Welcome to the Themecountry Document Page. These instructions will explain to you how to setup and configure all Customize features in SportPress Theme.

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Thank you for purchasing SportPress! This documentation covers the installation and the usage of this theme, so we encourage you to read through this document and keep it handy for reference. If you have any questions about your theme or need assistance with something, please feel free to contact us and our dedicated support staff will be happy to assist you.

Home Layout Customize

Step 1: To add custom homepage layout please create new page and choose Template => Magazine Homepage

Step 2: Go to Settings => Reading => Reading Settings choose (A static page) => Select page you just create in step 1 => Save.

Step 3: Go to Appearance => Widgets => Add Magazine widgets to Magazine Section Homepage.

  • TC: Magazine List
  • TC: Featured Section


I. TC: Featured Section

By adding this to widget, you can:

  • Add title
  • Choose categories
  • Select style of post – there are 4 styles
  • Choose order post by
  • Display categories
  • Display post date
  • Display post author


II. TC: Magazine List

By adding this to widget, you can:

  • Add title
  • Choose categories
  • Select style of post – there are 4 styles
  • Add number of post to show
  • Select display post meta


Theme Customize

SportPress has been created an easy customize for user to manage their layout and styles. Below we have detail with the guide for you.

I. General Settings

In General Settings will allow you to manage general location in your website. Below are the option that you can manage easily.

– General Page Layout

There 3 type layouts:

  • Left-Sidebar
  • No-Sidebar
  • Right-Sidebar

– Post Layout Style (Home & Archives)

Use this to custom layout style Grid & List (Home & Archives)

– Post Length on (Home & Archives)

  • Show Full Posts
  • Show Posts Excerpt

– Excerpt Length

Limit your post length by enter the number you want

– Excerpt More Ending Text

Custom your Ending Text by yourself: […], [—], …

– Pagination Styles

  • Default (Older Posts/Newer Posts)
  • Numeral (1 2 3 …)
  • Load More…
  • Auto Infinite Scroll

– Post Meta Info

Show / Hide by check on the checkbox:

  • Author
  • Date
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Comment count

– Enabled Modified Date

Use this option to hide or show “Modified Date”.

– Back To Top

Use this option to hide or show “Back to top” button.

– Header Code

If you have any code you want to appear between and, Pastes it here. For example: Google Web Master Code or Pinterest Verify Code. (Ex. Google analytic)

– Footer Code (Tracking, JavaScript Code)

If you have tracking code (Google Analytic or other ), Pastes Your Code here which be inserted before the closing body tag of your theme. (Ex. Add Javascript, html or Css code)

II. Single Settings

Manage your single post with these options below:

1. Breadcrumbs

Use This option to enable or disable breadcrumbs and Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs.

+ Use Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs: Use Yoast SEO Breadcrumb, you need to installed Yoast SEO plug in Here.

3. Post Navigation

ON/OFF Using to Shows links to the next and previous post

4. Author Bio

ON/OFF to Display Author Bio below each Post.

4.1 Highlight Author

ON/OFF to Display Author Bio below each Post.

5. Related Posts

ON/OFF Use This Option to enable or Disable related Posts below your Post.

5.1. Number Related Posts

Enter the number of posts to show in the related posts section.

5.2. Related Posts Taxonomy

Choose the way related post work.

  • Tags
  • Categories

5.3. Style Related Posts

Related Posts type to display.

  • Thumbnail and Title
  • Only Title, In List style.

III. Header Settings

1. Sticky Header

ON/OFF Use to enabled or disabled of sticky header.


2. Header Background

Use this to custom default background color of header.


3. Logo & Site Description

Use this to custom default color of text logo and site description.


4. Menu Color

Use this to custom default background color of header.


5. Menu Hover Color

Use this to custom default color of menu link hover.


6. Sub Menu Background Color

Use this to custom default background color of Sub Menu.


IV. Footer Settings

Manage your footer with flexible options:

1. Footer Widget Columns

There are 3 options for you to choose:

  • No Column Widget
  • One Columns Widgets
  • Two Columns Widgets
  • Three Columns Widgets
  • Four Columns Widgets ( Recommended Archive, Menus and Pages Widget only )

2. Footer Copyright Text

Add your own custom text to display in copyright section at bottom left section.

3. Footer Show/Hide Copyright Text

Checkbox Use to show or hide the copyright text

  1. Footer Social Follow
  • ON/OFF Use This Option to enable or Disable social follow
  • Add Title of the social follow

V. Social Settings

Manage your social share here easily.

1 Social Sharing Button

Check / Uncheck: use this option to show social sharing button.

1.1 Twitter Username

Your@username will be added to share-tweets of your posts (optional)

1.2 Social Sharing Button Positions

Choose a position for social sharing buttons.

  • Before content
  • After content
  • Sticky left

1.3. Enable Social Buttons

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

1.4. Select Theme

You can choose the theme of social share :

  • Flat
  • Classic
  • Minima
  • Plain

1.5. Show Count

You can choose the count number of sharing in three different types:

  • Hidden
  • Show
  • Inside

1.6. Popup Window

You can choose three types of open up a social share dialog box :

  • Blank
  • Popup
  • Self

1.7. Show Label

Checkbox Use to show the label or name of the social media with the icon.

1.8. Round Icon

Checkbox Use to make a social share button to be round.

VI. Typography

From here, you can control the fonts used on your site. You can choose from 17 standard font sets, or from the Google Fonts Library containing 600+ fonts.

1. Enable Custom Fonts

User this to custom fonts

1.3. Title & Headers Fonts

User this to custom Logo & Article Title

1.1. Body Fonts

user this to custom body font