2011, marked a significant event in US Past on a war against terrorists. Many people were happy when he was killed they had a view that justice was served despite him being a many Muslim Muslims in the city of Dearborn in Michigan gathered and set up fireworks since he was an enemy o humanity. He was one of the most dangerous criminals who made US use any weapon at its disposal In finding him but still evaded the traps for decades. The event that led to his death gives us hope that it may take years, but terrorists will be defeated.


Conclusively, I may say the US is not as old as other nations, but the government has undergone through several changes from war and conflicts with other countries, but these events have not just shaped this great nation, but they have also improved the live hood of its citizens, though these actions happened some years back the impact is still felt in this great country today. There are several events that I may say have some historical importance in this country, but I have highlighted q 10 which I felt were great to look at. These Occasions might be good or bad, but they prove that America is a superpower which was impacted by these historical events.

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