10 Hottest Model On Instagram In 2019

Instagram has lately gained many users thus its among the most visited sites in the social media industry. The platform has thus attracted many users around the world. Despite the many users of Instagram, some tend to outshine other when it comes to publicity. For one to gain a big number of followers, one has to showcase some qualities. This may include attractive photos, funny videos or even the use hashtags. Models have hit the platform with a bang attracting thousands to millions of followers. The top models in the world today have had many achievements too. Here is a list of Hottest Models On Instagram and the achievement they have attained.

1. Micheal B Jordan

Micheal Bakari Joordan is a well-known American actor. He has had many achievements in his career as an actor by winning various awards such as; MTV Movie award for Best Villain, Teen Image Award for Entertainer of the Year among others. He also featured in the famous Black Panther movie. He was born in Santa Ana, California but raised in Newark, New Jersey. Jordan started his career when he starred as Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station as the main leading role in 2013.he has a big number of followers on his Instagram account of 71.7k.

2. Essie Golden

Essie is a plus-size model who has shown appreciation of her body type and that making her gain many followers on Instagram. She was raised in Orlando but later on she moved to New York to pursue her career as a fashion designer. She has become a trusted voice and an advocate of the plus-size community. Golden uses her Instagram account to inspire and encourage the plus-size women and also helps them to boost their personal confidence. The thirty-four years old woman, is the co-founder of the famous Golden Confidence Pool Party which is a success.

3. Kelvin Davis

Kelvin is a male fashion blogger. He is known for his Instagram posts on attractive clothes and designs. He is a thirty-one years old fashionable man who encourages his fellow men to appreciate and embrace who they really are. Davis started posting photos and videos to show men of sizes that they can be fashionable too. He lives in California. His blogs has made him attain a big number of followers on his Instagram account. He is famously known as Notoriously Dapper on his Instagram page.

4. Emily Ratajkowski

Emily is an American model and actress. She was born on June 7, 1991. Her parents are both Americans but she was raised in California. Her popularity rose when she appeared in the music video ‘Blurred lines’ by ‘Robin Thickie’ in 2013.Emily models for two agencies called DNA Model Management which is in New York and VIVA Models Management which is located in Paris, London and Barcelona. She has many achievement which have made her very famous on Instagram. Although she has received both support and criticism from her fans, Emily has managed to win the heart of many followers on Instagram.

5. Downtown Girl

The downtown girl is well-known for her many achievements in her modelling career. She has been in the Los Angeles Times Magazine. Her amazing and sophisticated photos have managed her a lot of followers on her Instagram page making her hot and famous. She has done photo shoots with popular photographers such as Sarah Moon among many others. She also created a spot for latest MTV Reality Series for her funs who might be interested.

6. Valentina Sampaio

Valentina was born on December 10 1996 in Aquiraz Brazil. She is an actor by profession and has starred in movies such as ‘Berenice Procura’. She is also a model in several agencies which are Woman Management in New York, Paris and Milan. The 22-year-old model has made history as her first transgender model to appear on the cover of flagship vogue in Paris. The model has shown courage and that has made her very famous on Instagram.

7. Ebonee Davis

Ebonee is an American model, author, actress and also an activist. Davis starred in the 18th season of America’s Next Top Model which made her known on Instagram and other social media platforms. She gave a talk on her experience of being an African-American model in her modelling career. Davis is also famous because of her Calvin Klein campaign which she rocked her natural hair. The campaign also added her popularity on Instagram account.

8. Sommer Ray

Sommer was born on 15 September, 1996 in Denver, Colorado, United States. She has two Instagram accounts one with 19 million followers and the other one with 3 million followers. She started as a fitness model but recently she has decided to show her inner personality rather than just her attractive. Ray started competing in body building competitions at an early age of 16. Most of her followers are male but she is working on getting more females in her followers list. Ray has a clothing line app and a fitness app that are set to be active in the approaching months.

9. Pamela Alexandra

The above Brazillian model, influencer is well known to many Instagram users. Pamela uses her breath-taking photos, fashion and lifestyle to attract more viewers in her Instagram page making her famous. She was the host of a fashion show in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2016. Today she has managed to attract a good number of followers which is 1.5 million. Pamela comes from a family of a Brazillian mother and a Swiss father which makes her get the attractive looks and body figure .Before Alexandra became famous she used a photo shopped image of her face on Wonder Women’s body.

10. AJ Harris

AJ Harris is a male model from New York. His Instagram page is comprised of photo from recent shoots and also funny memes. This has made him attract a large number of royal followers on his personal account. AJ is represented by an agency called Red Model Management. Harris has had many achievements as a model through the help and support from the agency and his Instagram fans.


With the above information on the hottest models on Instagram there is a guarantee that your social life on Instagram will not be the same again. It’s advisable for you to follow each of the models and have an amazing experience on Instagram. Joining this platform will help you interact with models from all over the world. Getting the list of models on your fingertips may be helpful in your career work. You out there looking for celebrity models to endorse your products or services? Get to go through this list as it will help you pick your choice.

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